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Soundtrack2 Ep. 69: Feels Like Flying

SPC ECO, The Vaccines, Galaxie 500, Capsula, Main & more

Photo by Phil Askew,

1.   Craft Spells – From The Morning Heat

Kicking things off with some jangly romantic pop.

2.   Seapony – Blue Star

Though we recently played another track by this band, we couldn’t resist the sleepy gauze pop on this track. RCRDLBL made it available here.

3.   Kids On A Crime Spree – Sweet Tooth

Surf/power pop from Oakland band. Another from RCRDLBL.

4.   The History Of Apple Pie – Tug

UK band brings some dark power pop. RCRDLBL is on fire recently.

5.   The Vaccines – If You Wanna

Daytrotter provides a sweet reverbed rock and roll track that sends singer Justin Young into hoarse territory.

6.   Prismo Perfect – TV Dream

Noisy post punk from France.

7.   Capsula – Under The Woods

Dark, urgent shoegaze with an air of menace. Check out their fantastic In The Land Of Silver Souls record.

8.   Pursesnatchers – Baseball On The Radio

Krautrock-influenced rock and roll.

9.   13 Engines – Bred In The Bone

This track by Canadian 90s heroes starts as a creeper and then explodes.

10.  White Lies – Is Love

With singing inspired by John Cale or Julian Cope, this tracks just rocks. And props on a great website.

11.  Marnie Stern – Transformer

Difficult to describe this one – full-on sensory overload in two minutes? Would love to see this played live.

12.  Main – Feed The Collapse

Classic by former members of Loop. Minimal and spooky.

13.  Elbow – Fallen Angel

Beautiful, ethereal rocker off Cast Of Thousands.

14.  SPC ECO – Feels Like Flying

Speaking of ethereal…brand new stunner from SPC ECO’s Big Fat World EP. Get it here.

15.  Galaxie 500 – Another Day

Legends channel Velvet Underground on this gem from On Fire.

16.  Soft Crest – Young Blood

Just fantastic new track from this LA band. Inspirational.

17.  Cortney Tidwell – Oslo

Nashville represents on Daytrotter with this wistful dream pop tune. Don’t tell Chris, but it makes me reflect fondly on The Sundays.

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Soundtrack2 Ep. 66: Figurine

The Vandelles, The Twilight Sad, P.S. Eliot, Moonbell, Low & more.

Photo by Phil Askew,

1.   Working For A Nuclear Free City – Eighty Eight

Felt the need to start off with a stunner, but nothing new turned my crank. Dug up this rock and roll from Businessmen & Ghosts.

2.   Skywave – Angela’s An Angel

Noisy assault from a fantastic, overlooked band.

3.   Electro Group – Manimal

Distorted, bass-heavy rock and roll in the vein of Autolux.

4.   Headless Horseman – Wavlngth

From last October, this indie curio has a certain swing that moves me. Check it out on RCRD LBL.

5.   P.S. Eliot – Watch On Mute

Short, punky rock and roll off Sadie, their new EP which they’ve made available for download here. I’ve liked this band for some time, but haven’t found many tracks that I love yet.

6.   Seapony – Dreaming

Sarah Records revival! Damn catchy.

7.   Dum Dum Girls – There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

Smiths covers are tricky, especially with a signature tune like this one. But they pull it off on this one from He Gets Me High.

8.   Matthew CH Tong – Present And Correct

Bloc Party dude holes up in a studio by himself. Great Buzzcocks vibe here, although it took me a while to get into this. Also from RCRD LBL.

9.   Young Adults – Campfires

From November’s Black Hole, this is a great, dense instrumental.

10.  Tjutjuna – Rise # Set

Over nine minutes of pedal-to-the-medal space rock. Watch these guys.

11.  Woodsman – Serfer

Great, abstract indie rock.

12.  The Vandelles – My Time

Their new Summer Fling EP inspired the photo for this week’s post. Kinda surf-y, but with a lot more going on.

13.  Moonbell – Figurine

Off the EP of the same name, this band puts out wonderful, sluggish psych tunes.

14.  The Upsidedown – Dutchess Of York

Clearly fans of Jason Pierce and Brian Jonestown Massacre, this one was off their debut Trust Electricity. This track also unintentionally gave the mix a Royal Wedding tie-in!

15.  The Twilight Sad – And She Would Darken The Memory

Desolate, gripping classic off their first album Fourteen Autumns & Fifteen Winters. Great use of noise.

16.  Cowboy Junkies – Lay It Down

Not a band we’d normally feature here, but this tracks has a great mellow, psych edge that sets the next song up perfectly.

17.  Low – Nothing But Heart

Crunchy, Neil Young guitar starts us off, then this gem just floats upwards. Nice to see Low, with their new album C’mon, reminding us how music = passion.

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