Eskimohunter, Catherine Wheel, Engineers, Model Morning, Viva Voce & more

Michael Jackson died today. And not to repeat others, but – say what you will about him, he produced some unbelievable music that defined his era.

This mix was actually completed last night, so I can’t say that the Gloved One had any musical influence here. Nevertheless, hope you can dig in and enjoy.

ALSO – Apologies there aren’t the usual funky images or tags. Since upgrading to WordPress 2.8, I found that those features aren’t working! That’s a pretty glaring thing to leave out of a new version, dontcha think?

Check out Soundtrack2 Audiocast15 here.

1.   Model Morning – We Go All Night

Considered one of the most promising bands leading the nu-gaze charge. The biggest challenge here was choosing which song to include in this audiocast.

2.   Eerie – In The Twinkle of an Eye

A true grower. Unremarkable at first, it’s subdued atmosphere gets you under its spell. I won’t be lazy and say their sound stems from coming out of the remote UK Channel Islands. Oops!

3.   Say Hi – Northwestern Girls

From the monstrously huge (and legal) SXSW torrent, I picked out this lovely, slow-building indie rock track.

4.   It Hugs Back – I Don’t Know

Off April’s Inside Your Guitar, this synth-y pop number combines Stereolab with some nice rock and roll.

5.   Daysleepers – Mesmerize

Thought this was going to be a Chapterhouse cover but alas, it’s about as close as one can get to a Slowdive tribute without actually calling it one.

6.   Sweet Jesus – Sindy Makes Believe

Sitting somewhere in between label mates The Pains of Being Pure at Heart and Crystal Stilts.

7.   Eskimohunter – Walking Tour of Space

Very fitting title. Fronted by a guy with a number in his name (Jason71), Eskimohunter is going to command a lot of my listening time this week. Check out Surfing at 32F.

8.   Engineers – Sometimes I Realise

Does using the word “Realise” in a song title automatically make it shoegaze? No. But nearly early song I’ve heard off Three Fact Finder is amazing – and more importantly, different.

9.   Catherine Wheel – Indigo Is Blue

Released a whopping 17 years ago but still holds up. Anyone know where Dave Hawes (the man behind this giant wall of guitar) ended up?

10.  Foreign Born – In The Shape

LA band brings a poppy, majestic track off On The Wing Now.

11.   Viva Voce – Devotion

Starting with a backwards riff, the pounding drums and psychedelic guitars keep things humming to the end.

12.  The Very Hush Hush – Love Like Love

The sore thumb track from Mourir C’est Facile. Ultra washed out, unintelligible vocals and all the other hallmarks of a shoegaze gem.

13.  Joy Zipper – Out Of The Sun

Does the word “Sun” in a title automatically make a track psych? Probably not. But this cool drone-y track off American Whip seems to cross The Velvet Underground with The Beach Boys.

14.  Dandy Warhols – The Coffee and Tea Wrecks

I’d love to include something more recent from this band, but this smooth psych track off Dandys Rule Ok really does it for me. And speaking of Portland bands…

15.  Saturna – Pop Rocks

Saturna just wrapped up a stint on the road with Bob Mould. Not sure how to take these guys just yet. Lots of Dandy Warhols (minus the whole Welcome To the Monkey House and Odditorium mistakes). A grower perhaps? Time will tell.

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