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Soundtrack2 Ep. 53: Exit Calm

Exit Calm, Tamaryn, LoveLikeFire, Fur, Steve Mason & more

This week’s mix gets its name from a featured band. But I think it also applies to the season as the year comes to an end.

1.   Maps – Stay Another Day

Gorgeous but slightly creepy hazy holiday tune from a few years back starts us off.

2.   Emily Reo – Above Ground And A Golden Cloud

Drifting dream pop out of Orlando, Florida. Wasn’t going to make a Disney reference until I saw her EP was named Witch Mtn.

3.   Steve Mason – All Come Down

Former Beta Bander dropped a gem from Boys Outside, released earlier this year.

4.   Plains – Innovator

Post punk synth workout from the second Florida band to grace our mix. Pick this up on their bandcamp.

5.   Holy Fuck – Silva & Grimes

Year-end roundups reminded me about this phenomenal krautrock-esque track.

6.   Neon Night Riders – See The Sky

Nice bit of eletronic rock and roll.

7.   Serena Maneesh – Reprobate!

Another one that blew my mind about a year ago. Definitely pick up S-M 2: Abyss In B Minor if you haven’t already.

8.   Odio Paris – Ya No Existes

Melodic shoegaze from Barcelona.

9.   Fur – I Want To Let You Down

Sinister shoegaze rock and roll. Download this track and others for free from their site.

10.  IO Echo – When The Lilies Die

Really dig this detached post punk. It’s also the best use of whistling in a pop tune since Peter, Bjorn and John. Not much info available on their page, but it appears this band is from LA.

11.  Now, Now – Neighbors

Formerly known as Now, Now Every Children, this starts twee and then builds in intensity. Available on their new EP of the same name.

12.  LoveLikeFire – William

Didn’t feel this fit our format at first, but repeated listens brought me round. Wonderful production and drumming give it an emotional punch.

13.  Field Mouse – Touché

Consisting of Rachel Browne and Andrew Futral, this is one of the band’s many good shoegaze tracks from You Are Here.

14.  Tamaryn – Love Fade

We’re overdue for some Tamaryn, so here’s another great dose of dream pop from The Waves. Slowdive for the ’10s?

15.  Sean Carey – In The Dirt

Mellow icy/warm piano-based tune that feels it could also be entitled “In the Snow.” Check out this summer’s All We Grow.

16.  Exit Calm – You’ve Got It All Wrong

Monster of a closer. Comparisons to The Verve‘s A Storm In Heaven are pretty bang on.

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Soundtrack2 Ep. 52: Winter Beach

The Sky Drops, Fjord Rowboat, Milk, Sweet Bulbs, Brian Jonestown Massacre & more

1.   Clara Clara – Under The Skirt

Slamming off-kilter rock and roll from French band’s Comfortable Problems.

2.   Sweet Bulbs – Down On My Life

Love the urgent, slightly dark shoegaze on this one. Available here.

3.   Young Prisms – Breathless

San Francisco shoegazers have a lot of great tracks on Friends For Now. This one’s for late nights.

4.   Luna Moth – Midori Haru

Lots of bands using this moniker but I can’t find one that’s Japanese and crafts anthems like these. Love the overdubbed guitar parts.

5.   Fjord Rowboat – We Both Know

Toronto represents with some melodic rock and roll. This one’s off their latest Under the Cover of Brightness.

6. The Wrens – Per Second Second

Had this one kicking around for a while. Nice noisy rock and roll from 2002’s The Meadowlands.

7.   The Sky Drops – Explain It To Me

Can’t help but continue to love this band. This new one’s got harmonies, hazy vocals and slightly droning guitar. Looking forward to their next full length!

8.   Quilty – Lizard Queen

They label themselves “grunge”, but there’s more going on here. Pick it up if y0u dig Exile In Guyville or the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack.

9.   Sonic Youth – Cinderella’s Big Score

Quilty led me to dust off this masterpiece from Goo. Stunner!

10.  Kinder – Simple III

Not sure if they are named after German kids or are following the band name trend of adding “er” to the end of words: Collider, Loomer, etc. This one rocks.

11.  Brian Jonestown Massacre – The One

About this time last year Who Killed Sgt. Pepper blew my mind. What a nice change-up. Thought I’d throw in this killer krautrock drone tune.

12.  Milk – Brighton Beach

Epic, drawn-out psych track with eastern influences. They’re offering up new EP Oubliette on their bandcamp.

13.  Lion Club – Paintings of Hungry People

The sun is peeking through your window, birds are chirping and all is perfect. Until the crazy guy at the end of the tune starts talking, of course.

14.  Trembling Blue Stars – No More Sad Songs

This has a strong Mojave 3 sound. This band consists of Bobby Wratten, formely of S2 faves The Field Mice.

15.  Wye Oak – Civilian

Slightly Americana track builds and builds before ending the mix.

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Soundtrack 2 Ep. 51: Fast Asleep

Atlas Sound, Ten Million Lights, The Telescopes, Wooden Shjips, The Hidden Ratio & more

Cover of Funki Porcini's Fast Asleep

1.   Soft Circle – Night Hike

Propulsive, slightly Krautrock beats take us deep into the woods.

2.    Suuns – Arena

Montreal band get into an evil synth groove at Daytrotter session.

3.   Atlas Sound – Lanterns

World-y beats with ambient noises. One of the many different directions Mr. Cox takes on his four albums of bedroom recordings, which you can find here. Better get a new hard drive.

4.   Maserati – Bye M’friend, Goodbye

All’s well in the world if you start your day off with this electronic shoegaze track. The bassline just kills me – reminds of Deep Purple‘s “Highway Star.” I’m no drummer, but I’d love to play on this one.

5.   Wooden Shjips – Motorbike

Suicide meets Spacemen 3 on this drone-y psych monster off Dos.

6.   My Disco – Closer

Australian post punk with loud, repetitive guitar available here.

7.   Ten Million Lights – Fast Asleep

These guys are the real deal. Second time they’ve been on the podcast this year. Solid midtempo shoegaze.

8.   Amusement Parks On Fire – Echo Park / Infinite Delay

Vocalist seems overly inspired by The Silversun Pickups and autotune, but this one from Road Eyes rocks.

9.   The Hidden Ratio – Crystal Growth

Bombastic shoegaze psych with tremolo and ringing guitars.

10.  The Telescopes – Everso

Classic stuff off the Everso EP. There’s even sitar in there!

11.  Iowa – Lose Yourself

Dinosaur Jr. much? I’ll forgive them this time, particularly since they made it available on their bandcamp.

12.  Garageland – Fay Ray

Bratty 90s indie rock and roll out of New Zealand.  These guys are for you if you’re into Pavement or Imperial Teen.

13.  Rec Centre – Funner

It’s rarely sunny in Vancouver, but that doesn’t mean they can’t do sunshine pop! Pick it up here.

14.  Au Revoir Simone – All or Nothing

This chillwave tune didn’t do much for until I saw their KEXP video. Subtle and beautiful.

15.  Goatface – Creekside

Weird electronic raga from Georgia.

16.  Eric & Magill – Birthdays Are Important

Transcendant use of harmonies and space off All Those I Know. Mercury Rev fans dig in: “Here’s to another trip around the sun.”

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