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Soundtrack2 Ep. 46: New Visions

Engineers, Tammar, Serena Maneesh, Charlatans, Deerhunter & more

This week’s audiocast could read like a Best Of Soundtrack2 compilation. Lots of great new stuff!

1. 2:54 – Creeping

UK band kicks us off with some moody post punk.

2.   Victorie & Hyde – Black Leather Jacket (Demo)

JAMC garage evolves into stratospheric dual guitar assault.

3. The Blue Velvets – Bring Me Down

Now known as Dead Rabbits, the ghosts of Spacemen 3 haunt this track.

4.   Tammar – Arrows Underwater

Love this psych track. Sounds like The La’s Lee Mavers on a bad trip. Transcend!

5.   Serena Maneesh – O.J.W.S.W.T.T.O (Stereolab remix)

Electropop treatment by legendary French band that works! Also possibly the first (and last?) track to appear on Soundtrack2 featuring a flute.

6. The Charlatans – Love Is Ending

90’s vets storm back with this new mod-pscyh tune. On first listen I thought it was an outtake to Some Friendly.

7. Deerhunter – Memory Boy

Picked up Halcyon Digest yet? It’s good but different to earlier stuff – definitely an evolution for them. This one’s closest to the stuff we play.

8. The High Violets – Ciné

Off their new album of the same name, I love this blast of stare-at-the-sun shoegaze.

9. Brother Kite – Young Pioneer

Dream pop from new album Isolation.

10. Engineers – Press Rewind

Great melodies, fantastic singing and production. Yes, it’s another Engineers album. Ulrich Schnauss even plays on In Praise Of More. Will this be their breakout record?

11. The Radio Dept. – The New Improvised Hypocrisy

More utter perfection, available for free via their website.

12. Screen Vinyl Image – New Visions

Familiar yet fresh, sun-is-rising-and-the-world-will-be-better tune.

13. Yume Bitsu – Sharp, Twisted

Guided By Voices reunited recently to play a “classic lineup” show, but this track could be from their comeback album.

14. The Black Angels – Phosphene Dream

“Our president was dead to us. Hallelujah.” Great lyrics over intense psych off  their latest album. If they come to your town, make sure you see them live. Mindblowing.

15. Maserati – Pyramid of the Sun

Imagine Eye Of The Tiger as done by Trans Am. Blistering.

16. Seeland – Black Dot (The Horrors‘ Tom Furse Remix)

Dude from the Horrors takes Seeland to a dark, electronic place.

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Soundtrack2 Audiocast44: Degenerate

Featuring Moose, Land Of Talk, Wild Nothing, Himalaya, Mean Red Spiders & more

1.   Baron – Behold The Black Light (feat. A Place To Bury Strangers)

Ready for a jolt? Check out Baron’s ripping assault with S2 faves APTBS for upcoming snowboard film 9191.

2.   The Bitters – Trapper

This starts like nice Wipers garage punk but then morphs into drone crooning towards the end.

3.   The Jesus And Mary Chain – Degenerate

Munki classic is all sinister Stooges meets Velvets rock and roll. “Disease…yeah!”

4.   Wooden Shjips – Shrinking Moon For You

Imagine Link Wray on LSD. Would have loved to be in the studio to witness the shredding and feedback.

5.   Trailblazer – Mallard 7″

Mindblowing motorik microphone madness outta Kentucky.

6.   Boyz & Girl – Watchout! Akily Is Dead

Taiwanese band bring some loud psychedelia business.

7.   Incan Abraham – Shallow Shrine

Creative indie rock and roll from the winner of this week’s best band name contest.

8.   Super White Horses – Golden Town

Cool Breeders vibe on this one. Nice.

9.   She, Sir – Lieutenant

Guided By Voices comes to mind when listening to this track. Check out this band’s other stuff too.

10.  Himalaya – Melt Away

Mysterious Brooklyn band have some nice 90’s influenced rock and roll.

11.  Land Of Talk – Swift Coin

Track off Cloak & Cipher opens like The Dears, has rockin’ melodies like Broken Social Scene and beautiful noise like The Besnard Lakes. The next great Canadian band?

12.  Mean Red Spiders – Azimuth of Panama

Ok I love this band. Stars and Sons, which I just bought recently, has lot of fantastic shoegaze-ish tracks like this one.

13.  Wild Nothing – Summer Holiday

And we’re back into the light, driving our car on a pleasant day with a song remarkably like Imperial Teen. Which is a good thing.

14.  Moose – Last Night I Fell Again

Lovely shoegaze pop off of their seminal XYZ record.

15.  Top – Space Planet

Dreamy britpop from 1990 that fans of Ride‘s mellower stuff would like.

16.  Revolver – Wave

Taken from the great Cold Water Flat, this tune’s perfect for a quiet night in. Love the intro and shimmering guitars.

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Soundtrack2 Audiocast33: Freakout

Sundial, Depreciation Guild, Thrushes, Echodrone, Turn-Ons & more

Howdy. Until we do our special psych-only audiocast, we kick things off with back-to-back face-melting tunes, then dig into some shoegaze, dream pop and electronic goodness. No Frank Zappa this time.

1. Cold Pumas – Tropical Guilt

Brighton-based group get us stated with a great track. Urgent, repetitive rock and roll, available from Fader.

2. Woven Bones – With You Alone

Great pastiche of Iggy Pop and The Jesus and Mary Chain.

3.   Stellarium – Chocolate & Strawberry

Love this loud shoegazer track.

4.   Sun Dial – Open Your Eyes

Mod-psych by 90s greats. They’ve just released a 2-CD anthology that you should check out. Didn’t know about the Chapterhouse connection until I read the Cherry Red link.

5. Quest For Fire – In The Place Of A Storm

Now we’s getting ‘eavy. Toronto group goes deep into the void, from upcoming 7″ with Nebula.

6. Ulaan Khol – Untitled 2

Steven R. Smith “explores an expansive free form, feedback-heavy sound that marries Fushitsusha with VU‘s White Light/White Heat.” Works for me. Check out his latest III.

7.   Yppah – They Know What Ghost Know

Great groovy, building psych from a band that I like more and more. Can’t get enough of the swirling Ray Manzarek organ overtop.

8. The Turn-Ons – PS I Love You

And we’re back to some fabulous shoegaze on the Lilys tip.

9.   Echodrone – Winter Station

Slowing it down (sorta) with a new one of their album The Sun Rose In A Different Place.

10. The Low Sea – I Know

Lazy track off the very good new album Las Olas.

11. Thrushes – Night Falls

I’m risking a talking-to from Chris for including this one off their new Night Falls. Check out the building intensity.

12. Pure Ecstasy – Voices

Second Austin band included on this week’s audiocast. Nice moody number available from RCRDLBL.

13. Zola Jesus – I Can’t Stand

Also downloadable, this curious “grower” comes off Stridulum.

14.  The Depreciation Guild – My Chariot

New dream pop of the highest order.

15.  UNKLE (featuring The Black Angels) – Natural Selection

Love, love, love this track. Never expected to play James Lavelle on our mixes. Pick it up or grab Where Did The Night Fall in May.

16. Light Pollution – Good Feelings

MySpace page: “Religious / Psychedelic / Healing & Easy Listening.”

17. Growing – Innit

Been waiting for the right occasion to drop this six-minute-plus journey. Think this is it.

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Soundtrack2 Audiocast10: Before Summer

Warlocks, Silversun Pickups, Mazzy Star, Cocteau Twins, Skywave & more

This week’s mix – yes, we’re now actually able to pull this together weekly – goes from stoner rock to dream pop and beyond. You’ll notice some new tracks and surprises along the way.

Cool to think that at ten mixes in, we’re just now dropping names like Cocteau, Mazzy, and Love and Rockets. Now back to us moaning about missing Coachella

Check out Soundtrack2 Audiocast10 here.

1.   Love and Rockets – I Feel Speed

Druggy bolero from ex-Bauhaus members Daniel Ash, David J and Kevin Haskins. If you like this, check out Tones on Tail.

2.   Volta Sound – Right Up To You

Spacemen 3-influenced drone rock off the superb My All American Girl album.

3.    Warlocks – Baby Blue

“Wasting my time with you” and the L.A. stoner rock outfit.

4.    Mazzy Star – Happy

Audiocast9 alluded to the singer of this band, so we went ahead and dropped “Happy” this time round. Beautiful.

5.   Stratford 4 – Where The Ocean Meets The Eye

Love this epic anthem from this San Francisco-based band. This is the kind of track that you never want to end.

6.   Manhattan Love Suicides – Up Too High

Who says you can’t cover Jesus & Mary Chain? Lastest track off the JAMC covers project, aptly described as an “adrenaline-fuelled injection of noise and menace.”

7.   A Faulty Chromosome – Anomie’s the Enemie

If the famous C-86 compilation could have a sequel, this offbeat pop tune would be on it.

8.   Skywave – Got That Feeling

U.S. band indebted (in a good way) to the above on this killer track. Love the nervy bass energy.

9.    Pia Fraus – After Summer

Great blissed-out rock and roll from this Estonian troupe.

10.  Asteroid #4 – Car Thief Millennia

If hip hoppers dug shoegaze, hands would go in the air as the band drops the first pedal at :30. Or is that just the tremolo? Either way, heavy as hell.

11.  Cocteau Twins – Pitch the Baby

My buddy Audix summed up this band perfectly – dreamy pop funk. No one’s been able to follow them. This one’s off the seminal Heaven or Las Vegas.

12.  Screen Vinyl Image – Roaming Spirit Freedom

Too Much Future was originally going to be the name of this podcast, but then we found out about a German movie of the same name. If one song could embody the title Too Much Future, it would be this one.

13.  Uncut – Copilot

Killer track by popular Canadian band from a few years back. Love the noise overdrive halfway through. Check out Jake Fairley‘s Touch Not the Cat if you like this one.

14.  Lily Allen – The Fear

May be risking my cred with this one, but a review of Sonic Cathedral drew my attention to this cool futuristic pop track. Popstar aside, does it work in the mix?

15.  Goldfrapp – Time Out Of The World

Perfect opportunity to drop chilled track from Supernature, the last album before they went pastoral.

16.  Silversun Pickups – Growing Old Is Getting Old

New one off Swoon. Haven’t gotten my head around the whole album yet, but this one stands out. Love the atmosphere.

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Soundtrack2 Audiocast7: Sun Coming Up

Headlights, Serena Maneesh, Eric’s Trip, Superdrag, Tame Impala & more.

Not to get sappy, but spring is springing and we’re hopeful. Let the sun come up.

Check out Soundtrack2 Audiocast7 here.

1.   Headlights – This One (Live on Daytrotter)

This sublime, intimate track feels like it was recorded at 3 a.m in a whisper-quiet studio. Info here.

2.   Lu – Mood Elevator

Former Lorelei member brings the psychadelic robotics with cascading noise at the end. Info here.

3.   Swell – Say Goodbye

Underrated 90s band brings delivers a woozy slice of indie rock. Info here.

4.   Should – Own Two Feet

Really into this band and this melodic, moody cut. Info here.

Serena Maneesh

5. Ides of Space – Random Noise Generator

Another 90s band worth a rotation. “Take your path and I’ll take mine…” Info here.

6.   Serena Maneesh – Chorale Lick

Will this band be coming out with another album or what? Overdue. Info here.

7.   Eric’s Trip – Sun Coming Up

If you like this muffled brilliance, also see Elevator. Info here.

8.   Pavement – Perfume-V

Malkmus has said they “made a career out of ripping off The Fall.” Love The Fall, but Pavement adds some serious haze on this one. Info here.

9.   Dead Meadow – Such Hawks Such Hounds

This track’s time has come after being bumped the last four podcasts. Psych baby! Info here.

10.  Ruby Suns – Morning Sun

Lovely weirdness from the band who also covered The Beatles’ “Birthday.” Look out for the 80s electro-pop curve. Info here.

11.  Freeheat – The Two of Us

We played them in our first audiocast, but purchasing the Jesus and Mary Chain box inspired me to bring them back. Check out this killer track from Jim’s other project. info here.

12.  Superdrag – Destination Ursa Major

Power pop goes interstellar. Info here.

13.  (Sounds of Kaleidoscope) – Oh My Mind

I’m a sucker for anything that hints at the underwater psych pop of Lilys or Syd Barrett. Info here.

14.  Echobelly – Great Things

Missed them the first time around. Nice fuzzed-out pop tune. Info here.

15.  Cornelius – Free Fall

Great driving track from Japanese artist from Matador. Info here.

16.  Tame Impala – H.F.G.W. (Canyon’s Drunken Rage)

This remix is unreal. “Now my only company’s a half-filled glass of wine.” Slowly starting to love Tame Impala. Info here.

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