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Last call for writers

Like the same music we do? Then write news or reviews for us.

Please e-mail us at [soundtrack2(at)] with a short sample review and any info about yourself by the end of next week (Feb. 4)

A few more details are available here. Thanks!

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Soundtrack2 Ep. 57: No More Canyons

The Dust Mice, Asobi Seksu, Disappears, James Blake, Young Galaxy & more

More great new music that needs to be heard.

1.   //orangenoise – On The Run

Glammy, high energy garage from Karachi. The excellent //voracious EP is available for free download on Bandcamp.

2.   The Vanity Press – Common Girls

Glorious Swervedriver-influenced shoegaze from “Satan-tonio,” Texas.

3.   Figurehead – Idiot Savant

From NW Shoegazing’s awesome Vibrato 11.01 compilation, this Pinion track delivers full-on, rock and roll shoegaze.

4.   Disappears – Halo

Propulsive rock and roll with a dose of krautrock from their great new Guider album.

5.   Lower Heaven – Firearms

Now we enter the drone zone. One of the many nice cuts off their Today Is All We Have record. Note not to confuse this band with Lower Dens, as I did at first.

6.   The Vacant Lots – Confusion

With a wink at vintage Brian Jonestown Massacre, love this psych cut from the New Englanders.

7.   Voyageurs – Black Forest

Murky trip into the night from the brilliantly-titled Alien Iverson.

8.   Asobi Seksu – Trails (Deerhoof remix)

Tense, cut up re-interpretation of the beautiful Flourescence track.

9.   Young Galaxy – We Have Everything

I know what you’re thinking: will we play every song off their new Shapeshifting record? Well…if they’re all this good, we make no promises.

10.  Blouse – Shadow

80’s inspired electropop that you can wrap yourself up in. Pick it up on their Bandcamp.

11.  Illogical Time Concerns – Fight Till You’re Right

San Franciscans piece together an addictive lo-fi tune on their Neu Symbols EP, available on Bandcamp. Not to be confused with this Beastie Boys classic.

12.  The Dust Mice – Sun Will Shine

Very impressed with this UK band’s Sun Will Shine EP (bandcamp). Check out the classic dream pop on this title track.

13.  jj – I’m The One / Money On My Mind

Had this great chillwave tune kicking around for a while. This has got to be the shortest song that has two names separated by a slash.

14.  Tearjerker – Best

Released on last November’s Strangers, I love the melody over the swollen, distorted bass.

15.  James Blake – Wilhelms Scream

Hard to define this one – space age R&B? Just wonderful.

16.  Quiet Lights – No More Canyons

Building intensity from Brooklyn.

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Soundtrack2 Ep. 56: We Are Sound

The Lionheart Brothers, Wire, British Sea Power, Weird Dreams, Incan Abraham & more

Literally bursting with lots of great new music. What are you into these days?

1.   Weird Dreams – Hurt So Bad

Power pop with buzzsaw guitars, taken from the wonderful Young & Research compilation, available here.

2.   Eux Autres – Cover Rights

Like their mellow San Francisco pop sound.

3.   Babies – Run Me Over

Garage-y, reverb-heavy rock and roll.

4.   Ty Segall – Caesar

Sounds like a track left off David Bowie‘s The Man Who Sold The World album, sang backwards of course.

5.   Lab Coast – Really Realize

Now we’re getting to a few bands with names spit out by the chillwave name generator. Nice 60’s garage pop sound from Alberta, California.

6.   Ghost Wave – Hippy

New Zealanders ring the guitars through two minutes of propulsive rock and roll.

7.   Tripwires – Cinnamon

Shoegaze band that sounds like it’s fronted by James Mercer of The Shins.

8.   British Sea Power – We Are Sound

UK powerhouse comes correct on epic banger from latest album Valhalla Dancehall.

9.   The Lionheart Brothers – The Desert

Interesting psychedelic space pop from Oslo.

10.  Wire – Adapt

Legendary group pulls out another one. This dream pop tune sounds quite different than some of their older stuff.

11.  Easter Island – Proud

Heart-on-sleeve, beautiful pop out of Athens, GA.

12.  Oeil – White

Full-on Japanese shoegaze.

13.  Brahman – I Guess I Should Be Thanking You

Epic rock anthem. Available via name-your-price on Bandcamp.

14.  The Rosen Association – Emergency Broadcast

Electronic indie that takes us spaceward.

15.  Beggars In A New Land – Home Alone

Shimmering digital pop that doesn’t seem to have anything to do with Macaulay Culkin.

16.  Delphic – This Momentary

These guys are unique. Electronic, swirling track that builds in intensity then fizzles out.

17.  Incan Abraham – Third Man

Mysterious midtempo moodiness conjures up an Animal Collective vibe.

18.  Under Alien Skies – Done Sink

Murky groove off the Paste EP.

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Soundtrack2 Ep. 55: Morning Wonder

Beaches, Walter Meego, Young Galaxy, Sunshower Orphan, Presents For Sally & more

Now we’re back in business with lots of new tracks.

*Podcast change alert*

Based on feedback asking us to indicate which song is by which artist, we introduced a short mention at the start of each track. Like it? Hate it? Let us know what you think…

1.   Pete International Airport – 21 Days

Murky psychedelia, up for grabs from their website above.

2.   Beaches – In A While

Australians offer soundtrack to the Chicago riots in ’68.

3.   Soft Moon – Parallels

Mysterious post punk off their great S/T record.

4.   Young Governor – Fade Away

Brings to mind the garage pop joy I felt when I first heard Stiff Little Fingers’ “Suspect Device.”

5.   Shattered Darlings & Liquid Kisses – Ola

Reverb-drenched noisy goodness out of Long Island. Love the guitar riffage at the end.

6.   Tone Rodent – Train

Monotone Go-Betweens intro gives way to triumphant, noisy 90s-influenced anthem.

7.   Polyester – Shoot Into The Sun

Desert drive under a blazing sun. Actually, that would be great right about now. BTW do they have deserts in Uruguay?

8.   Zeit – She Came To Stay

Melodic slice of noise pop/chillwave from Sweden.

9.   Girls In The Eighties – Hissin’ Dreams

Trippy downtempo psychedelia.

10.  Sunshower Orphans – Sunnyside Blues

Chillwave with lovely guitar texture.

11.  Presents For Sally – Sunsets In Your Eyes

UK represents with full-blown, technicolor shoegaze. Dig the breakdown at the end.

12.  The Earlies – Morning Wonder

An older track off These Were The Earlies that I’ve wanted to play for a while.

13.  Young Galaxy – The Buzz In My Flesh

Love this new one. Heart on sleeve dream pop with strong backbeat. Can’t wait for their full-length! Also peep their absolutely gorgeous site via the link above.

14.  Walter Meego – Starlight

Epic glam space ballad, with a chorus that scratches my 70s MOR itch. Available for download via link above.

15.  Cale Parks – One At A Time

Brahms guy brings a slice of spacey synth pop.

16.  Twin Shadow – Slow

His Daytrotter session reminded me how fantastically creative the studio version of this tune is. Funky, passionate, trippy…perfection.

17.  (m+a) – (we)

A mini, glitchy electronic pop symphony.

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Soundtrack2 looking for writers

Look like one of these guys?

We’re looking for contributors to write news and reviews for Soundtrack2.

By January 31, please e-mail us at [soundtrack2(at)] with a short sample review and any info about yourself.

Special preference will be given to those who don’t make fun of the fact we use a hotmail account.

You’ll be doing it for the love (i.e. no cash). Thanks!

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