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So this is goodbye?

It’s such a cliché. Guy/gal starts music site, has a blast for a few years with music (s)he loves, then folds up the tent.

Usually a bunch of reasons are given. There’s also some sort of commitment to keep active in music as a fan. A big thanks is given to all those who read or listened.

Sound familiar? Well, you’re not going to get that here. Yes, the words above holds true for me – especially the thank you part. Honestly, thanks for reading and subscribing to the podcast.

But instead I’m going to make this about you. And music.

If you love music, what are you doing about it?

Are you going to shows? Are you supporting your favourite artists financially? Is your closet stuffed with t-shirts from too many merch tables? Are you actually making music yourself?

Do you share your passion with your friends? Family? People you work with? Strangers?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, then…think. Ask yourself why. Then ask why not?

Now it’s time for Soundtrack2 to sign off.

So this is goodbye?


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