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Soundtrack2 Audiocast24: Full Force

Amusement Parks on Fire, Fauns, Broadcast, Delorean, Unisex & more

If you like noisy rock and roll, you’re gonna dig the latest audiocast. Let’s hear it!

1.   Loomer – Search On Your Own

Like the distorted Swervedriver-style rock & roll from the Brazilian band, not to be confused with the other Loomer.

2.   Lovvers – 100 Flowers

Addictive and catchy. I can’t put a label on this one, but you could say the same for The Real Kids – listed as an influence on their site. I went back and listened to my RK tracks…MUCH tamer than this.

3.   Teenage Filmstars – Pressure

Guaranteed you’ve never heard anything like this. Backwards, noisy but somehow tuneful and coherent.

4.   The Men – The Man

Like the propulsive rock energy here, available for purchase on their blog. Props to BOAWS for the tip.

5.   Amusement Parks On Fire – Motown Ritual

And now we’re into some noisy shoegaze from 2005’s Blackout EP this year’s Young Fight EP. If you like feedback, the end will be like music to Pete Townshend’s ears. Updated, thanks to Dwight.

6.   Headtime – Need To Be

Postpunk number to shake things up a bit. Anyone know much about this band?

7.   The Fauns – The Sun Is Cruising

I slept on this initially but finally bought it. Nice to see the shoegaze hype was warranted.

8.   Julian Casablancas – River Of Brakelights

Does the Strokes’ singer’s latest album fit our format? No, but I’d argue that this trippy hypnotic riff is a big departure from “Last Nite.”

9.   Mazarin – The New American Apathy

Electronic spacepop goodness from Philly-based band.

10.  Broadcast – In Here The World Begins

Ethereal psychedelia from the new Mothers of the Milky Way tour EP.

11.  Delorean – Seasun

Spanish troupe delivers lovely sunshine montage music.

12.  Lisa Mitchell – Coin Laundry (Starsmith remix)

Ozzie up and comer remixed by London space scientist. Brilliant MySpace page!

13.  City Of Satellites – BMX

Slowing it down with some Australian dream pop off the Machine Is My Animal album on Hidden Shoal.

14.  Letting Up Despite Great Faults – Sun Drips

Ignore the long name for a minute and check out the awesome S/T album. Quality stuff.

15.  Unisex – The Full Force Of The Sun

Telescopes splinter band closes the set with drifting sleepy epic off Stratosfear.

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Featured Track: Sennen “Bizarre Love Triangle”

Sennen is in the studio pulling together their latest collection of nu-gaze finery. In the meantime, I can’t get enough of their Bizarre Love Triangle cover. Why? For the pure and simple fact that they kept a lid on it. There’s almost an air of who-are-we-to-fuck-with-greatness humility in the effort.

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Featured Track: Fuck Buttons’ “Sweet Love for Planet Earth”

Yesterday started for me in an MRI machine. I tried describing to a friend the experience of being inserted into a dark, claustrophobic tube and then being washed in angry, rhythmic buzzing.

I summed it all up by telling them to listen to Fuck Buttons’ Sweet Love For Planet Earth in the dark.

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Soundtrack2 Audiocast23: Hallucination Generation

Headlights, Autolux, Paris Angels, After The Weather, Maps & more


Our latest mix of new and old gems from the Interwebs. Very excited about the quality of stuff coming out. And it will only get better as we head into the holiday release period.

You’ll notice lots of global music and a few curveballs in this week’s mix – let us know what you think!

1.   Trailer Trash Tracies – Strangling Good Guys

Treble lovers unite! Great track out of the UK to start us off.

2.   Culkin – Glow

Coming straight outta Stockholm with some classic-sounding shoegaze.

3.   Moments Shoegaze – Maniquins

Track from a few years back that came up again recently. Off the L’Équilibriste EP but the band is Spanish – of course!

4.   Autolux – Audience No. 2

Somehow I missed this advance track off their next album Transit Transit. Months went by, and two things made me finally add it into a mix. (1) Great article about the band in Wired and (2) someone really into this kind of music hadn’t heard of them. Apparently their next album is due out in January.

5.   True Widow – Flat Black

Now this track is interesting. Seems like an amalgam of about five bands I love, many of them from this band’s home state of Texas.

6.   Headlights – I Don’t Mind At All

Their new album Wildlife is excellent. Poppy, well-written tunes with great lyrics. We need more bands like Headlights.

7.   Sundae – Verano-Invierno

Ok, I was feeling nostalgic for some breezy pop and this Spanish track fit the bill.

8.   Paris Angels – Perfume

Wow, this straight-from-vinyl track blows my mind. Apparently it’s from the Madchester days.


9.   Clinker – Hallucination Generation

Off free download Thru The Fly Machine, this oddball band delivers a solid tripped out anthem.

10.  Phoenix – Love Like A Sunset (Animal Collective Remix – Deakin’s Jam)

Speaking of anthems, AC’s take on this track is just heavenly. If I could do an entire podcast of Animal Collective music, I probably would. Actually, Animal Collective is probably working on that kind of project right now anyway.

11.  Sunshine Factory – My Sugar Cane

Off the free two-song Sugar EP, this track’s sunspot assault is brilliant.

12.  Baa rec – Deadlock

Japanese band uses a great mix of guitars and electronica to keep this track vibrant.

13.  Maps – Turning The Mind

What can I say about Maps that 100 blogs haven’t already said? I can only add: why is he fighting the shoegaze tag? This is just glorious music that shares a lot with other glorious music we play.

14.  After The Weather – It’s Too Loud

Not sure what this is, but I like it. This Montreal’s band’s By Flashing Lights And True Love album is definitely worth picking up.

15.  Starry-Eyed – Nasa

We close with some dramatic post-rock from Seoul, uncovered in one of the many great MML posts about the Electric Muse label. BTW the post-rock we play at Soundtrack2 is usually more rock than post – so don’t be afraid.

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In Concert: The Black Angels & The Raveonettes

The Black Angels and The Raveonettes hit Toronto on Thursday, October 22.  I haven’t read many other reviews of this tour but all I can say is – WOW.

Black Angels at Phoenix

Soundtrack2 favourites The Black Angels managed to actually sound bigger and noisier than on their two albums. The crowd slowly got into their drone-y ruckus after a while, but most waited for the headliner to appear. Personally I’d have preferred to see a full set by these guys – next time I guess. It’s great to see they really are the real deal.
On a door at the Phoenix

The first things that struck me when The Raveonettes took the stage was that their wall of noisy pop sounded downright tinny compared to the previous band. But my skepticism drifted away with number after number of explosive, tightly-played tunes.
Raveonettes at The Phoenix

Sune, Sharin and co. played songs from all albums, including their debut – my personal favourite. Despite the fact that a lot of their tunes can be kind of same-y, I was excited to hear a lot off of In and Out of Control that seemed to mess with the formula.

The light show was completely insane (strobes!) and complemented the performances to a T. Add in a few solo tracks by Sune and Sharin and you’ve got a solid show.

If this bill is in your town, I strongly recommend you go. Apologies for the crappy quality of the above photos.

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