The Whigs, Sleepcomesdown, Tame Impala, School Of Seven Bells, SPC ECO & more

Gotta say I’m excited about this mix.

1. David Holmes – I Heard Wonders

Illuminating space rock from talented UK musician.

2. Sun Airway – Put The Days Away

Cross Quebec’s Arcade Fire with Scandinavian bands like The Radio Dept. and you get – this Philly duo?!?

3. Between The Cities Are Stars – All This Trouble

“Noisegaze” straight from the garage, from Noise’s Revenge.

4. The Smashing Pumpkins – Astral Planes

Never been a huge SP fan (except maybe during Rock Band) but intrigued by their spacey rock tune. Nice coda.

5. Shattered Darlings & Liquid Kisses – Radio

Now we’re talking. C86 pop mixed with classic shoegaze, available for free via their MySpace page.

6. SPC ECO – Like It Is

Filed under the “they’re getting better and better” category, a glorious dreamer off April’s Silver Clouds EP.

7. Hollow Ox – 2012

Droney deep rock out of Nashville: “Twenty!…Twelve!..”

8. School Of Seven Bells – Crescent Gold

SOSB is a cut above – way, way above – the usual nu-gaze stuff coming out these days. Soundtrack to late night/early morning reverie off the Windstorm EP. And yes, I know I played them on the last podcast.

9. Insect Guide – David Hero

Something very familiar about this UK band’s dream pop – maybe a Joy Zipper connection? From what I can tell, no relation to Stephen Hero, Patrick’s band following the demise of Kitchens of Distinction.

10. The Amazing – Head Beaches

Slowin’ it down with some pastoral dream folk. Rest of Wait For A Light To Come is like this, but mellower.

11. Lower Dens – Hospice Gates

Groovy dream pop out of Baltimore.

12. The Whigs – Dying

Murky new one off In The Dark takes us deep into the vortex.

13. Tame Impala – This Is Not Meant To Be

John Lennon smiles on this track by Perth, Australia’s finest. Love this.

14. MMOSS – Kitty Sorrow

Psychedelic drone singalong, for fans of bands like Olivia Tremor Control.

15. Ride Into The Sun – Chosen One

Into The Black Angels and BRMC? Then you’ll dig the six and a half minutes of dronerock here.

16. Sleepcomesdown – State Trooper

Brain melting, heavy cover of Bruce Springsteen‘s State Trooper.

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