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Soundtrack2 Ep. 60: Revert Time

The Joy Formidable, Loop, Asobi Seksu, Firesuite, Youngteam & more

1.   Heavy Ghost– Lucid

70s crime show bass kicks thing off, combined with washes of shoegaze-y guitar. Turn it up LOUD. Me likey!

2.   Drop – Drone 1

90s UK band does quiet/loud just a shade or two darker than Ride. You can pick this up on 1992’s Within And Beyond.

3.   Loop – Collision

Now we’ve just entered your crazy older brother’s Camaro. And he’s got that funny look in his eye again. This comes up on the car stereo, and he hits the gas.

4.   Sex Church – Mistaken

Blistering 7+ minute sonic devastation. Complete rock and roll overload. Wish the rest of this BC band’s latest EP was like this.

5.   Youngteam – Northern Star

If there was a sh0egaze version of Led Zep‘s “When The Levee Breaks,” this would be it.

6.   Curve – Horror Head

Curve has always had their own sound: a kind of ethereal shoegaze with guitars and circa 1990 drum machine. And if you like this, you’ll LOVE SPC ECO, produced by Dean. Actually I may prefer SPC ECO…gasp!

7.   Heaven – Colors In The Whites Of Your Eyes

Broolkyn spacey pop.

8.   First Love, Last Rites – Slow Wind

Sweet noisy pop in the TPOBPAH vein, with a technicolor shoegaze chorus.

9.   Ports Of Call – Fadophobia

Can’t put my finger who they sound like on this track…Kitchens of Distinction maybe?

10.  Cranes – Reverie

Groovy America-like strumming at the beginning gives way to noisy electric guitars. Can’t believe this band is English – could have sworn the singer sounded Japanese!

11.  The Joy Formidable – The Greatest Light Is  The Greatest Shade

Looks like the UK is owning this week’s mix, and TJF is the North Wales representative. This comes from their excellent latest record, The Big Roar.

12.  Asobi Seksu – Coming Up

Another new one from this band’s Flourescence record. Struck by how weird is that AS now sounds like S2 faves Young Galaxy.

13.  Firesuite – Amity

Transcendant space rock from yet another UK band, with beautiful harmonies that build towards a dramatic ending.

14.  Folie Adieu – Casino

Kansas representing on this great drone/dream pop tune.

15.  The Delfields – Julie Jupiter

Beautiful dream pop with heavy guitars that Luna fans would dig. And the great choruses drive towards a fantastic dash to the finish line. This came out last year, but can’t find much band info on the Web.

16.  36 – Revert Time

Haunting, trippy tune based around a single chord that increases in volume as the vocalist endorses defying physics. Goodnight, wherever you are.

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39 musicians + 13 filmmakers + 13 parks = National Parks Project

Living in Canada is pretty sweet.

Not only do we have the National Film Board – whose films inspired Boards of Canada – but we get funding for great projects like The National Parks Project.

What is it? Some of Canada’s greatest music acts “created and recorded” music in Canada’s most beautiful national parks. The music was captured and incorporated into thirteen films by top filmmakers.

Artists include Soundtrack2 faves such as:

The films will be released next month. To whet our appetite, NPP has released this phenomenal trailer that demonstrates what the project’s all about.

National Parks Project – Trailer from Ryan J. Noth on Vimeo.

More info on NPP (including loads more musicians who participated) can be found here. Can’t wait until March 19!

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Soundtrack2 Ep. 59: Last Winter

Mogwai, Papercuts, PJ Harvey, Big Troubles, Akron/Family & more

1.   PJ Harvey – Written On The Forehead

The latest from new record Let England Shake. Dream pop mixed with dub by the constantly-evolving Ms. Harvey.

2.   New Animal – Last Winter

“I never wanna listen…” Imagine taking a train ride through the sunny countryside, and everyone’s got a beard.

3.   Silohs – A Zealot Sun

Fleet Foxes meet Mercury Rev. This one’s off Shed Your Summer.

4.   Papercuts – Do What You Will

Indie pop (break-up tune?) with a melody that gets trapped in your head. One of many greats from Fading Parade.

5.   Baby Giraffe – Understatement

Toronto representing with a distorted stew that gives way to driving, space-y singalong.

6.   Akron/Family – Silly Bears

Ecstatic, bombastic rock and roll anthem from their latest, S/T II: The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT. Not to be confused with Silly Rabbit.

7.   Liars – Rose and Licorice

This one – from 2002’s Atheists, Reconsider, their split with Oneida – could have come out yesterday.

8.   n o i – Adelaide

Tennessee band drop a glammy dose of Archers of Loaf goodness from S e v e n. Clearly this band likes to have spaces.

9.   Swervedriver – Pile-up

Great riffs + dark groove + restless energy = this fantastic band. Get it on Raise. I just LOVE what passed for a “guitar solo” in the Swervedriver camp.

10.  Power Of Dreams – Suburbia

Irish 90’s era shoegaze/Britpop. Seems an ode to a woman who married too young.

11.  Big Troubles – Georgia

Shimmering shoegaze by New Jersey band.

12.  Belong – Perfect Life

Like this post punk track, with heavy current of bass noise.

13.  Mogwai – How To Be A Werewolf

Hot off their out-this-week Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will. These guys know how to do post-rock without putting me to sleep. Inspirational.

14.  True Womanhood – Minajah

And now for something completely different. Dark, almost industrial tune that you probably shouldn’t listen to if you’re home alone. Available here.

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Coming April 4: New Raveonettes album

To top of your Valentine’s Day, 17dots reports that The Raveonettes new album Raven In The Grave will drop April 5.

Head on over to the link to grab an advance copy of album track “Forget That You’re Young.”

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Video: Mogwai’s Mexican Grand Prix

Fantastic. Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will is out Tuesday.

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