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Soundtrack 2 Ep. 51: Fast Asleep

Atlas Sound, Ten Million Lights, The Telescopes, Wooden Shjips, The Hidden Ratio & more

Cover of Funki Porcini's Fast Asleep

1.   Soft Circle – Night Hike

Propulsive, slightly Krautrock beats take us deep into the woods.

2.    Suuns – Arena

Montreal band get into an evil synth groove at Daytrotter session.

3.   Atlas Sound – Lanterns

World-y beats with ambient noises. One of the many different directions Mr. Cox takes on his four albums of bedroom recordings, which you can find here. Better get a new hard drive.

4.   Maserati – Bye M’friend, Goodbye

All’s well in the world if you start your day off with this electronic shoegaze track. The bassline just kills me – reminds of Deep Purple‘s “Highway Star.” I’m no drummer, but I’d love to play on this one.

5.   Wooden Shjips – Motorbike

Suicide meets Spacemen 3 on this drone-y psych monster off Dos.

6.   My Disco – Closer

Australian post punk with loud, repetitive guitar available here.

7.   Ten Million Lights – Fast Asleep

These guys are the real deal. Second time they’ve been on the podcast this year. Solid midtempo shoegaze.

8.   Amusement Parks On Fire – Echo Park / Infinite Delay

Vocalist seems overly inspired by The Silversun Pickups and autotune, but this one from Road Eyes rocks.

9.   The Hidden Ratio – Crystal Growth

Bombastic shoegaze psych with tremolo and ringing guitars.

10.  The Telescopes – Everso

Classic stuff off the Everso EP. There’s even sitar in there!

11.  Iowa – Lose Yourself

Dinosaur Jr. much? I’ll forgive them this time, particularly since they made it available on their bandcamp.

12.  Garageland – Fay Ray

Bratty 90s indie rock and roll out of New Zealand.  These guys are for you if you’re into Pavement or Imperial Teen.

13.  Rec Centre – Funner

It’s rarely sunny in Vancouver, but that doesn’t mean they can’t do sunshine pop! Pick it up here.

14.  Au Revoir Simone – All or Nothing

This chillwave tune didn’t do much for until I saw their KEXP video. Subtle and beautiful.

15.  Goatface – Creekside

Weird electronic raga from Georgia.

16.  Eric & Magill – Birthdays Are Important

Transcendant use of harmonies and space off All Those I Know. Mercury Rev fans dig in: “Here’s to another trip around the sun.”

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Soundtrack2 Ep. 46: New Visions

Engineers, Tammar, Serena Maneesh, Charlatans, Deerhunter & more

This week’s audiocast could read like a Best Of Soundtrack2 compilation. Lots of great new stuff!

1. 2:54 – Creeping

UK band kicks us off with some moody post punk.

2.   Victorie & Hyde – Black Leather Jacket (Demo)

JAMC garage evolves into stratospheric dual guitar assault.

3. The Blue Velvets – Bring Me Down

Now known as Dead Rabbits, the ghosts of Spacemen 3 haunt this track.

4.   Tammar – Arrows Underwater

Love this psych track. Sounds like The La’s Lee Mavers on a bad trip. Transcend!

5.   Serena Maneesh – O.J.W.S.W.T.T.O (Stereolab remix)

Electropop treatment by legendary French band that works! Also possibly the first (and last?) track to appear on Soundtrack2 featuring a flute.

6. The Charlatans – Love Is Ending

90’s vets storm back with this new mod-pscyh tune. On first listen I thought it was an outtake to Some Friendly.

7. Deerhunter – Memory Boy

Picked up Halcyon Digest yet? It’s good but different to earlier stuff – definitely an evolution for them. This one’s closest to the stuff we play.

8. The High Violets – Ciné

Off their new album of the same name, I love this blast of stare-at-the-sun shoegaze.

9. Brother Kite – Young Pioneer

Dream pop from new album Isolation.

10. Engineers – Press Rewind

Great melodies, fantastic singing and production. Yes, it’s another Engineers album. Ulrich Schnauss even plays on In Praise Of More. Will this be their breakout record?

11. The Radio Dept. – The New Improvised Hypocrisy

More utter perfection, available for free via their website.

12. Screen Vinyl Image – New Visions

Familiar yet fresh, sun-is-rising-and-the-world-will-be-better tune.

13. Yume Bitsu – Sharp, Twisted

Guided By Voices reunited recently to play a “classic lineup” show, but this track could be from their comeback album.

14. The Black Angels – Phosphene Dream

“Our president was dead to us. Hallelujah.” Great lyrics over intense psych off  their latest album. If they come to your town, make sure you see them live. Mindblowing.

15. Maserati – Pyramid of the Sun

Imagine Eye Of The Tiger as done by Trans Am. Blistering.

16. Seeland – Black Dot (The Horrors‘ Tom Furse Remix)

Dude from the Horrors takes Seeland to a dark, electronic place.

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Deerhunter concert film trailer

deerhunter live – film trailer from John Albrecht on Vimeo.

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Soundtrack2 Audiocast13: Space Is The Place

Deerhunter, Crystal Stilts, Jason Lytle, Yppah, Bizarre & more

Warning: the latest SD2 mix has absolutely nothing to do with Sun Ra’s classic 1974 song and movie.

Why call it Space Is the Place? Well, the tracks feel like they could soundtrack any number of amazing films involving space.

And yes, I did see the new Star Trek last weekend.

Check out Soundtrack2 Audiocast13 here.

1.   Broken Social Scene Presents Brendan Canning – Hit the Wall

Only discovered this track recently and it hits like a rush of hypnotic sugar.

2.   Deerhunter – Disappearing Ink

New-ish track off the Rainwater Cassette Exchange EP propels us through the atmosphere.

3.   Constantines – Hard Feelings

Been sitting on this one for a bit, but it fits nicely here. A new one of their Kensington Heights record. Nice weird countermelody.

4.   Gospel Gossip – Revolutions In Physics

A bit post-punky but dig the dreamy hopefulness.

5.   800Beloved – The Skeleton Collection

The love song? 80s-style moody pop goodness. MySpace photo definitely not who I pictured.

6.   Family Cat – Pass Away

Actual 80s/90s band delivers a great slice of indie garage pop.

7.   Crystal Stilts – Love Is A Wave

Two minutes and one second couldn’t be better.

8.   Computer Perfection – The Fool Is Hurt

Brilliant, brilliant track that only would make perfect sense in another galaxy. Thank you, Chromewaves.

9.   Yppah – Cannot See Straight

Just cruisin’.

10.  Lansing-Dreiden – An Effect Of The Night

Curious band out of NYC gives a skewed take on a spaced-out melody.

11.  Nova Saints – Sugar Coated

Ride-influenced shoegaze outfit brings us back down to Earth a bit.

12.  Jason Lytle – Yours Truly, The Commuter

Grandaddy, where have you been? Props to Kevin for pointing out Jason’s awesome solo track.

13.  Enright House – Darkwave = MC Squared

Dream pop from beyond the pale. It’s available for free download from their site. I got it from the mighty SXSW torrent.

14.  Magnetic Morning – Cold War Kids

Surveying the lunar landscape? BTW I’m ashamed it took us 13 epidodes to finally play music by the singer/guitarist from Swervedriver and drummer from Interpol.

15.  Fight Bite – Swissex Lover

The spacewalk? Pensive ballad from Texas band.

16.  Bizarre – Pearshell Fairy

Killer epic 90s shoegaze from a band I’ve just gotten into recently. More please!

17.  Satin Gum – No We Are Not Naming Our Kids After Ikea Products

Pittsburgh crew brings some spaced-out yet poppy rock  & roll. Hard to pin down but really, really good. Sat on this for a bit, but thanks MML.

18.  Dosh – If You Want To, You Have To

The action sequence. A fantastic instrumental with a lot going on. Props to Stereogum.

19.  Experimental Aircraft – Seasick

Epilogue. Moody mid-tempo number from Austin crew.

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