A Place to Bury Strangers, No Age, Hopewell, Arc In Round, Apteka & more


The latest audiocast touches on the Stranger – the notion of the “other” and unfamiliar. From blistering opening track from A Place to Bury Strangers and on to Hopewell’s “Stranger”, distorted perception shapes a lot of great music.

1.   A Place To Bury Strangers – In Your Heart

A blast of sinister 80s dark rock and roll to start us off. Great to hear new stuff this good. APTBS also wins the  award for best MySpace music description: “Total Sonic Annihilation.” Coming out on next month’s Exploding Head album.

2.   Deep Cut – Dead Man Walking

Spiralling glammy rock and roll from London band. What’s a deep cut, you ask? The tracks towards the end of the record that DJs don’t play.

3.   Violens – Lightning Lightning

Like this one. Kind of like a noisier, more interesting Killers.

4.   No Age – You’re A Target

No Age is starting to get much more interesting on this new track. Fresh, tight and smart.

5.   Arc In Round – New Rocker Mastered

Found this band recently. Really dig the way this one builds – like a cross between Spoon and Broken Social Scene.

6.   Mellotrons – Side By Side

This Brazilian band starts off with a Dinosaur Jr. vibe and then goes skyward with the “Yeah Yeah” extended chorus. And check out the classic rock ending. Yowzah!

7.   Darlings – We’re Not Going

Lovely. Very cool slacker vocals and building riffs. “I’m not looking for repetition, I’m just looking for a good time.” Amen.

8.   Hotels – Leilani

Seattle band takes us through this space poppy gem off Where Hearts Go Broke.

9.  White Denim – Mirrored And Riverse

RCRD LBL artists deliver something completely different off Mirrored and Reversed. Slow cooking rock number with flourishes of psychedelia. Available as a free download.

10.  Hopewell – Stranger

Rumbling bass out of Hawkwind builds to ultimate space rock-style freakout.

11.  Apteka – Traitors

Apteka channels inner Iggy on this stomping garage psych number. Never before has “C’mon!” made this much sense.

12.  Pollination – Some Sun (Yppah Remix)

Pensive bit of electronica remixed by the never-boring Yppah.  Available on Exponential.

13.  My Violaine Morning – Morning Angels

Straight outta West Java, Indonesia comes some shimmery 80s guitar pop.

14.  A Brief Smile – For  A While

You know those tracks that you listen to again and again, but can’t really place? This is one of them for me.  The band has 3 EPs available for download on their website.

15.  Swoon 23 – Cellophane

And the stranger leaves town. Awesome track that shows just how intense plastic wrap can be when sung properly: “I can’t remember my pain.”

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