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Soundtrack2 Ep. 70: Love Demons

Bachelorette, Cloud Control, SIANspheric, I Break Horses, The Boo Radleys & more

Photo by Phil Askew,

1.   Peter Cat Recording Co. – Love Demons

Don’t be fooled by the slow dirge beginning. This is a full-on psychedelic freak out. Singer reminds me of someone… Pete Doherty?

2.   Vue – She’s Sweet

Stooges-indebted garage rock with a killer groove. Just found out this band is now Bellavista, which I must check out.

3.   The Boo Radleys – Bluebird

Martin Carr and co. drop some melodic shoegaze rock and roll, taken from the Every Heaven EP.

4.   Velocity Girl – I Don’t Care If You Go

Great midtempo shoegaze power pop tune from an underrated band. Playing this makes me want to dig up a Posies tune.

5.   The Apples In Stereo – Running In Circles

Super early garage pop from their rarities comp Science Faire.

6.   Last Tide – Traitor In My Mind

DC band drops a chiming, driving footstomper with singalong choruses.

7.   SIANspheric – Static

Who’s reforming on June 30 to play a Toronto show with Ringo Deathstarr? These guys! To mark the occasion, here’s one where they sound an awful lot like Swervedriver. Not in a bad way.

8.   Grooms – Tiger Trees

Boy does this song get inside your head. Love the melancholy mood it sets with waves of noisy chords.

9.   Miracles – Quarantine

“We want a quarantine! Separate evolution!” barks the singer over heavy distorted guitar and pounding drums.

10.  The Consolation Project – Look Wild

Sounding at first like a b-side by The Cure, this prolific Rochester musician is captivatating on this tune. Cheers WTSH for the tip!

11.  Cloud Control – Meditation Song #2 (Why, Oh Why)

A song taken from the new Fleet Foxes album? Nope, they don’t get as trippy as this. Available on RCRDLBL.

12.  Dreamed – Izumi

Fans of Broadcast would dig the distorted-organ goodness. Hard to find many details on the artist also known as Jessica Minshew, other than here and here.

13.  The Kingsbury Manx – Blue Eurasians

Chapel Hill 90s heroes update the Pink Floyd sound. The gem on their self-titled album.

14.  Silver Pines – Payasito

Second time I’m playing these Texans. Really like their dusty psychedelic sound.

15.  Clams Casino – I’m God (instrumental)

Now we jump to a cross between chillwave, ambient and hip hop. Love.

16.  I Break Horses – Hearts

Heard this song after this week’s mix was mostly done, and then had to re-edit! (Podcasters don’t like to do this) Lovely bit of Kraftwerk meets Bachelorette here. Speaking of which…

17.  Bachelorette – Blanket

I’ve been excited for her new self-titled album since it was first announced. It doesn’t dissapoint. Most are describing it as folk meets electronic pop, but I love how she layers her voice, with washes of noise and drone over the beats.

18.  aeiou – Vivimos In L.A.

Want a track that features Blonde Redhead‘s Simone Pace, The Breeders‘ Kelley Deal, Juan Son and whistling? We’ve got you sorted. More on this project here.

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Featured Track: This Will Destroy You “Three Legged Workhorse”

Big thanks to my pal Matt for reminding me about these guys.

Inevitable comparisons to Mogwai and Godspeed You Black Emperor (not an entirely bad thing) but these guys live up to what Texans are stereotypically known for – doing things in a big way. Three Legged Workhorse is nine minutes and 12 seconds of huge. Not exactly the kind of track that would take the edge off being stuck in traffic but not all fantastic music is meant for the car.

They’ll be at Lee’s Palace on May 30th and Club Lambi in Montreal on the 31st.

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Soundtrack2 Ep. 69: Feels Like Flying

SPC ECO, The Vaccines, Galaxie 500, Capsula, Main & more

Photo by Phil Askew,

1.   Craft Spells – From The Morning Heat

Kicking things off with some jangly romantic pop.

2.   Seapony – Blue Star

Though we recently played another track by this band, we couldn’t resist the sleepy gauze pop on this track. RCRDLBL made it available here.

3.   Kids On A Crime Spree – Sweet Tooth

Surf/power pop from Oakland band. Another from RCRDLBL.

4.   The History Of Apple Pie – Tug

UK band brings some dark power pop. RCRDLBL is on fire recently.

5.   The Vaccines – If You Wanna

Daytrotter provides a sweet reverbed rock and roll track that sends singer Justin Young into hoarse territory.

6.   Prismo Perfect – TV Dream

Noisy post punk from France.

7.   Capsula – Under The Woods

Dark, urgent shoegaze with an air of menace. Check out their fantastic In The Land Of Silver Souls record.

8.   Pursesnatchers – Baseball On The Radio

Krautrock-influenced rock and roll.

9.   13 Engines – Bred In The Bone

This track by Canadian 90s heroes starts as a creeper and then explodes.

10.  White Lies – Is Love

With singing inspired by John Cale or Julian Cope, this tracks just rocks. And props on a great website.

11.  Marnie Stern – Transformer

Difficult to describe this one – full-on sensory overload in two minutes? Would love to see this played live.

12.  Main – Feed The Collapse

Classic by former members of Loop. Minimal and spooky.

13.  Elbow – Fallen Angel

Beautiful, ethereal rocker off Cast Of Thousands.

14.  SPC ECO – Feels Like Flying

Speaking of ethereal…brand new stunner from SPC ECO’s Big Fat World EP. Get it here.

15.  Galaxie 500 – Another Day

Legends channel Velvet Underground on this gem from On Fire.

16.  Soft Crest – Young Blood

Just fantastic new track from this LA band. Inspirational.

17.  Cortney Tidwell – Oslo

Nashville represents on Daytrotter with this wistful dream pop tune. Don’t tell Chris, but it makes me reflect fondly on The Sundays.

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Featured Track: Sports “Light”

I think one of the bigger disappointments in my dad’s parenting life is his son’s (me) complete disinterest in sports. Soccer? Nope. Baseball? I could park myself in left field for an inning or two. Hockey? Sure, as an alternative to jail maybe. This is about to change. Toronto’s Sports have just finished polishing tracks with Noah Mintz (see Death From Above 1979, Broken Social Scene) for their upcoming album. Now I can say I like Sports and not be lying.


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Soundtrack2 Ep. 68: Our Ritual

Screen Vinyl Image, Giant Drag, //orangenoise, Washed Out, John Maus & more

Photo by Phil Askew,

1.   Jesse Ruins – Dream Analysis

Murky electronic pop outta Japan.

2.   Screen Vinyl Image – Tomorrow Is Too Far

Love the dark, dreamy glamour in this one off the split 7″ with Rude 66.

3.   Niva – Dizzyeyes

Lovely modulated goodness from Feverish Dreams.

4.   John Maus – Believer

This guy’s all over the music blogs, and it’s for good reason. His last album’s fantastic, and here’s one off next month’s We Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves.

5.   Washed Out – Eyes Be Closed

Gorilla vs. Bear posted this great ambient chillwave track from new album Within and Without. Coming out in July, this track kinda reminds me of the 80s.

6.   //orangenoise – Trust (Alien Panda Jury‘s Reprise)

Karachi bands converge for this violin-heavy head trip.

7.   SECRETWARS – Pregnant California Wives

Waves of delicious distortion from Mexico City.

8.   Jace Lasek, Olga Goreas & Shadrach Kabango – Take Two Last Night and Call Me in the Morning – NWT

What do you get when you send rapper Shad and the Besnard Lakes into the wilderness for the National Parks Project? This drifting yet menacing track.

9.   Should – Broken

Rainy day dream pop from their new Like A Fire Without Sound. Fans of The Radio Dept. will dig this.

10.  Minks – Our Ritual

Slightly dreary but gorgeous dream pop off By The Hedge. Pick it up when you have a chance.

11.  gold-bears – Record Store

This week’s party jam courtesy of Atlanta crew with a love of Husker Du and Superchunk.

12.  Samideani – Do You Remember

Nice high energy three-chord garage pop from Italy. Real Vaselines vibe on the singing.

13.  Daylight’s For The Birds – For Now

Now we’re entering my archives. 2007’s Trouble Everywhere had some gems, and this is one of ’em.

14.  Giant Drag – This Isn’t It

In the mid-2000’s, a loud band with a fantastic female vocalist dropped a great record and then went silent for years. Nope, I’m not talking about Autolux. We last featured Annie & Micah on our very first podcast, and their site says Giant Drag has completed their second album. Fingers crossed we’ll hear it soon!

15.  My Bloody Valentine – Honey Power

Nostalgia required me to drop this mighty one off Loveless. Don’t know whether I love the rocking part or the chilled part more. You?

16.  Blind Mr. Jones – Delores

Shoegaze flute anthem from 1992’s Crazy Jazz.

17.  Mystery Machine – Ride

Unsung Vancouver heroes close with a Sonic Youth-indebted stunner from 1992’s Glazed.

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