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Soundtrack2 Ep. 87: Fading Out

Al Lover, Boris, SPC ECO, Girl Loves Distortion, Blouse & more

Photo by Phil Askew,

Burning up, then fading away…

1.   Spacemen 3 – Starship
How the blues should’ve turned out – from the 2007 rarities album of the same name.

2.   Darker My Love – Blue Day
Shredding glam garage rock and roll.

3.   Verma – Salted Earth
Imagine “Radar Love” played by a bunch of  motorik-obsessed psych heads.

4.   Outrageous Cherry – Girl You Have Magic Inside You
’67 psychedelia re-incarnated.

5.   Thee Oh Sees – The Dream
Slightly abrasive, yet stellar ringing garage.

6.   Al Lover – Black Magick Starter Jacket
Killer throbbing psych drone anthem from Satanic Tambourine. Almost asked how I had never heard of him before, but then I remembered his Beefheart tribute. This is way better.

7.   Girl Loves Distortion – Psychic Raygun
Been wanting to play this one for ages…yes.

8.   Vinyl Williams – Higher Worlds
Nice, slightly off-kilter groove here.

9.   Boris – Spoon
You had me at the intro. This is what shoegaze is all about. Thrilling track from upcoming record New Album, due Nov. 25.

10.  Lush – The Invisible Man
This band’s never been among my fave early shoegaze bands, but they’re definitely under-represented on S2.

11.  SPC ECO – Fading Out
This band’s done a lot of great stuff, but I like how this new track off  You Tell Me really channels the Cocteaus.

12.  Blouse – Time Travel
Cool Broadcast-style dark electro popper. Wish I knew what that classic synth sound was from…

13.  Eight And A Half – Scissors (Tokimonsta remix)

Broken Social Scene member’s tune gets the glitchy electronic treatment. Pick ’em both up at the link above.

14.  The Blanche Hudson Weekend – Screen Test
Can’t say I love everything on their new album You Always Loved Violence. But this lonely desert ballad’s drone drew me in.

15.  Icarus Himself – MCO
This reminds me a more muscular Low. Get it on last month’s Career Culture.

16.  Zombie Girlfiend – Sleeping Song
Epic slow burner off The Great Plain.

17.  Chatham Rise – Gone
This band is named after an area of the ocean floor near New Zealand. Real underwater psych drone.

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Soundtrack2 Ep. 62: Don’t Fall In Love

Weekends, Lush, Ringo Deathstarr, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Kurt Vile & more

Photo by Phil Askew,

Our longest mix to date…I just couldn’t stop piling on the good tunes.

1.   Ringo Deathstarr – You Don’t Listen

Classic rock and roll from spanking new album Color Trip.

2.   The Vanity Press – Don’t Fall In Love

We just can’t get enough of this Texas band – this is the second track we’ve featured this winter! Bass player is working hard on this one.

3.    Sharesprings – I Love To See You (Daydreaming Me)

Jakarta’s finest drop some ringing C86 power pop.

4.   My Dad Vs. Yours – En Plein Soleil

Hopeful (post-?) rock anthem. Had this one kicking around for a while but it didn’t fit until now.

5.   The Sorry Kisses – Loved But Left Behind

Tense, Autolux-style rock and roll.

6.   Weekends – Raingirls

Best thing to come out of Baltimore since Sir Lord Baltimore. Was that band even from Baltimore? Anyway, this one’s blistering rock and roll with razorsharp guitar blasts.

7.   Magnetic Island – Shake The Fog

Dark power pop. Bit of Sonic Youth vibe here, particularly in the middle spoken word part.

8.   Navel – Can’t Feel A Thing

Swiss band brings in the sinister buzzsaw guitars for this one.

9.   Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – White Palms

Monstrous bass riff just rolls over everything in its path.

10.  Laurence & The Slab Boys – Ballroom Killer

Moody, groovy 80’s torch rock of the Nick Cave or The Church variety.

11.  Black Moth Super Rainbow – Side 9

Soundtrack to a late 60s space movie.

12.  Little Scream – Cannons

Montreal singer arrives fully formed with wonderful, electric blue glam bombast. Free download at RCRDLBL

13.  Austra – Beat And The Pulse

Tense and dark electropop outta Toronto. Love the eerie harmonies.

14.  The Helio Sequence – The Echo Blomp

Young Effectuals track brings a dash of blissed out space pop.

15.  Lush – Sweetness And Light

Timeless, classic shoegaze from the opening to track to Gala.

16.  Grimes – Devon

Don’t be fooled by the bossa nova opening beat. This cool chillwave track channels both Lush and Kate Bush.

17.  Acrylics – Sparrow Song

More 4AD-indebted glory, this time from Brooklyn.

18.  Wyla – Tomorrow I’ll Know

Glacial melodic ballad with great narcotic baritone.

19.  Kurt Vile – Ghost Town

Folky dream pop from the much-feted musician. Love the ending.

20.  Bonne Nouvelle – An Ending (To An Unwritten Film)

Musicians: naming tracks after unwritten films will get you played on this podcast. This just happens to also be a beautiful, soaring tune.

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Soundtrack2 Audiocast35: Destroy The Heart

House Of Love, Lush, Bear In Heaven, The Horrors, M83 & more

A bit late with this one. Dusting off a few classics and dropping some new-ish stuff.

[display podcast]

1. House of Love – Destroy The Heart

Banging, glorious 1988 single.

2.   A.R. Kane – Insect Love

Noisy 1989 pop number from the band behind Pump Up The volume.

3. Lush – Superblast (Remix)

Washed out rock and roll by seminal shoegaze band. Remixed courtesy of Robin Guthrie of Cocteau Twins.

4. The Jennifers – Danny’s Song

Baggy pop from band that went on to become Supergrass.

5. Madder Rose – Drop A Bomb

American band provide noisy power pop, featured on the My So-Called Life soundtrack.

6. Rraaiillss – The Peeling

Distorted and dreamy rock and roll out of LA. Check out their bandcamp.

7. Nervous Systems – Sometimes I Am A Verb

Great band with a great album in Needs Medicines. This song popped for me. Could it be the GBV sound?

8. M83 – Don’t Save Us From The Flames

Fabulous dreamy electronic rock melodrama from Before The Dawn Heals Us.

9. The Horrors – Who Can Say

Re-discovering this fuzzy gem off Primary Colours.

10. Mugstar – Today Is The Wrong Shape

“Rock/Experimental/Psychedelic.” Check.

11. Blind Shake – St. Paul Creamery

Garage rock and roll from the Twin Cities. Never has a song about the dairy industry sounded so menacing.

12. Soft Moon – Breathe the Fire

Tense post punk drenched in reverb.

13. Snowden – No Words No More (EP version)

4 a.m. bombed out blues. Check it out on their new EP, available free from their website.

14. Lab Partners – We’ve Been Burned

Ohio band that brings to mind the epicness of The Verve. Refreshing.

15. Panda Riot – 16 Seconds

Very excited to play some new stuff from this band. Lovely harmony-heavy pop shoegaze. Far & Near comes out May 11.

16. Bear In Heaven – Dust Cloud

This band is a grower. Their Beast Rest Forth Mouth has been with me for some time. The music (and the compelling cover art) has slowly bewitched me. Recommend repeated listens to Dust Cloud. Uncategorizable.

17. Bad Veins – Go Home

Dreamy electronic torch song with horns! Love the mood on this track.

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