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Soundtrack2 Audiocast29: Breather

Chaptherhouse, Parts & Labor, Soren Well, Sad Day For Puppets, Mint Chicks & more

Chapterhouse will be touring the US in May. Happy day…can they swing up to Canada?

To celebrate, I’ve assembled another mix of new and old tunes. There’s lots of early 90s goodness here for fans of Chapterhouse, including one of my fave tracks by the band themselves.

1. Parts & Labor – Fractured Skies

Glorious noisy indie rock out of Brooklyn starts us off. Find this on Receivers.

2. The Creeping Nobodies – Creep-In

Toronto noise rock band brings some post-millenium tension from the I-X-4 EP. Their newer stuff is much more sedate.

3. Mono Stereo – The Day Before Science

Like this Swedish garage rock.

4. The Spyrals – High and Dry

Bit of BJM-styled 60s psychedelic pop goodness out of San Francisco.

5.   Heat-ray – Burn

Calgary crew deliver a fiery blast of Sonic Youth and 90s grunge from Loveallover.

6. Godflesh – Suction

I hear a lot of industrial stuff like this in bands like A Place To Bury Strangers.

7. Big Troubles – Opposites

Less than two minutes of melodic dark shoegaze from this New Jersey band.

8. Dum Dum Girls – Jail La La

Latest buzz band with “Girls” in their name brings C86-inspired gems like this to Sub Pop.

9. Soren Well – Starry Eyes Gone Blank Tonight

Yes! Brilliant rock and roll driving track for the latest generation.

10. Aerial – I Am TV

And now for something different. Sloan-like (think Andrew) off-kilter indie rock. This is the Swedish Aerial, not to be confused with the Texan Aerial.

11. Stripmall Architecture – Kids Today

Drifting, moody tune by band formerly known as Halou.

12.  Magic Wands – Kaleidoscope Hearts

Ok, maybe it’s a bit hipster but this dreamy pop song has been stuck inside my head.

13.  Sad Day For Puppets – Again

Now we’re talking. I put SDFP in the same camp as bands like Wye Oak: they’re not doing anything revolutionary but have great tunes. Love how the singing trails the beat to give it an even dreamier feel.

14.  The Bats – Just Do It

The first of two tracks off the fine Stroke: A Tribute To Chris Knox album. It’s got some great covers of music by the recovering Tall Dwarfs man. Good to see veteran bands like The Bats and the Flaming Lips get even trippier with age.

15.  Paint In Watercolour – Popularity

Speaking of tributes, here’s a Ride-influenced tune from an early-90s Japanese shoegaze band.

16.  Afterglow – Stay So Young

This is a scary-close homage to Ride by an Australian early 90s band.

17. Beloved Rogue – Daysleeping

Fantastic melodic rundown that reminds of Ambulance LTD crossed with the best of the old stuff. Definitely check out the tracks on their website and the Polaurora EP.

18. Chapterhouse – Breather

Strength to strength with a classic off Whirlpool. Say no more. Except that they better come to Toronto.

19. Mint Chicks – Crush

Another off the Chris Knox album. In the  “I couldn’t fit it anywhere else in the mix” category, we end off with a track that Animal Collective fans should be all over. And of course, Mint Chicks are from Portland.

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