What are the songs that raise your pulse and make you drive faster? What’s the music that makes you walk cooler, buy a guitar or start a riot?

If you’re like us, those songs are by bands like Swervedriver, Jesus and Mary Chain, M83, My Bloody Valentine, Wire, Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr. and Ride…just to name a few.

soundtrack2 is dedicated to unearthing shoegaze gems, dream pop and distorted rock and roll of all kinds. Delivered by the soundtrack2 audiocast is a mix of 80’s originators, 90’s popularizers and today’s contributors…thrown in with any number of also-rans, never-beens and up-and-comers that may or may not fit a genre.

Name-checking and pontification will be kept to a minimum.

soundtrack2 is a mix of music that takes you beyond the songs. This music needs to be heard – and experienced.

We welcome your feedback at

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