Two Swedish bands, some originators and a new track by the Fleeting Joys? We think it works…

Check out Soundtrack2 Audiocast6 here. 

1.   Blackstrap – Winning Speechtvor-drawn

Leading off with a nice track that mixes BRMC and TSOOL. OMG. Info here.

2.   TV On The Radio – Halfway Home

Love this track off last year’s Dear Science. Sweet synth and great vocals. TVOTR comes to Toronto June 2. Info here.

3.   My Bloody Valentine – When You Sleep

Fleeting Joys

Fleeting Joys

Couldn’t resist this dreamy classic for our sixth audiocast. Info here.

4.   Fleeting Joys – Cloudlike Mercury

Nice midtempo track off latest record Occult Radiance. Definitely worth picking up. Info here.

5.   Astrobrite – Miss Teen U.S.A.

Hypnotising. This is probably what bagpipes would sound like if you figured out how to plug them into a Danelectro. Info here.

6.   Duster – Heading For The Door

The first three times Chris heard this song, he thought it was The Spinanes. Check out Stratosphere…textbook grower. Info here.

7.   Monster Movie – Letting You Know

Slowdive fans will want to check Christian Savill’s other band, Monster Movie. The opening line  “Summer changed…you” knocks me out every time. Info here.

8.   1969 Armstrong – Salient Night

Stockholm’s latest shoegaze export. Great under-produced sound. Info here.

9.  Singapore Sling – Listenspacemen3

Stuttering anthem off very cool record The Curse Of Singapore Sling. Info here.

10.   Loop – Arc-Lite

Hypnotic soundtrack to the end of the world off the killer Pspyched compilation. Info here.

11.   Spacemen 3 – Revolution

Can’t think of a more fitting title. I’ll bet The Stooges think this is one of theirs. Honourable mention: Mudhoney’s version. Info here.

12.   Primitives – Lazy

Drop Nineteens

Drop Nineteens

Indie pop band best known “Crash” brings the gloomy groove. Info here.

13.   Drop Nineteens – Kick The Tragedy

Imagine staring out a frosted passenger window, shadows of passing trees and this song over and over. Info here.

14.   Airiel – 500 Deep

Recalls Going Blank Again era Ride. Info here.

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