Delta Waves, Young Galaxy, My Bloody Valentine, Smashing Orange, Sky Drops & more


Lots of great music this week. Unreleased tracks by classic bands and exciting new stuff.

Enter the garden.

1.   Contriva – Light

Starting with a breezy and upbeat track from this German band.

2.   Dan Deacon – The Crystal Cat

And then we go mental. Uplifting bit of electronic weirdness on the Animal Collective/Of Montreal tip.

3.   Delta Waves – Sun And Moon According To An Elephant’s Memory

Now into oblivion. Very cool stuff that I’ve had in the hopper for a while. Where’s their name from? Wikipedia: A delta wave is a high amplitude brain wave with a frequency of 1–4 Hertz which can be recorded with an electroencephalogram (EEG) and is usually associated with slow-wave sleep.

4.   LSD & The Search For God – Backwards

Dreamy cruise down a main street out in San Francisco.

5.   Joy Formidable – Ostrich

This band seems like a melange of five other great bands – but I can’t name them. Available for free on MySpace page, good rundown here.

6.   My Bloody Valentine – Kevin Song

Unreleased MBV you say? Here’s my favourite of the new batch.

7.   Love of Diagrams – Forever

90s-style shoegaze from Australian band’s forthcoming album Nowhere Forever.

8.   Smashing Orange – Only Complete In You

And now the real deal from a first wave (or is it second wave?) shoegaze band. Founder Rob Montejo then went on to…

9.   The Sky Drops – Truth Is

“Ridiculously slept-on” band comes out with a muscular track off their new Bourgeois Beat record.

10.  Blur – Come Together

Blur isn’t a Soundtrack2 favourite, but they reformed (sorta) and I re-discovered this one recently.

11.  Lovetones – Journeyman (Anton Newcombe mix)

Lovely bit of sunshine off April’s Dimensions, mixed by Mr. Brian Jonestown Massacre.

12.  Bees – These Are The Ghosts

60’s vibe continues with this mindblowing track from a few years back. I never tire of this one. New site looks good, gents!

13.  Folder – The Bad Parts

A bit of new wave with nice harmonies. And just wait for the cymbal-crashing breakdown. Can anyone share any deets on this band?

14.  Young Galaxy – Destroyer

Been waiting a while for new muisc from this band. Lo and behold, they come with two singles. This one starts all Arcade Fire but then goes spaceward.

15.  Heartless Bastards – Finding Solution

Holy crap this is fantastic, gutsy rock and roll. Life affirming stuff.

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