Bachelorette, Warlocks, Zuu, Charlottes, Big Pink & more

Another blog entry with no photos or tags. Ugh.

Not to worry. This podcast was mixed to be extra visual…tangible even.

Happy to have back to back podcasts with new music by bands I’m really excited about. Last one Engineers, this one Bachelorette and ZUU.

Check out Soundtrack2 Audiocast16 here.

1.   Bachelorette – Instructions for Insomniacs

A gem highlighted by the fine folks at The Decibel Tolls gets us going with a slightly folky vibe. Then comes the sunburst.

2.   The Circulatory System – The Pillow

Airy, psychedelic weirdness from ex-Olivia Tremor Control man: “Just say goodbye to the world that we know.”

3.   Candy Claws – Pony Rides

“It’s so twee and slick, it must be Scandanavian!” Nope, these American boys chug along with a nice one.

4.   Swirlpool – The Downer

Love the distorted beauty on this one.

5.   Warlocks – The Midnight Sun

Stoner rock band jumps into the shoegaze deep end with this new track off The Mirror Explodes.

6.   Campag Velocet – TV Eye

If you hate covers, try this run-though of the Stooges classic. Just as snotty, but tightened up a bit with crisp beats. Props to IWATS. RIP Ron Asheton.

7.   Long Legged Woman – When I Was Asleep

Ok, now we’re starting to rock. Imagine Dionsaur Jr. doing shitgaze and you’re there. Is that too lazy a comparison? Thanks, BOAWS.

8.   Andy Asteroid – 60,000 Cycles

Surf rock meets the Milky Way.

9.   Charlottes – See Me Feel

Noisy British indie punk by a favourite of John Peel’s. Charlotte Simon Scott went on to form Slowdive.

10.  Whirlaway – The Blinded

From the very interesting Pompano record in 2004. Not sure how to categorize this band, but they rock it here.

11.  ZUU – Nothing Special

The new Everywhere album has lots of good tracks, but this track found a home here.

12.  Curve – In Disguise

The other day I realized I hadn’t played any Curve yet. WTF? This is one of my faves.

13.  Big Pink – Velvet

Now we’re into some interesting territory. Lots of buzz about this band – like the midtempo beats with noise layered overtop.

14.  The Octopus Project – Music Is Happiness

Urgent builder by band who recently came through Toronto. Cheers to Chromewaves for turning me on to this.

15.  Black Moth Super Rainbow – Twin Of Myself (Go! Team Remix)

Lots of Stereolab pop going here…nice to end on lighter note. Thanks, GT.

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