Featuring Moose, Land Of Talk, Wild Nothing, Himalaya, Mean Red Spiders & more

1.   Baron – Behold The Black Light (feat. A Place To Bury Strangers)

Ready for a jolt? Check out Baron’s ripping assault with S2 faves APTBS for upcoming snowboard film 9191.

2.   The Bitters – Trapper

This starts like nice Wipers garage punk but then morphs into drone crooning towards the end.

3.   The Jesus And Mary Chain – Degenerate

Munki classic is all sinister Stooges meets Velvets rock and roll. “Disease…yeah!”

4.   Wooden Shjips – Shrinking Moon For You

Imagine Link Wray on LSD. Would have loved to be in the studio to witness the shredding and feedback.

5.   Trailblazer – Mallard 7″

Mindblowing motorik microphone madness outta Kentucky.

6.   Boyz & Girl – Watchout! Akily Is Dead

Taiwanese band bring some loud psychedelia business.

7.   Incan Abraham – Shallow Shrine

Creative indie rock and roll from the winner of this week’s best band name contest.

8.   Super White Horses – Golden Town

Cool Breeders vibe on this one. Nice.

9.   She, Sir – Lieutenant

Guided By Voices comes to mind when listening to this track. Check out this band’s other stuff too.

10.  Himalaya – Melt Away

Mysterious Brooklyn band have some nice 90’s influenced rock and roll.

11.  Land Of Talk – Swift Coin

Track off Cloak & Cipher opens like The Dears, has rockin’ melodies like Broken Social Scene and beautiful noise like The Besnard Lakes. The next great Canadian band?

12.  Mean Red Spiders – Azimuth of Panama

Ok I love this band. Stars and Sons, which I just bought recently, has lot of fantastic shoegaze-ish tracks like this one.

13.  Wild Nothing – Summer Holiday

And we’re back into the light, driving our car on a pleasant day with a song remarkably like Imperial Teen. Which is a good thing.

14.  Moose – Last Night I Fell Again

Lovely shoegaze pop off of their seminal XYZ record.

15.  Top – Space Planet

Dreamy britpop from 1990 that fans of Ride‘s mellower stuff would like.

16.  Revolver – Wave

Taken from the great Cold Water Flat, this tune’s perfect for a quiet night in. Love the intro and shimmering guitars.

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