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Soundtrack2 Audiocast7: Sun Coming Up

Headlights, Serena Maneesh, Eric’s Trip, Superdrag, Tame Impala & more.

Not to get sappy, but spring is springing and we’re hopeful. Let the sun come up.

Check out Soundtrack2 Audiocast7 here.

1.   Headlights – This One (Live on Daytrotter)

This sublime, intimate track feels like it was recorded at 3 a.m in a whisper-quiet studio. Info here.

2.   Lu – Mood Elevator

Former Lorelei member brings the psychadelic robotics with cascading noise at the end. Info here.

3.   Swell – Say Goodbye

Underrated 90s band brings delivers a woozy slice of indie rock. Info here.

4.   Should – Own Two Feet

Really into this band and this melodic, moody cut. Info here.

Serena Maneesh

5. Ides of Space – Random Noise Generator

Another 90s band worth a rotation. “Take your path and I’ll take mine…” Info here.

6.   Serena Maneesh – Chorale Lick

Will this band be coming out with another album or what? Overdue. Info here.

7.   Eric’s Trip – Sun Coming Up

If you like this muffled brilliance, also see Elevator. Info here.

8.   Pavement – Perfume-V

Malkmus has said they “made a career out of ripping off The Fall.” Love The Fall, but Pavement adds some serious haze on this one. Info here.

9.   Dead Meadow – Such Hawks Such Hounds

This track’s time has come after being bumped the last four podcasts. Psych baby! Info here.

10.  Ruby Suns – Morning Sun

Lovely weirdness from the band who also covered The Beatles’ “Birthday.” Look out for the 80s electro-pop curve. Info here.

11.  Freeheat – The Two of Us

We played them in our first audiocast, but purchasing the Jesus and Mary Chain box inspired me to bring them back. Check out this killer track from Jim’s other project. info here.

12.  Superdrag – Destination Ursa Major

Power pop goes interstellar. Info here.

13.  (Sounds of Kaleidoscope) – Oh My Mind

I’m a sucker for anything that hints at the underwater psych pop of Lilys or Syd Barrett. Info here.

14.  Echobelly – Great Things

Missed them the first time around. Nice fuzzed-out pop tune. Info here.

15.  Cornelius – Free Fall

Great driving track from Japanese artist from Matador. Info here.

16.  Tame Impala – H.F.G.W. (Canyon’s Drunken Rage)

This remix is unreal. “Now my only company’s a half-filled glass of wine.” Slowly starting to love Tame Impala. Info here.

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