SPC ECO, The Vaccines, Galaxie 500, Capsula, Main & more

Photo by Phil Askew, www.luminouslives.com

1.   Craft Spells – From The Morning Heat

Kicking things off with some jangly romantic pop.

2.   Seapony – Blue Star

Though we recently played another track by this band, we couldn’t resist the sleepy gauze pop on this track. RCRDLBL made it available here.

3.   Kids On A Crime Spree – Sweet Tooth

Surf/power pop from Oakland band. Another from RCRDLBL.

4.   The History Of Apple Pie – Tug

UK band brings some dark power pop. RCRDLBL is on fire recently.

5.   The Vaccines – If You Wanna

Daytrotter provides a sweet reverbed rock and roll track that sends singer Justin Young into hoarse territory.

6.   Prismo Perfect – TV Dream

Noisy post punk from France.

7.   Capsula – Under The Woods

Dark, urgent shoegaze with an air of menace. Check out their fantastic In The Land Of Silver Souls record.

8.   Pursesnatchers – Baseball On The Radio

Krautrock-influenced rock and roll.

9.   13 Engines – Bred In The Bone

This track by Canadian 90s heroes starts as a creeper and then explodes.

10.  White Lies – Is Love

With singing inspired by John Cale or Julian Cope, this tracks just rocks. And props on a great website.

11.  Marnie Stern – Transformer

Difficult to describe this one – full-on sensory overload in two minutes? Would love to see this played live.

12.  Main – Feed The Collapse

Classic by former members of Loop. Minimal and spooky.

13.  Elbow – Fallen Angel

Beautiful, ethereal rocker off Cast Of Thousands.

14.  SPC ECO – Feels Like Flying

Speaking of ethereal…brand new stunner from SPC ECO’s Big Fat World EP. Get it here.

15.  Galaxie 500 – Another Day

Legends channel Velvet Underground on this gem from On Fire.

16.  Soft Crest – Young Blood

Just fantastic new track from this LA band. Inspirational.

17.  Cortney Tidwell – Oslo

Nashville represents on Daytrotter with this wistful dream pop tune. Don’t tell Chris, but it makes me reflect fondly on The Sundays.

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