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Soundtrack2 Ep. 65: Evil Seeds

The Raveonettes, Moon Duo, Junip, Swans, Ambulance Ltd. & more

Photo by Phil Askew,

1.   Junip – Without You

Beautiful, pastoral psychedelia from José González’s other band that ascends heavenward as the synth comes in. Wow, this Daytrotter session really deepened their sound.

2.   Panorama – Sol Brillar

What could be a lost gem from Dark Side of the Moon, but straight out of Medellín, Columbia. Available via above link.

3.   Ambulance Ltd. – Swim

A classic midtempo tune from their brilliant self-titled album from quite a few moons ago. Great chord progression.

4.   Stumbleine – Lunar

Love the broken soulfulness of this track. Just fantastic, genre-defying music that may take a few listens for you to fall in love. And they’ve been nice enough to make it available on their Tumblr.

5.   Slowness – Black & White

San Frans drop some trippy power pop, with nice guitar effects towards the end.

6.   April Fool’s Day – Being Phil

Great guitar-driven, crunchy rock and roll. Hard to tell where they’re from…Spain?

7.   Jetman Jet Team – Cosmic Age

Clandestine stratospheric shoegazing by promising Seattle-ites.

8.   The Raveonettes – Evil Seeds

Don’t be fooled by the (not so good) post-rock intro. This dark guitar pop tune from new record Raven In The Grave gets darker and deeper. Nice to see them mess with their formula.

9.   Mock – Poppy

Now we’re getting crazy. Like A Place To Bury Strangers, Ringo Deathstarr or even No Age? Then this one from ’94 is for you.

10.  Sphere – Low-altitude Flight

Wall of sound over loud beats and great female crooning vocals. Chorus kicks it up a notch.

11.  Transistor Photograph – Like A Dolphin

Flash of sound and light, with a steady groove and sweet breakdown.

12.  Last Remaining Pinacle – Students Of The V.U.

Drone, sitar and – is that a zither? Theremin maybe? Nuff said…

13.  Moon Duo – Fallout

Now add some rock and roll to the drone and you’re off. Yes!

14.  Swans – The Great Annihalator

More sitar! This corker’s off the LP of the same name, but this recently re-activated band is touring again.

15.  Ty Segall – Standing At The Station

No words can describe the joyful cacophony here. And don’t ask me what this song has to do with a station.

16.  Royal Bangs – Triccs

Ripping new post punk/rock and roll with a wonderful, distorted bottom end that gives it a great dirty groove.

17.  The D’Ubervilles – Magic Arrow

Fellow Torontonians do such a stellar cover of Timber Timbre‘s track that I actually prefer it. The mood they create here really breathes life into the song.

18.  Achievement House – Summer Spirit

Summer’s not here yet, so we’ll describe this as the soundtrack to a glorious Spring day. It brings to mind free spirits in Broken Social Scene.

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Soundtrack2 Audiocast 43: Sunburn

Autolux, Tamaryn, Starflyer 59, Film School, No Age & more

1. No Age – Glitter

Didn’t like this one so much initially, but it grows. Distorted noises make this track.

2. Film School – Heart Full Of Pentagons

New track that sounds very New Order. Nice though.

3. Heartbeat Hotel – Fins Of A Shark

Now we’re talking. Dreamy shoegaze, available at the Toronto band’s Bandcamp.

4. The Drums – Let’s Go Surfing (Raveonettes Remix)

Summer’s in full swing with this righteous garage rock tune. Recommend you follow it with “Surfin’ Bird” on your next surf mix.

5. Party Photographers – Piano Vache

Philly band deliver some reverb ringing guitar.

6. Rancho Relaxo – Black Nectarine From The Simian Heart

Now these guys are interesting. Straight outta Norway, with lots of good songs. This one’s inspired by 90s BJM.

7. Tamaryn – The Waves

Heavy drone rock from the streets of San Francisco.

8. Swirlies – Pancake

Note to self: play way more Swirlies. Marvellous noisy midtempo shoegaze.

9. Autolux – Census

Ode to Canadian PM Stephen Harper’s showdown about data collection? Or the latest claustrophobic transmission from a long-forgotten space outpost? You decide – and check it out on Transit Transit.

10. Beat Connection – Sunburn

Groovy mood piece that seems to keep coming back. Surf Noir EP is free from their Bandcamp.

11. The CQ – Dreaming

Shoegaze of the MBV variety. Love the vocals and chorus. Props to WGWB.

12. Laboratory Noise – The Value Of Experiments

These guys are clearly Doves fans, but that’s not a bad thing if they make an epic rock tune this good.

13. Starflyer 59 – You’re Mean

Rejected for our first episode, this slacker-gaze track works itself into the mix.

14. Eternal Summers – Pure Affection

Lazy but slightly dreary tune suggests that – despite the title – summer is winding down.

15. Tracey Thorn – Kentish Town (Walls Remix)

Oddly compelling ambient remix that bubbles under with MIDI snaps, sequencer chimes and dissonance. It’s  a long way from EBTG.

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In Concert: The Black Angels & The Raveonettes

The Black Angels and The Raveonettes hit Toronto on Thursday, October 22.  I haven’t read many other reviews of this tour but all I can say is – WOW.

Black Angels at Phoenix

Soundtrack2 favourites The Black Angels managed to actually sound bigger and noisier than on their two albums. The crowd slowly got into their drone-y ruckus after a while, but most waited for the headliner to appear. Personally I’d have preferred to see a full set by these guys – next time I guess. It’s great to see they really are the real deal.
On a door at the Phoenix

The first things that struck me when The Raveonettes took the stage was that their wall of noisy pop sounded downright tinny compared to the previous band. But my skepticism drifted away with number after number of explosive, tightly-played tunes.
Raveonettes at The Phoenix

Sune, Sharin and co. played songs from all albums, including their debut – my personal favourite. Despite the fact that a lot of their tunes can be kind of same-y, I was excited to hear a lot off of In and Out of Control that seemed to mess with the formula.

The light show was completely insane (strobes!) and complemented the performances to a T. Add in a few solo tracks by Sune and Sharin and you’ve got a solid show.

If this bill is in your town, I strongly recommend you go. Apologies for the crappy quality of the above photos.

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Soundtrack2 Audiocast22: Round Again

The Raveonettes, Black Math, Circulatory System, Love of Diagrams, Mystery Machine & more

Catching up on some new releases and classic material.

1.   Black Math -Triumph Burns

Shaking things up a bit by starting with some dreamy space pop out of Chicago. Love the title.

2.   Fuck Buttons – Surf Solar (7″ edit)

Fantastically intense and creative tune recently reviewed here by Pitchfork.

3.   The Clean -Tensile

A drifting, dreamy number off the seminal New Zealand band’s latest album.

4.   Grapefruit – Grapefruit

Ride (& Oasis) member Andy Bell delivers a propulsive instrumental off Japan-only compilation. And please don’t get me started on this reunion business…

5.   For Those Who Know – Grow Old Together and Die

Bombastic, swirling shoegaze out of Austin.

6.   Crocodiles – I Wanna Kill

Nice bit of 80s revival, complete with bright, catchy chorus. Nice review by Exclaim.

7.   The Raveonettes – In and Out of Control (demo)

Dark/light pop number off their new album of same name. Hoping to catch them in Toronto Oct. 22 with The Black Angels.

8.   I, Nosferatu – In the City

If you like any of the dark, drony and reverbed bands mentioned above, this one’s a gem.

9.   Love of Diagrams – Stones Throw

This band is doing interesting stuff – noisy kind of indie rock.  Off last month’s Nowhere Forever – another cut can be found on this audiocast.

10.   The Mystery Machine – Broken

How did I not know about this Vancouver 90s band until recently? Power pop crossed with a bit of Sonic Youth. Their Glazed album is getting heavy rotation here.

11.   Flood – Jealousy Comes To The Rescue

Ringing, exhilerating track by 90s English band highlighted here.

12.   Lavender Faction – In My Mind

Textbook shoegaze. I challenge you not to air drum when listening to this.

13.   Monoland – Yuriko

German band takes us into dreamier territory via this gorgeous track. Highly recommended.

14.   Loco-Holidays – Silly Smile

Nice Japanese shoegaze.

15.   Circulatory System – Round Again

Yes, yes, yes! There’s nothing better than when a favourite band delivers the goods on a killer new track. Fans of Olivia Tremor Control will not be disappointed by this noisy psych pop track off their new album Signal Morning.

16.  The Light Sleepers – Chaperones

This building rocker couldn’t sound more midwestern – but it’s out of Brighton, UK! Props to BOAWS.

17.   Kurt Vile – Hunchback

Must admit I wasn’t familiar with his earlier band The War on Drugs, but I’m really liking what I’m hearing on his new Matador album Childish Prodigy, released this week.

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