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Soundtrack2 Ep. 84: Mind Daze

Psychic Ills, Deerhoof, The Chambermaids, Wooden Shjips, Sleeping Bags & more

Photo by Phil Askew

1.   Husky Rescue – Rainbow Flows
Chilling out at a hookah bar on Venus.

2.   Psychic Ills – Mind Daze
Hazy psych roots rock off Hazed Dream, due out later this month.

3.   Duelelectrum – Ultrasensor
São Paulo band gets murky on this one from Exploding Galaxy.

4.   Neutral Milk Hotel – You’ve Passed
Recent touring and reissues made me dust off this powerful drone rock classic.

5.   Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Too Real
The trip down memory lane continues with this great midtempo dream pop tune from their first album.

6.   Spectrum – How You Satisfy Me
Also recording under Sonic Boom, here the former Spacemen 3 member drops shimmering organ psych like this one from Refractions.

7.   Wooden Shjips – Black Smoke Rise
Leadoff track to new album West.

8.   Model Morning – We Go All Night
A fantastic rock and roll epic. Anyone hearing a similarity between the lead singer and Peter Gabriel?

9.   Starfire Connective Sound – Acid Morning Ride
Bombastic Brazilian rock and roll.

10.  Broken Water – Heart Strings
Fulfilling my quota of tunes inspired by Sonic Youth. Available on Exploding In Sound’s sampler.

11.  Deerhoof – Scream Team
I went to the Battles show last week. Deerhoof singer Kazu Makino was featured on a video screen singing their very cool “Swinging & Shag.” Now I’m paying it forward by dropping this gem from The Runners Four.

12.  Azma – Sweetness and Light
This melody is 100% guaranteed to get inside your head.

13.  The Chambermaids – China Blue
Twin city garage power pop. Lovely.

14.  Weekend – Hazel
Indie power pop with a splash of shoegaze.

15.  Sea Dweller – Settings
Love Is Coming track of near-perfect C86 shoegaze.

16.  The Ludvico Treatment – The Last Thing You Should Do
Blistering cover of David Bowie’s 1997 Earthling track.

17.  Sleeping Bags – Canteloupe
Released last month, this may be placed in the chillwave category. But to me it’s just a fantastic, huge tune.

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Soundtrack2 Ep. 62: Don’t Fall In Love

Weekends, Lush, Ringo Deathstarr, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Kurt Vile & more

Photo by Phil Askew,

Our longest mix to date…I just couldn’t stop piling on the good tunes.

1.   Ringo Deathstarr – You Don’t Listen

Classic rock and roll from spanking new album Color Trip.

2.   The Vanity Press – Don’t Fall In Love

We just can’t get enough of this Texas band – this is the second track we’ve featured this winter! Bass player is working hard on this one.

3.    Sharesprings – I Love To See You (Daydreaming Me)

Jakarta’s finest drop some ringing C86 power pop.

4.   My Dad Vs. Yours – En Plein Soleil

Hopeful (post-?) rock anthem. Had this one kicking around for a while but it didn’t fit until now.

5.   The Sorry Kisses – Loved But Left Behind

Tense, Autolux-style rock and roll.

6.   Weekends – Raingirls

Best thing to come out of Baltimore since Sir Lord Baltimore. Was that band even from Baltimore? Anyway, this one’s blistering rock and roll with razorsharp guitar blasts.

7.   Magnetic Island – Shake The Fog

Dark power pop. Bit of Sonic Youth vibe here, particularly in the middle spoken word part.

8.   Navel – Can’t Feel A Thing

Swiss band brings in the sinister buzzsaw guitars for this one.

9.   Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – White Palms

Monstrous bass riff just rolls over everything in its path.

10.  Laurence & The Slab Boys – Ballroom Killer

Moody, groovy 80’s torch rock of the Nick Cave or The Church variety.

11.  Black Moth Super Rainbow – Side 9

Soundtrack to a late 60s space movie.

12.  Little Scream – Cannons

Montreal singer arrives fully formed with wonderful, electric blue glam bombast. Free download at RCRDLBL

13.  Austra – Beat And The Pulse

Tense and dark electropop outta Toronto. Love the eerie harmonies.

14.  The Helio Sequence – The Echo Blomp

Young Effectuals track brings a dash of blissed out space pop.

15.  Lush – Sweetness And Light

Timeless, classic shoegaze from the opening to track to Gala.

16.  Grimes – Devon

Don’t be fooled by the bossa nova opening beat. This cool chillwave track channels both Lush and Kate Bush.

17.  Acrylics – Sparrow Song

More 4AD-indebted glory, this time from Brooklyn.

18.  Wyla – Tomorrow I’ll Know

Glacial melodic ballad with great narcotic baritone.

19.  Kurt Vile – Ghost Town

Folky dream pop from the much-feted musician. Love the ending.

20.  Bonne Nouvelle – An Ending (To An Unwritten Film)

Musicians: naming tracks after unwritten films will get you played on this podcast. This just happens to also be a beautiful, soaring tune.

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