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Featured Track: Bachelorette’s “Blanket”

Another brilliant, beautiful track from the talented Bachelorette.

We featured her back in ’09, and her new album drops May 16, according to TDT.

Bachelorette – Blanket by souterraintransmissions

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Soundtrack2 Ep63: Her Sinking Sun

Ceremony, Yuck, Ghost/Light, Pavement, Coma Cinema & more

Photo by Phil Askew,

1.   Spirit Spine – Ocean Of Sand

Driving, space psych starts us off. Part of the ambitious Glossalia concept album.

2.   Ides Of Space – Way Out At Sea

Sydney heroes rock out on a track from 2004’s Sleeping Fractures.

3.   Dear Eloise – Oh What A Day

Japanese band sets guitars on noise. Can’t make out what they’re singing, but it sounds great.

4.   Ceremony – Not Tonight

Another great dose of 80s-inspired wailing guitar terror. This is off the Not Tonight EP, due out tomorrow.

5.   Crash City Saints – Cough Syrup

Find this fevered noisy shoegaze power pop on the Returner EP, complete with the great vocal melody.

6.   Cocteau Twins – In Our Angelhood

The ethereal ones go all post punk.

7.   Ghost/Light – You Already Know

Though this track came out last year, I recently came across it and was hooked once I heard the vocals.

8.   Yuck – Getaway

Online sensations behind “Georgia” channel their inner bar band. Not sure why, but it reminds me of Superchunk.

9.   The Telewire – Quiet Satellite

Dreamy theme for a train journey. Is that Hooky on bass?

10.  Pavement – Kennel District

Great midtempo rocker with the band’s unmistakable sound.

11.  The Koolaid Electric Company – SOS Son Of Sam

Stoner drone overload. How is it that I never played these guys before? Love ’em.

12.  [aftersun] – Goodbye

Been sitting on this psych tension and release epic for a while, but its time has come.

13.  Imperial Teen – Alone In The Grass

90s indie rockers do 7+ minutes of krautrock and pedal insanity on 1999’s What Is Not To Love.

14.  Moby – Be The One

Don’t judge this one until you’ve actually listened to its great claustrophic space pop. Has he been listening to Georgio Moroder? Available for free download on his site.

15.  Coma Cinema – Her Sinking Sun

Slightly dreary dream pop tune off Blue Suicide, available for download on their site.

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Trailer: Upside Down, The Creation Records story

Ride. The Jesus and Mary Chain. My Bloody Valentine. The Pastels. The Boo Radleys. Swervedriver. Slowdive. The House of Love. Adorable. The Telescopes.

What do all these bands have in common?

They all released records with Alan McGee’s Creation Records. Check out the Upside Down trailer. DVD will be available in May.


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Soundtrack2 Ep. 62: Don’t Fall In Love

Weekends, Lush, Ringo Deathstarr, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Kurt Vile & more

Photo by Phil Askew,

Our longest mix to date…I just couldn’t stop piling on the good tunes.

1.   Ringo Deathstarr – You Don’t Listen

Classic rock and roll from spanking new album Color Trip.

2.   The Vanity Press – Don’t Fall In Love

We just can’t get enough of this Texas band – this is the second track we’ve featured this winter! Bass player is working hard on this one.

3.    Sharesprings – I Love To See You (Daydreaming Me)

Jakarta’s finest drop some ringing C86 power pop.

4.   My Dad Vs. Yours – En Plein Soleil

Hopeful (post-?) rock anthem. Had this one kicking around for a while but it didn’t fit until now.

5.   The Sorry Kisses – Loved But Left Behind

Tense, Autolux-style rock and roll.

6.   Weekends – Raingirls

Best thing to come out of Baltimore since Sir Lord Baltimore. Was that band even from Baltimore? Anyway, this one’s blistering rock and roll with razorsharp guitar blasts.

7.   Magnetic Island – Shake The Fog

Dark power pop. Bit of Sonic Youth vibe here, particularly in the middle spoken word part.

8.   Navel – Can’t Feel A Thing

Swiss band brings in the sinister buzzsaw guitars for this one.

9.   Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – White Palms

Monstrous bass riff just rolls over everything in its path.

10.  Laurence & The Slab Boys – Ballroom Killer

Moody, groovy 80’s torch rock of the Nick Cave or The Church variety.

11.  Black Moth Super Rainbow – Side 9

Soundtrack to a late 60s space movie.

12.  Little Scream – Cannons

Montreal singer arrives fully formed with wonderful, electric blue glam bombast. Free download at RCRDLBL

13.  Austra – Beat And The Pulse

Tense and dark electropop outta Toronto. Love the eerie harmonies.

14.  The Helio Sequence – The Echo Blomp

Young Effectuals track brings a dash of blissed out space pop.

15.  Lush – Sweetness And Light

Timeless, classic shoegaze from the opening to track to Gala.

16.  Grimes – Devon

Don’t be fooled by the bossa nova opening beat. This cool chillwave track channels both Lush and Kate Bush.

17.  Acrylics – Sparrow Song

More 4AD-indebted glory, this time from Brooklyn.

18.  Wyla – Tomorrow I’ll Know

Glacial melodic ballad with great narcotic baritone.

19.  Kurt Vile – Ghost Town

Folky dream pop from the much-feted musician. Love the ending.

20.  Bonne Nouvelle – An Ending (To An Unwritten Film)

Musicians: naming tracks after unwritten films will get you played on this podcast. This just happens to also be a beautiful, soaring tune.

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Soundtrack2 Ep. 61: She Blinded Me With Seance

Girls Names, White Denim, Disappears, Adorable, Stellarscope & more

Photo by Phil Askew,

1.   White Denim – Drug

Rock and roll! Beta Band crossed with The Who? Check out the Townshend guitar solo.

2.   The Dukes Of Stratosphear – You’re My Drug

The last song inspired this one from XTC‘s groovy summer of love side project.

3.   Girls Names – Seance On A Saturday Afternoon

Belfast blast of reverb-drenched garage with a Teenage Shutdown feel.

4.   Lumerians – Burning Mirrors

Descending into the murky depths…

5.   Disappears – Radiation

Jam session recorded in what seems to be an abandoned nuclear facility.

6.   PS I Love You & Diamond Rings – Leftovers

New ringing shoegaze/rock anthem from a very fruitful collaboration. More please!

7.   Invisible Days – Daysleeping

Beautiful tune with noisy, exploding choruses.

8.   Odio Paris – Cuando Nadie Pone Un Disco

Break out the air guitars and drums. Another toe tapper from Spanish band.

9.   Adorable – I’ll Be Your Saint

Classic UK shoegaze.

10.  Dead Electric – Light Years Ahead, Behind

Lovely winter shimmering shoegaze tune.

11.  Moonbeams – Kathleen

From MS: “A bedroom project consisting of hypnotic, echoing guitar tracks that swirl and blend together over hushed vocals and basic chord progressions. An homage to out of print records, the anti-rock band attitude, and the do it yourself mentality.”

12.  Stellarscope – This Is Something New

Like the intimate, somewhat claustrophobic feel on this Philly band’s tune.

13.  Big Spider’s Back – Perfect Machine

Full blown and full colour keyboard driven soundtrack.

14.  Millionyoung – Perfect Eyes

Lovely, hopeful combination of guitar and synthesizer. And yes, I just played two songs in a row that had the word “perfect” in their title.

15.  The Leaf Library – Light & Colour

Dreamy, slightly baroque indie pop.

16.  John Maus – Do Your Best

Multi-tracked soulful crooning over chillwave beats. Very nice.

17.  Candi And The Strangers – Glide

Texan dream pop tune that’s available for free download from their site.

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