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Featured Track: Amusement Parks on Fire “Black Hole Kids”

Amusement Parks On Fire. Yeah, we’ve featured them a couple times over the past year so, I might be over doing it but man, I like just about everything these guys do. That includes the recently released, 360-degree video for Black Hole Kids. Seriously great stuff.Amusement Parks on Fire \"Black Hole Kids\"

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Video: Blackbird Blackbird’s Pure

Great tune and totally engrossing video. Betcha can’t watch it three times in a row.

Blackbird Blackbird – Pure (Official Music Video) from Isaac Bauman on Vimeo.

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Featured Track: Gauntlet Hair “I Was Thinking”

Firecracker hand claps, hooky, tremolo guitar and six bucks worth of production. Throw in a few well-timed explosions of ultra-bright cymbals, echoy, indistinguishable lyrics and plenty of volume. Yep, that’s blood coming from your

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Soundtrack2 Audiocast40: Bad Vibrations

Blonde Redhead, The Black Angels, Luminous Orange, Whirl, ExDetectives & more

Catching up on new tunes from some great bands…

1. Superhumanoids – Persona

LA-based indie rock band gets us off to a moody, groovy start.

2. Whirl – Meaningless

More goodness out of California, this time a shoegaze rock tune.

3.   Me You Us Them – Any Time

Post-data track by Brooklyn shoegazers, which eMusic aptfully describes as “blissed-out, bendy, warped, post-weirdo music.”

4.   Luminous Orange – Sea Of Lights

This track that reminds of recent nugaze-but-actually-new-sounding tracks by Serena Maneesh, Brian Jonestown Massacre and others. Great one off June’s Songs of Innocence.

5. Archers – Brussels Truffles

Blistering cross of noise-rock and mod power pop.

6.   Amazing Electronic Talking Cave – I Can See You

This Russian/European had me from this song’s opening tone-downed chord.

7.    All Saints Day – You Can’t Be Alone

A side project of the Vivian Girls, this is a classic garage pop tune with a bit of noise thrown in.

8. The Black Angels – Bad Vibrations

Ever since they blew my mind in concert last year, I’ve waited for new music. Here they deliver more great droney, reverb-drenched rock and roll from Phosphene Dream. Look out for the mid-song change-up.

9. Telltale – Sedition Act

The (bad?) trip through the U.S. continues with more droney rock and roll.

10. Cloud Control – Ghost Story

“We are the protectors, we are the soul collectors, we follow solar vectors…”

11. Darker My Love – Dear Author

A cross between The New Pornographers and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club off their Alive As You Are record.

12. Suicide Party – XxX

Killer instrumental psych off the Decadence split EP.

13. ExDetectives – Won’t Stop

Lovely midtempo dreampop to soundtrack your summer afternoon.

14. Ojos Rojos – Step Outside

More dreamrock from one of this audiocast’s California massive.

15. 93MillionMilesFromTheSun – When You Come (Nick Mainline Mix)

Off their newest (free) EP, this great dirge will take you into the wee hours.

16. Dinowalrus – Actually

Fans of Spiritualized will dig this.

17. Blonde Redhead – Here Sometimes

It’ll be hard to top 2007’s 23, but this funky trip hop single from their next album is very interesting. Pick it up on their site.

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Featured Track: The Antlers “Sylvia”

As The Antlers explore such uplifting themes as terminal illness, hopelessness, despair and suicide, I’m reminded of that line in High Fidelity: “Did I listen to pop music because I was miserable? Or was I miserable because I listened to pop music?” What’s most stunning about this song is the explosion of horns and Peter Silbeman’s voice offset the miserable story. Not to worry parents of the world, I’ve listened to this song 100 times and I’m still a happy guy. Maybe even happier.


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