Velvet Underground, Hawkwind, Neu!, Wipers, Wire & more

Think of this as Soundtrack1.

At the risk of inciting a music nerd revolt, the latest audiocast delves into the origins of the music we play here – shoegaze and dream pop.

We start with some 60s psychadelic/drone pioneers, touch on some space rock and Krautrock, then go all post punk. Some songs may break from the chronology, but this is not a list – it’s a mix.  And how could I NOT end it with classic closer “Here Comes the Warm Jets?”

Let me know what you like, hate and what might be added. It was impossible to capture everything we like in one mix, so we’re hoping to do more. I’m particularly excited to look at early electronic music,  Soundtrack2 style.

Listen to Soundtrack2 Audiocast17 Protogaze here.

1.   Beatles – Blue Jay Way

Bit obvious track to start with? Maybe, but when you look at melodic bands like Ride and Revolver, the line can be traced back here. Check out John’s hazy singing, trippy backdrops and phased drums – not to mention Sir George Martin’s funky knob-twiddling.

2.   Byrds – I See You

“Eight Miles High” is great, but my money’s on this psych pop number from the L.A. band’s Fifth Dimension album.

3.   Syd Barrett – No Good Trying

Odd midtempo rocker with sufficient drone to make the cut. Barrett’s been cited as an influence by many key bands we play on Soundtrack2.

4.   Velvet Underground – Lady Godiva’s Operation

John Cale! The Lou Reed tracks are great, but love what John Cale brings to the band. This pounding, drone-y track would be at home on any Black Angels album. Minus the medieval court vibe, maybe.

5.   Pretty Things – Old Man Going

Now we really start to lift off with a riff that conjures up bands like Swervedriver.

6.   Hawkwind – Silver Machine

Maybe not their best track, but Spacemen 3 have built on Hawkwind’s hazy ‘lost in space’ foundation which is evident here.

7.   Simply Saucer – Here Come the Cyborgs

Hamilton, Ontario’s finest rock out in Velvets style with lyrics that seem to be inspired from a 70s space comic.

8.   The Clean – Point That Thing Somewhere Else

A few (primarily) instrumentals now. The first one from this New Zealand band has beautiful, driving reverb guitar over a driving beat. Apparently a big influence on Pavement.

9.   Neu! – Hero

Did someone say beat? Motorik FTW, courtesy of my favourite Krautrock band. Sex Pistols fans take note: Neu! was also one of John Lydon‘s favourite bands – definite vocal influence evident in this track.

10.  Mission Of Burma – Secrets

Fast forward a few years to the brilliant opening track of 1982’s classic Vs. album.

11.  Wipers – When It’s Over

Boy, do I love this band. Most of their stuff isn’t Soundtrack2 material, but this epic rundown seems like a climax to a 70s action movie. Don’t tell Quentin.

12.  Echo & The Bunnymen – Crocodiles

Not shoegaze, but this band’s music hovers close to bands like Jesus & Mary Chain and Catherine Wheel. This track just rocks and again brings to mind Swervedriver.

13.  Swell Maps – Let’s Build A Car

Could this be the earliest known example of shitgaze? You decide.

14.  Cramps – Garbageman

Psychobilly doesn’t generally feature on this podcast, but dig the distorted, insistent chords here. For fans of Raveonettes, Love and Rockets and Jesus & Mary Chain.

15.  Wire – Two People In A Room

These guys were the catalysts to like six different types of music. Dig it.

16.  Siouxsie & The Banshees – Christine

Poppy, gloomy number that I’ve wanted to feature for a while.

17.  Lakha Retorit – Seder Yom

I’ll be shocked if anyone saw this one coming. Israeli post-punk on the New Order tip, complete with synth, effects and lazy bass. Plus this dude’s singing is better than Bernard’s. Best line: “I feel like an air raid.” Props to Audix for the find.

18.  Brian Eno – Here  Come The Warm Jets

Many people give this track a shoegaze tag, although I’m not sure if it’s the noise and repetition or that it uses “jets” in the title. Either way, an awesome closer to the album of the same name. And tell me you don’t love his site!

19.  XTC –  History of Rock ‘n’ Roll

A 21 second rundown of music’s evolution – fitting for this mix.

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