The Soundtrack2 team have spent a lot of time unearthing music to add into its audiocasts. But rarely do we feel sufficiently by new music to write a review. Until now.

Enter Engineers Three Fact Finder. A near-flawless album by a UK band that had trouble getting it released, virtually every track is a stunner. It’s not revolutionary; but  the band speaks in their own voice and have something to say.

I could gush on and on about this worse than a 14-year-old who just discovered The Smiths. I encourage you to purchase this album and listen to it repeatedly from beginning to end. If you like what we play here, it will make you happy.

Standout tracks

2.  “Sometimes I Realise” –  Audiocast15 dropped this mellow rock anthem and I still can’t get enough of it! And just when you think it’s peaked, another layer comes to take you higher.

5.  “Brighter As We Fall”- Starts all Slowdive and ends – well, kinda Slowdive-y too. This could fit snugly on a 1990 mixtape but still sounds great for people who dig M83 now.

8.  “Three Fact Finder” – You know when the title track of an album is kinda weird and different than the rest of the album?

9.  “Song For Andy” – Plaintive, melancholy track about a dude named Andy. Only the English can do heart-on-sleeve sensitive without sounding cheesy. Them and Montreal’s Stars, but Torq is originally from the UK.

13.  “What Pushed Us Together” – For me, great albums leave a lasting impression with the closing song. After the light and darkness that runs through the rest of the album, Engineers end on a hopeful note.

Could this be the feel-good hit album of the summer of 2009?

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