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Trailer: Upside Down, The Creation Records story

Ride. The Jesus and Mary Chain. My Bloody Valentine. The Pastels. The Boo Radleys. Swervedriver. Slowdive. The House of Love. Adorable. The Telescopes.

What do all these bands have in common?

They all released records with Alan McGee’s Creation Records. Check out the Upside Down trailer. DVD will be available in May.


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Soundtrack2 Audiocast41: Processions

Autolux, The Blanket Ghost, Collider, The Boo Radleys, No Joy & more

1. Bottle Of Evil – Conversation

Dreamy Scottish indie. Feeling a bit of Doves here but not sure why.

2. Slowdive – 40 Days

Working in some more classics. We haven’t played this band since the very first episode – criminal! Timeless and lovely.

3. Anne – Summer Babies

Vocals remind me of Duncan Sheik (!) but this dream pop off their Demo is first rate.

4. The Blanket Ghost – l o o k a t t h e s t a r s

Cool off-kilter noise pop. With a name using the required words “Ghost”, “Crystal” or “Girls”, these guys are sure to make it big.

5. Autolux – Supertoys

Yes. Transit Transit is out August 3 and it looks they haven’t lost their touch over the years.

6. The Boo Radleys – Rodney King

Another neglected ST2 fave. Love this track’s distorted groove from their masterpiece Giant Steps.

7. Bloody Knives – Hands Around My Neck

Glam-gaze from those weird kids in Austin.

8. Collider – !Ex Ex!

Righteous melodic shoegaze rock and roll from the fantastic Strobos EP, available on their Bandcamp.

9. Weed Hounds – Skating Away From The Cops

C86-inspired anthem by New Yorkan band. More please.

10. Caucus – Sing (Half Dreaming)

Came across this nice pop track off the great Half Dreaming Asian shoegaze comp. Pretty good English singing for a Japanese band!

11. The Morning After Girls – Death Processions

Last year’s Alone yielded some good tunes, but loud dark arena rock and roll fans should turn this one up.

12.  Cherryblades – Everyday Is Extreme

Cross Hüsker Dü, R.E.M. and Wire and you have this 90s band.

13. Amazing Baby – Head Dress

Baroque melodic Britpop  from Brooklyn with some nice glam guitar. Better than it sounds.

14. The High Dials – Book Of The Dead

Light psych that’s hooked me since first seeing them as mainly-mod The Datsons. Off this year’s good Moon Country album.

15. No Joy – No Joy

Hard to pin this one down. Loud, distorted Archers of Loaf-indebted rock.

16. Turzi – Baltimore

Party like it’s 1993 with this Bobby Gillespie-guested big beat track. Also better than it sounds.

17. How To Destroy Angels – Parasite

You-know-who brings the broken dark noise. Been kicking this around for a while now…pick up the free EP on his site.

18. Indian Jewelry – Lost My Sight

Swirl in to the dark digital void with this pummeling trance psychedelia. And for the last time – better than it sounds.

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Soundtrack2 Audiocast8: Nova

Film School, Thrushes, Pixies, Mercy Arms, Primal Scream and more.

We’ve had some great newish stuff on rotation here, so we’re digging into them this time around.

Check out Soundtrack2 Audiocast8 here.

1.   Ultra Vivid Scene – It Happens Every Time

Kicking off this week’s mix is a poppy one from New York-via-London’s Kurt Ralske.

2.   Star – In Your Arsenal

Love this glammy track from a couple of years’ back. Definitely keep Star on your radar.


3.  Dylans – Mary Quant In Blue (De-Luxe Reverse Submarine Mix II)

90s band brings on the psychedelia, backwards percussion and haze.

4.   Greencoats – Honey

Kicking it into high gear with propulsive, glorious gem from this Swedish band’s Spring EP.

5.   Mercy Arms – Half Right

Australian band delivers three and half minutes of soaring bliss. The singer reminds of another well-known vocalist, but I can’t place who! Anyone?

6.   Latex Distortion and Gary West – Dopamine

Great indie rock track with bubbling distortion off Killed By A Fairy. Hard to find a good link to these guys so please add in a comment if you know one.

7.   Pixies – Alison

Short burst of seminal rock and roll energy before we head spaceward.

8.   Air – Dead Bodies

French band soundtracks a full-scale assault on Saturn. Taken from the Virgin Suicides OST.

9.   Boards of Canada – Dayvan Cowboy

BOC isn’t a huge favourite of ours, but this drifting, building track works great here.

10.  Film School – Ms. Connection

Brilliant mellow track from the Alwaysnever album.

11.  Flunk – Play

Anja ˆòyen Vister’s croons gently over Ulf Nygaard’s “soothing delight.” Very nice.

12.  Thrushes – Aidan Quinn

Why did this Baltimore noise pop band decide to pay tribute to 80s/90s actor Aidan Quinn? Don’t know, but love this track.

13.  Solar Powered People – Commercial Flight


I can’t stop listening to this song. File under perfect pop.

14.  Working for a Nuclear Free City – Troubled Son

Manchester band brings the evil shoegaze funk.

15.  Primal Scream – Shoot Speed/Kill Light

Off Xtrmntr, Bobby Gillespie’s crew take us out in psychedelic rock and roll style. Props to Chris on this one.

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