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Soundtrack2 Ep63: Her Sinking Sun

Ceremony, Yuck, Ghost/Light, Pavement, Coma Cinema & more

Photo by Phil Askew,

1.   Spirit Spine – Ocean Of Sand

Driving, space psych starts us off. Part of the ambitious Glossalia concept album.

2.   Ides Of Space – Way Out At Sea

Sydney heroes rock out on a track from 2004’s Sleeping Fractures.

3.   Dear Eloise – Oh What A Day

Japanese band sets guitars on noise. Can’t make out what they’re singing, but it sounds great.

4.   Ceremony – Not Tonight

Another great dose of 80s-inspired wailing guitar terror. This is off the Not Tonight EP, due out tomorrow.

5.   Crash City Saints – Cough Syrup

Find this fevered noisy shoegaze power pop on the Returner EP, complete with the great vocal melody.

6.   Cocteau Twins – In Our Angelhood

The ethereal ones go all post punk.

7.   Ghost/Light – You Already Know

Though this track came out last year, I recently came across it and was hooked once I heard the vocals.

8.   Yuck – Getaway

Online sensations behind “Georgia” channel their inner bar band. Not sure why, but it reminds me of Superchunk.

9.   The Telewire – Quiet Satellite

Dreamy theme for a train journey. Is that Hooky on bass?

10.  Pavement – Kennel District

Great midtempo rocker with the band’s unmistakable sound.

11.  The Koolaid Electric Company – SOS Son Of Sam

Stoner drone overload. How is it that I never played these guys before? Love ’em.

12.  [aftersun] – Goodbye

Been sitting on this psych tension and release epic for a while, but its time has come.

13.  Imperial Teen – Alone In The Grass

90s indie rockers do 7+ minutes of krautrock and pedal insanity on 1999’s What Is Not To Love.

14.  Moby – Be The One

Don’t judge this one until you’ve actually listened to its great claustrophic space pop. Has he been listening to Georgio Moroder? Available for free download on his site.

15.  Coma Cinema – Her Sinking Sun

Slightly dreary dream pop tune off Blue Suicide, available for download on their site.

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Soundtrack2 Audiocast10: Before Summer

Warlocks, Silversun Pickups, Mazzy Star, Cocteau Twins, Skywave & more

This week’s mix – yes, we’re now actually able to pull this together weekly – goes from stoner rock to dream pop and beyond. You’ll notice some new tracks and surprises along the way.

Cool to think that at ten mixes in, we’re just now dropping names like Cocteau, Mazzy, and Love and Rockets. Now back to us moaning about missing Coachella

Check out Soundtrack2 Audiocast10 here.

1.   Love and Rockets – I Feel Speed

Druggy bolero from ex-Bauhaus members Daniel Ash, David J and Kevin Haskins. If you like this, check out Tones on Tail.

2.   Volta Sound – Right Up To You

Spacemen 3-influenced drone rock off the superb My All American Girl album.

3.    Warlocks – Baby Blue

“Wasting my time with you” and the L.A. stoner rock outfit.

4.    Mazzy Star – Happy

Audiocast9 alluded to the singer of this band, so we went ahead and dropped “Happy” this time round. Beautiful.

5.   Stratford 4 – Where The Ocean Meets The Eye

Love this epic anthem from this San Francisco-based band. This is the kind of track that you never want to end.

6.   Manhattan Love Suicides – Up Too High

Who says you can’t cover Jesus & Mary Chain? Lastest track off the JAMC covers project, aptly described as an “adrenaline-fuelled injection of noise and menace.”

7.   A Faulty Chromosome – Anomie’s the Enemie

If the famous C-86 compilation could have a sequel, this offbeat pop tune would be on it.

8.   Skywave – Got That Feeling

U.S. band indebted (in a good way) to the above on this killer track. Love the nervy bass energy.

9.    Pia Fraus – After Summer

Great blissed-out rock and roll from this Estonian troupe.

10.  Asteroid #4 – Car Thief Millennia

If hip hoppers dug shoegaze, hands would go in the air as the band drops the first pedal at :30. Or is that just the tremolo? Either way, heavy as hell.

11.  Cocteau Twins – Pitch the Baby

My buddy Audix summed up this band perfectly – dreamy pop funk. No one’s been able to follow them. This one’s off the seminal Heaven or Las Vegas.

12.  Screen Vinyl Image – Roaming Spirit Freedom

Too Much Future was originally going to be the name of this podcast, but then we found out about a German movie of the same name. If one song could embody the title Too Much Future, it would be this one.

13.  Uncut – Copilot

Killer track by popular Canadian band from a few years back. Love the noise overdrive halfway through. Check out Jake Fairley‘s Touch Not the Cat if you like this one.

14.  Lily Allen – The Fear

May be risking my cred with this one, but a review of Sonic Cathedral drew my attention to this cool futuristic pop track. Popstar aside, does it work in the mix?

15.  Goldfrapp – Time Out Of The World

Perfect opportunity to drop chilled track from Supernature, the last album before they went pastoral.

16.  Silversun Pickups – Growing Old Is Getting Old

New one off Swoon. Haven’t gotten my head around the whole album yet, but this one stands out. Love the atmosphere.

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