No Age, Depreciation Guild, Radio Dept., Salem, Mondo Jet Set & more

New tracks from No Age, The Depreciation Guild and The Radio Dept.! Check it out on this week’s mix…

1. No Age – Hard Trash

Mellow floating in space track starts us off. From a recent Daytrotter session, this band continues to impress with their range and creativity.

2. Daylight’s For The Birds – Please

Straight up dream pop from 2006’s very nice Trouble Everywhere record.

3. My Majestic Star – Silver Tongues

Downtempo dream pop with a shot of 1970s jazz fusion. Check out last year’s I Haven’t Got it In Me.

4. Salem – Brustreet

Beautiful shoegaze with melody lifted from The Boss’ Streets Of Philadelphia. This is not the Israeli death metal band nor the Swedish band…would like to tell you more but their MySpace page is toast.

5. The Radio Dept. – Heaven’s On Fire

Another instant rainy day classic from Radio Dept. This one’s off Clinging To A Scheme, due out next month.

6. The Depreciation Guild – Dream About Me

U.S. band drop new single. Lovely stuff!

7. The Sunshine Factory – Roving Eye

Last year’s Vintage Revolution had some very nice tunes on it. This track sounds like My Bloody Valentine crossed with Ivy.

8. Mondo Jet Set – Nightnurse

Cool track from a few years’ back off Henry After A Nightlife. Vocals remind me a bit of The Pernice Brothers but they’ve got an indie, slightly trippy rock sound.

9. You Say Party! We Say Die! – Laura Palmer’s Prom (Los Campesinos remix)

Loving this track from last fall. I didn’t think either of these bands did this kind of swirling, noisy shoegaze. File under the “never want this track to end” category.

10. The Man I Fell In Love With – Never Ever Even

Not sure how to describe this one. Bit of math-rock overtop some noisy indie rock?

11.  Mustafa Et Monique – Monaural Tone Revolver

Highly disorted, dense rock and roll from 2005’s Houdini Aubergine EP.

12. Technoir MA – Sparks

Love this guitar-led minor epic by the Massachusetts band of the Sonic Youth school.

13. True Womanhood – Shadow People

Off last month’s Basement Membranes EP, this dark, cool rock and roll track will have your reaching for your shades.

14. Six By Seven – Candlelight

1998 Britpoppy goodness out of Nottingham.

15.  White Come Come – Broken Bird

Our last audiocast had a heavy Ride/Chapterhouse bias, and here’s another. This one’s from a Japanese band circa 1992. The guitar riff brings to mind the mighty The Wedding Present.

16.  The Tamborines – Sally O’Gannon

Bright, noisy melody off the EP of the same name. If you like early Dandy Warhols, you’ll dig this.

17.  Shark? – Titanz

Noisemaker track is not your typical rock and roll. The singer’s delivery reminds me a bit of The Constantines. This anthem is available for free download.

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