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Soundtrack2 Audiocast 19: Now & Forever

Delta Waves, Young Galaxy, My Bloody Valentine, Smashing Orange, Sky Drops & more


Lots of great music this week. Unreleased tracks by classic bands and exciting new stuff.

Enter the garden.

1.   Contriva – Light

Starting with a breezy and upbeat track from this German band.

2.   Dan Deacon – The Crystal Cat

And then we go mental. Uplifting bit of electronic weirdness on the Animal Collective/Of Montreal tip.

3.   Delta Waves – Sun And Moon According To An Elephant’s Memory

Now into oblivion. Very cool stuff that I’ve had in the hopper for a while. Where’s their name from? Wikipedia: A delta wave is a high amplitude brain wave with a frequency of 1–4 Hertz which can be recorded with an electroencephalogram (EEG) and is usually associated with slow-wave sleep.

4.   LSD & The Search For God – Backwards

Dreamy cruise down a main street out in San Francisco.

5.   Joy Formidable – Ostrich

This band seems like a melange of five other great bands – but I can’t name them. Available for free on MySpace page, good rundown here.

6.   My Bloody Valentine – Kevin Song

Unreleased MBV you say? Here’s my favourite of the new batch.

7.   Love of Diagrams – Forever

90s-style shoegaze from Australian band’s forthcoming album Nowhere Forever.

8.   Smashing Orange – Only Complete In You

And now the real deal from a first wave (or is it second wave?) shoegaze band. Founder Rob Montejo then went on to…

9.   The Sky Drops – Truth Is

“Ridiculously slept-on” band comes out with a muscular track off their new Bourgeois Beat record.

10.  Blur – Come Together

Blur isn’t a Soundtrack2 favourite, but they reformed (sorta) and I re-discovered this one recently.

11.  Lovetones – Journeyman (Anton Newcombe mix)

Lovely bit of sunshine off April’s Dimensions, mixed by Mr. Brian Jonestown Massacre.

12.  Bees – These Are The Ghosts

60’s vibe continues with this mindblowing track from a few years back. I never tire of this one. New site looks good, gents!

13.  Folder – The Bad Parts

A bit of new wave with nice harmonies. And just wait for the cymbal-crashing breakdown. Can anyone share any deets on this band?

14.  Young Galaxy – Destroyer

Been waiting a while for new muisc from this band. Lo and behold, they come with two singles. This one starts all Arcade Fire but then goes spaceward.

15.  Heartless Bastards – Finding Solution

Holy crap this is fantastic, gutsy rock and roll. Life affirming stuff.

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Soundtrack2 Audiocast18: Sleep Through Summer

Wye Oak, Th’ Faith Healers, Flaming Lips, Lavender Faction, Yo La Tengo & more

Summer’s in full swing and now it’s time to bliss out. Stay tuned for 60 minutes of dreamy and fuzzed out rock and roll summer choons.

Very excited to see great new stuff and some veteran bands Flaming Lips and Yo La Tengo letting the freak flags fly!

1.   Union Of Knives – Opposite Direction

Scottish dream pop outfit gets things rolling in moody style. Very soulful singing over nice keys.

2.   Now, Now Every Children – Sleep Through Summer

LOVE this Minneapolis band but couldn’t make it to the Toronto show. Check out the Chromewaves article.

3. Wye Oak – Take It In

Change is good. But it’s even better when the band writes songs as good as Wye Oak. This one’s off their new album The Knot.

4.  Twin Sister – Ginger

Not to be confused with Lilys‘ excellent track of same name, this great midtempo number can be found on a free EP on their site. Review here.

5.   Autorotation – Clearscope

Props to Igor for reaching out to me about his band. I hear some Kate Bush on their album Everything Is Everything, which for me is a good thing. A lot of interesting stuff going on in this song.

6.   Flaming Lips – Convinced Of The Hex

Not a favourite band of mine, but the two tracks off their new record have sparked my interest. Dig the UFO Club vibe on this track.

7.   Seely – Shampoo

Enigmatic American 90s band I recently discovered. Very interesting stuff.

8.  Lavender Faction – Total Change

Wow this track blows me away with its melodic shoegaze psych assault. According to this, LF is the band that inspired Ride’s name!

9.   Tree Wave – Realaudio8

Pummeling psych assualt that only a Texas band can deliver. This track can be found on their free EP here.

10.  Th’ Faith Healers – Spin 1/2 (S2 edit)

90s shoegaze from the great UK band’s Lido album. Sorry but I had to edit from the 9:35 (!) full version. No chorus to be found anywere – just guitar, singing and samples, baby!

11.  Les Thugs – As Happy As Possible

Boy was I sleeping on this band until recently. Really good 90s punk with a noisy psych edge.

12.  Swervedriver – Hands

In the Soundtrack2 Audiocast17 & post, I compared about four 60’s-70s bands to Swervedriver. So I thought I’d follow that up with a track off their Raise album’s extended version.

13.  These Are Powers – Cockies

Like tribal noise beats, plenty of drone and chanting? Um, well listen to this track anyway from the Brooklyn band’s Taro Tarot album.

14.  93MillionMilesFromTheSun – To The Sky (Parralax Mix)

Heading off into the sunset now. Great new UK shoegaze.

15.  Yo La Tengo – Here To Fall

It ain’t over until Yo La Tengo says it’s over. This mysterious track brings to mind the brilliant 4hero, fronted by Patrick of Sloan with Donny Hathaway on keys. It’s also the first track we’ve played featuring a string section. Shark jumped?

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