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Audiocast6: Listen

Two Swedish bands, some originators and a new track by the Fleeting Joys? We think it works…

Check out Soundtrack2 Audiocast6 here. 

1.   Blackstrap – Winning Speechtvor-drawn

Leading off with a nice track that mixes BRMC and TSOOL. OMG. Info here.

2.   TV On The Radio – Halfway Home

Love this track off last year’s Dear Science. Sweet synth and great vocals. TVOTR comes to Toronto June 2. Info here.

3.   My Bloody Valentine – When You Sleep

Fleeting Joys

Fleeting Joys

Couldn’t resist this dreamy classic for our sixth audiocast. Info here.

4.   Fleeting Joys – Cloudlike Mercury

Nice midtempo track off latest record Occult Radiance. Definitely worth picking up. Info here.

5.   Astrobrite – Miss Teen U.S.A.

Hypnotising. This is probably what bagpipes would sound like if you figured out how to plug them into a Danelectro. Info here.

6.   Duster – Heading For The Door

The first three times Chris heard this song, he thought it was The Spinanes. Check out Stratosphere…textbook grower. Info here.

7.   Monster Movie – Letting You Know

Slowdive fans will want to check Christian Savill’s other band, Monster Movie. The opening line  “Summer changed…you” knocks me out every time. Info here.

8.   1969 Armstrong – Salient Night

Stockholm’s latest shoegaze export. Great under-produced sound. Info here.

9.  Singapore Sling – Listenspacemen3

Stuttering anthem off very cool record The Curse Of Singapore Sling. Info here.

10.   Loop – Arc-Lite

Hypnotic soundtrack to the end of the world off the killer Pspyched compilation. Info here.

11.   Spacemen 3 – Revolution

Can’t think of a more fitting title. I’ll bet The Stooges think this is one of theirs. Honourable mention: Mudhoney’s version. Info here.

12.   Primitives – Lazy

Drop Nineteens

Drop Nineteens

Indie pop band best known “Crash” brings the gloomy groove. Info here.

13.   Drop Nineteens – Kick The Tragedy

Imagine staring out a frosted passenger window, shadows of passing trees and this song over and over. Info here.

14.   Airiel – 500 Deep

Recalls Going Blank Again era Ride. Info here.

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Audiocast5: Let Me Come Back

We’ve made it to our fifth episode!  This one starts with two killers from the 80s and takes off from there.

We’ve included some very nice music from Asobi Seksu’s new album and I finally was able to get Lush past our censors.

Let us know what you think by adding a comment or dropping us an e-mail!

Check out Soundtrack2 Audiocast5 here.

1.  Modern English – Gathering Dust

Move over, “Stop the World”…this intergalactic fuzzed-out glam monster is their real gem.  Info here.

Modern English

Modern English

2.  Chameleons – Up the Down Escalator

“They tell me tomorrow will never arrive…”  YES.  Info here.

3.  Lush – Downer

Incomperable.  Probably their most likely track to make it on one of our audiocasts.  Info here.

4.  Telescopes – Suffercation

Dirty rock n roll…really digging this band these days.  Info here.

5.  Girls Against Boys – Let Me Come Back

Nice “dual-bass attack” from their brilliant Venus Luxure No. 1 Baby album.  Info here.

6.  Black Angels – Dark Grease

Getting darker now with the Black Angels.  Boy, are we suckers for gloomy reverb.  Info here.

Black Angels

Black Angels

7.  Brian Jonestown Massacre – Anemone

Tracing the line further back…classic track.  Info here.

8.  Galaxie 500 – Strange

The sun comes out a bit with the great Galaxie 500.  Check out Luna and Dean and Britta if you’re into this.  Info here.

9.  Asobi Seksu – Sunshower

Bouncy nod to 80s indie from their new album Hush.  Info here.

10.  Chapterhouse – There’s Still Life

Thank you, DejaVu Discs’ bargain bin!  Shoegaze band delivers atmospheric psychedelia off late-period album Blood Music. Check out Whirlpool for their classic stuff.  Info here.

11.  All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors – When Things Come Falling

Misty morning track off the Turning Into Small album.  Info here.

12.  The Pains of Being Pure At Heart – Contender

Name (and sound) seems inspired by Belle and Sebastien, but this track’s melody and distortion suits our format nicely.  Info here.

13.  Sky Drops – Sentimentalelbow_ban1

Thanks to Built on a Weak Spot for turning me on to this band  Nice harmonies.  Info here.

14.  Elbow – Any Day Now

This. Song. Is. Amazing.  Info here.

15.  Low – Monkey

Still love this track off of The Great Destroyer.  Ominous business.  They lit up Massey Hall when they opened for Wilco.  Info here.

16.  Wye Oak – Warning

Love the art on this band’s If Children album (right).  Music’s good too…a bit of Broken Social Scene thing going on with this track.  Info here.wye-oak

17.  Kitchens of Distinction – Quick As Rainbows

I suspect that this band has passionate legions of fans lurking in corners of the Web.  I may be one of them.  Info here.

18.  Sonic Youth – Teenage Riot

Anyone that asks Chris what he likes so much about Sonic Youth gets to listen to this song.  You didn’t ask…but if you’ve made it this far you probably won’t mind.  Info here.

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Audiocast #4: Emerging beauty

Our most recent mix combines some classics and sweet newish stuff. It’s named Emerging Beauty because of the two slow burners that bookend the mix: brilliant local boys SIANspheric (yes, we’re Canadian) and the Verve.

Here’s a track listing with a little added commentary next to each one. Tell us what you think. Let us know what tracks might fill your soundtrack.

Soundtrack2 Audiocast #4 : Download here.

1. Soundtrack2 – Soundtrack2 intro
It was suggested that we shorten it, and I’m thinking good call…
2. SIANspheric – I Like the Ride
A little bit grunge-y but a brilliant roar of sound comes in after a bit. (info)
3. Diableros – Olympic Island
Building, inspirational ode to an island in Lake Ontario, known primarily for hosting concerts nowadays. Makes me think of my beloved British Sea Power. (info)
3. Xiu Xiu – I Luv the Valley OH
Cool slow cut with a freakout that threatens to explode. The vocals may be an acquired taste. (info)
4. Heaviness – How You Avoid the Sugartraps
Takes the My Bloody Valentine template, throws in some Lilys vocals and floors it. Wow. (info)
5. Panda Riot – Art School of Doom
“Hey, lookout…” Dig the phasing on this and sweet vocals. (info)
6. Catherine Wheel – Upside Down
Odd that we skipped over the mighty Wheel until our fourth mix. But then again, no MBV yet! (info)
7. Brother Kite – Get On Me
Like the reverb and vibe of this one…kind of like a shoegazing Clean. (info)
8. Sebadoh – Beauty of the Ride
Such a good band – this dose of rock and roll wakes up the mix with a flat, distorted baseline. (info)
9. December Sound – No Heaven Like Hell
This reminds me of a downward spiral; this track may have the most apt title involving the word “Hell” since Savoy Brown’s Hellbound Train. (info)
10. Mahogany – The View from People Wall
Very cool animé-like future trip from this band. (info)
11. Soundpool – Pleasure & Pain
Great mix of swirling psychedelic melodies and atmospherics. (info)
12. Electro Group – If You Could See
Changing it up with a midtempo noise journey. (info)
13. Raveonettes – Hallucinations
Finally equalling the heights reached on their debut. Jesus & Mary Chain meets the Everly Brothers? (info)
14. Twilight Sad – I Am Taking the Train Home
In one song, a reminder of how fantastic music can make you feel. (info)
15. Verve – Already There
Like the distant yet soulful vibe here. In case you lived under a rock last year, they got back together. (info)

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Audiocast3: Snowblind

The snow is still falling. That’s good enough reason to assemble and listen to our third audiocast.

We’ve read a lot of good 2008 best of’s. While not technically a year in review, this mix touches on some gems from the past year with the usual some solid stuff from way back.

BTW if you dig track 9, you’ll be able to catch the Swirlies are live again!

See you in 2009!

Soundtrack2 Audiocast #3
1. Sountrack2 podcast intro
2. Ulrich Schnauss – Stars
3. Maps – When You Leave
4. Stars – Elevator Love Letter
5. Helio Sequence – Keep Your Eyes Ahead
6. His Name Is Alive – Lip
7. Ropers – I Don’t Mind
8. Pale Saints – Under Your Nose
9. Swirlies – Sneaky Flutes
10. Pastels – Yoga
11. Amusement Parks on Fire – Blackout
12. Blonde Redhead – 23
13. Deerhunter – Ghost Outfit
14. Grinderman – No Pussy Blues
15. No Age – Everybody’s Down
16. Awesome Color – Eyes of Light
17. Times New Viking – Love Your Daughters

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Nice mix from XLR8R

Our next mix may be a ways away – darn end of year requests – but here’s something to tide you over.

This made me realize we need some Pale Saints in our next concoction…

Check it out here.

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