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Audiocast #4: Emerging beauty

Our most recent mix combines some classics and sweet newish stuff. It’s named Emerging Beauty because of the two slow burners that bookend the mix: brilliant local boys SIANspheric (yes, we’re Canadian) and the Verve.

Here’s a track listing with a little added commentary next to each one. Tell us what you think. Let us know what tracks might fill your soundtrack.

Soundtrack2 Audiocast #4 : Download here.

1. Soundtrack2 – Soundtrack2 intro
It was suggested that we shorten it, and I’m thinking good call…
2. SIANspheric – I Like the Ride
A little bit grunge-y but a brilliant roar of sound comes in after a bit. (info)
3. Diableros – Olympic Island
Building, inspirational ode to an island in Lake Ontario, known primarily for hosting concerts nowadays. Makes me think of my beloved British Sea Power. (info)
3. Xiu Xiu – I Luv the Valley OH
Cool slow cut with a freakout that threatens to explode. The vocals may be an acquired taste. (info)
4. Heaviness – How You Avoid the Sugartraps
Takes the My Bloody Valentine template, throws in some Lilys vocals and floors it. Wow. (info)
5. Panda Riot – Art School of Doom
“Hey, lookout…” Dig the phasing on this and sweet vocals. (info)
6. Catherine Wheel – Upside Down
Odd that we skipped over the mighty Wheel until our fourth mix. But then again, no MBV yet! (info)
7. Brother Kite – Get On Me
Like the reverb and vibe of this one…kind of like a shoegazing Clean. (info)
8. Sebadoh – Beauty of the Ride
Such a good band – this dose of rock and roll wakes up the mix with a flat, distorted baseline. (info)
9. December Sound – No Heaven Like Hell
This reminds me of a downward spiral; this track may have the most apt title involving the word “Hell” since Savoy Brown’s Hellbound Train. (info)
10. Mahogany – The View from People Wall
Very cool animé-like future trip from this band. (info)
11. Soundpool – Pleasure & Pain
Great mix of swirling psychedelic melodies and atmospherics. (info)
12. Electro Group – If You Could See
Changing it up with a midtempo noise journey. (info)
13. Raveonettes – Hallucinations
Finally equalling the heights reached on their debut. Jesus & Mary Chain meets the Everly Brothers? (info)
14. Twilight Sad – I Am Taking the Train Home
In one song, a reminder of how fantastic music can make you feel. (info)
15. Verve – Already There
Like the distant yet soulful vibe here. In case you lived under a rock last year, they got back together. (info)

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