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Soundtrack2 Audiocast45: Tear The World In Two

Film School, Pale Saints, NYC UFOs, Weed, Brad Laner & more

Messing with the formula a bit this week…

1. Engineers – Song For Andy

Mellow electronic dream pop off last year’s superb Three Fact Fader. New album In Praise Of More is out next week!

2. Calm Palm Vapors – Run The Tables

Chicago band bring wistful, beautiful melodic indie rock with touches of noise.

3. Ulrich Schnauss & Jonas Munk – Sonnenblumenstrahl

This year’s Manual and German shoegaze electronica-meister’s collab has lots of nice tunes. This one builds in intensity with glorious swathes of synths.

4. The Chemical Brothers – Escape Velocity

Up for a Krautrock techno masterpiece? Look no further. Not a fan of this band but I couldn’t pass this one up.

5. Film School – Find You Out

This one’s off their new Fission record. Really like the lost 80s/M83 vibe here and the vocals.

6. Brad Laner – Brain

The name of this track could describe Brad’s music. On this song, there’s heady, furiously inventive noise pop with hints of classic rock. His MySpace defines his music as “Bossa nova/ happy hardcore  / Healing & Easy Listening.” Hmmm…

7. Medicine – I Feel Nothing At All

We dig back a bit further to Brad Laner’s previous 90s group, the mighty Medicine. This one’s got a nice Boo Radleys vibe.

8. Pale Saints – You Tear The World In Two

Real C86 pop vibe on this early track.

9 . Sugarplum Fairies – Velcro Girl

Fantastic singing and production on this pop rock tune outta Vienna. Melody’s so catchy it makes me wonder if (a) this is a cover or (b) if I’ve already put this tune on a mix.

10. Telenovelas – Bloody Mary

Now we’re back to some straight-up shoegaze. Great guitar from a band with several sweet tunes. Free on their Bandcamp.

11. Guided By Voices – Motor Away

The first GBV song I ever heard. Pure, righteous rock and roll freedom.

12. Spitfire – Fluid

UK 90s rock and roll band play to the balcony.

13. NYC UFOs – I See You

Spoon-cool Massachusetts mob provide a dark, jangly late night anthem. Check out their Bandcamp and watch for this song in a car commercial.

14. Weed – Quilt

More Bandcamp goodness, this one a muffled, melodic five-and-a-half minute monster of a tune.

15. Antiseptic Beauty – Freefall

90s Derby, UK band take us home with a sweet dream pop journey.

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Soundtrack2 Audiocast44: Degenerate

Featuring Moose, Land Of Talk, Wild Nothing, Himalaya, Mean Red Spiders & more

1.   Baron – Behold The Black Light (feat. A Place To Bury Strangers)

Ready for a jolt? Check out Baron’s ripping assault with S2 faves APTBS for upcoming snowboard film 9191.

2.   The Bitters – Trapper

This starts like nice Wipers garage punk but then morphs into drone crooning towards the end.

3.   The Jesus And Mary Chain – Degenerate

Munki classic is all sinister Stooges meets Velvets rock and roll. “Disease…yeah!”

4.   Wooden Shjips – Shrinking Moon For You

Imagine Link Wray on LSD. Would have loved to be in the studio to witness the shredding and feedback.

5.   Trailblazer – Mallard 7″

Mindblowing motorik microphone madness outta Kentucky.

6.   Boyz & Girl – Watchout! Akily Is Dead

Taiwanese band bring some loud psychedelia business.

7.   Incan Abraham – Shallow Shrine

Creative indie rock and roll from the winner of this week’s best band name contest.

8.   Super White Horses – Golden Town

Cool Breeders vibe on this one. Nice.

9.   She, Sir – Lieutenant

Guided By Voices comes to mind when listening to this track. Check out this band’s other stuff too.

10.  Himalaya – Melt Away

Mysterious Brooklyn band have some nice 90’s influenced rock and roll.

11.  Land Of Talk – Swift Coin

Track off Cloak & Cipher opens like The Dears, has rockin’ melodies like Broken Social Scene and beautiful noise like The Besnard Lakes. The next great Canadian band?

12.  Mean Red Spiders – Azimuth of Panama

Ok I love this band. Stars and Sons, which I just bought recently, has lot of fantastic shoegaze-ish tracks like this one.

13.  Wild Nothing – Summer Holiday

And we’re back into the light, driving our car on a pleasant day with a song remarkably like Imperial Teen. Which is a good thing.

14.  Moose – Last Night I Fell Again

Lovely shoegaze pop off of their seminal XYZ record.

15.  Top – Space Planet

Dreamy britpop from 1990 that fans of Ride‘s mellower stuff would like.

16.  Revolver – Wave

Taken from the great Cold Water Flat, this tune’s perfect for a quiet night in. Love the intro and shimmering guitars.

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