Crocodiles, Sister Vanilla, Foxes In Fiction, The Horrors, Sway & more

Happy 2011! Looking backwards a bit as we kick off 2010.

Here’s to another great year of music discovery.

1.   The Asteroid #4 – Ignition Slated For Eight

Clandestine psych off of the band’s forthcoming Hail To The Clear Figurines, due next month.

2.   The Horrors – Do You Remember

Dug this one up after reading an article that they’re in the studio working on their next album. Glad to hear they’re continuing their “ongoing pursuit of all things psychedelic.”

3.   Burrrn – Song Without Words

Japanese band bring some great noise pop.

4.   Morpheme – Infection

This has a bit of a Garbage feel to it with way more haze.

5.   Velveteen – L.S.P. Wars

German band that really likes Death Cab For Cutie vocals with a dash of MBV music.

6.   Smith Westerns – Weekend

Catchy indie power pop that I just had to put on.

7.   David Cloyd – Come Out Wherever You Are

Not sure how to describe this one, but I love the vibe here.

8.   Sunshine Factory – Hey Spaceman

I discovered this LA band’s full-blown shoegaze in 2010. Here’s another great cut off Vintage Revolution, which you can name your price for here.

9.   Sway – What I Know

Typically tracks with autotune don’t get played here. But I made an exception for this shoegaze number. Love the compression on the drums.

10.  Averkiou – Sudden Death, Over Time

Surprised this band isn’t better known. Love this killer rock and roll off Throwing Sparks.

11.  Crocodiles – Sleep Forever

Reverb and drone! A gem released last year and not played here yet. Hopefully this is the last mix to be influenced by ‘2010 Best Of’ posts.

12.  Sister Vanilla – Jamcolas

Brilliant dark rock and roll from Linda Reid, youngest sister of Jim and William from Jesus and Mary Chain. Addictive with ridiculous lyrics, plus I love the way it drops out then comes back in.

13.  Echo Lake – Sunday Morning

Just lovely, distant dream pop off the great Young Silence record.

14.  Tomihira – Flutterbie

Cool folk-ish track out of San Francisco. Love the way this builds towards the end.

15.  Foxes In Fiction – School Night

Toronto’s Warren Hildebrand dropped the excellent Alberto EP at the end of December, which you can pick up free on his site. This is a sludgy dream pop marvel.

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