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Soundtrack2 Audiocast 42: Feels Like Forever

Lost Rivers, Adam Franklin & The Bolts of Melody, Lilys, Holy Hail, Ride & more

1. Electric Sunset – Soda

Hazy, sunspotted electronic psychadelia from San Francisco. Their Electric Sunset EP hits in September.

2. Birthdays – Van Hands

Hip hop-inspired slight Animal Collective dreamy homage.

3. Aether – Such Charm

Yes, the opening croon sounds a bit like Chris Martin. But keep listening and the insistent synths we’ll draw you in.

4. AC Berkheimer – Off You Go

Nice 80s gloomy number. One of  two nice tracks the Dutch band is offering for free on their site.

5. Cut Copy – Where I’m Going

Give this one a chance. Kind of Elephant 6 meets Billy Joel. Kicking myself that I didn’t throw in some light psych tracks off Mgmt‘s latest too.

6. Bubblegum Lemonade – Last Time I Saw Andrew

I think this is the only UK track on a S2 mix! Scottish band deliver the draggy/baggy goods.

7. Ride – Time Of Her Time

A classic off Going Blank Again. Decided it’s time to get a Ride t-shirt…anyone have some good options?

8. Adam Franklin & The Bolts Of Melody – I’ll Be Yr Mechanic

Any song with an opening line like “As the gas station burns…” is ok in my book.

AF’s last album was okay, but his new one I Could Sleep For A Thousand Years is really doing it. Hard to choose the one we liked most, so we caved and went with the one that sounded most like his beloved Swervedriver.

9. Lilys – The Any Several Sundays

When I first heard this at Rotate This it blew my mind. Eastern guitar, mid-sixties Byrds, mod chords and some serious drone add up to one monster of a tune.

10. Cloudlight Canyon – Mothlight Pt. 2

Cape Verde dream rockers enthrall for five plus minutes.

11. Megaphonic Thrift – Undertow

Norweigan rockers telling us to turn…it…up. And drive faster.

12. The Secret Machines – Road Lead Where It’s Led

…Which then reminds me of this band and their fantastic Now Here Is Nowhere.

13. Holy Hail – Feels Like Forever

I really can’t describe this one. Imagine Hawkwind jamming with Modern English at an outdoor festival.

14. The Lost Rivers – Stay

My Beatific Vision indeed. Buzzsaw guitars, 60s beat way more intense than the Raveonettes.

15. Buke and Gass – Medulla Oblongata

What a voice! Crazy bombastic rock and roll with vocals hooks to spare.

16. Moonbeams – I Am Forgotten

West coast band brings some glorious desolation to wind down the mix.

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Soundtrack2 Audiocast12: Distortion to Static

Dinosaur Jr., Secret Machines, Junior Boys, Boy in Static, Rollerskate Skinny & more

If the latest podcast sounds a bit heavy on the synthesizers and beats, that’s because of all the great new tracks out recently. But don’t worry – we included the latest Dinosaur Jr. track to restore the R&R balance.

So then…cancel meetings, hold your calls and dig in.

Check out Soundtrack2 Audiocast12 here.

1.   SPC ECO – Shine On Down

Awesome bit of psychedelic haze from the new 3D album, currently available by “pay what you like.” One of my favourite new bands.

2.   Daedelus – LA Nocturn

Mellow groover with acoustic guitar loops over popping MIDI beats. I just discovered Daedelus recently through this Friends of Friends EP and was surprised to see all his other albums!

3.   Secret Machines – Underneath The Concrete

Off their latest self-title record, this track’s pounding drum/keys groove brings to mind an intergalactic Van Halen.

4.   Telefon Tel Aviv – The Birds

Electronic shoegaze goodness from this year’s Immolate Yourself album.

5.   Dykehouse – Hope She Hears This Sound

Hazy track from one very creative guy from of Ann Arbor.

Junior Boys

Love this uptempo dreamlike rocker from the new Inside Your Guitar record.

7.   Junior Boys – Work

When this song played over the PA in the Soundscapes shop, I knew I had to drop it into an upcoming audiocast. Off their new – and nice, but not amazing – Begone Dullcare.

8.   Readymade – Sam

Classic Slowdive-influenced dream pop from a few years back.

9.   Rollerskate Skinny – Shallow Thunder

This band is great because their music usually defies categorization. Perfect bridge to the next Barlow/Mascis track too.

10.  Dinosaur Jr. – I Want You To Know

Free download from upcoming new (!) album by legendary American Indie band. The chorus is amazing, the guitar is as dense as ever and J. Mascis’ more mature voice sounds great. I actually hear a Eddie Vedder in his voice now. Anyways, looking forward to the June 23 release date.

11.  Blind Mr. Jones – Hey

Wave 2 (or is it 1?) shoegaze act delivers droney rock and roll goodness.

12.  Boy In Static – Kissed Under The Sun

From the Newborn album. Researching this I found out the dropped a new album called Candy Cigarette last month. More homework to do!

13.  Mice Parade – Sneaky Red

MySpace page lists their music style as indie/shoegaze/flamenco..not a bad description for “Sneaky Red.” This would have fit nicely on one of Sloan‘s last two albums.

14.  Stevenson Ranch Davidians – Nature Boy

Bluesy psych rockers keep fire burning with this one. Cool site too.

15.  The Horrors – Sea Within A Sea

Didn’t dig their first album, but this epic track off Primary Colours is the real deal. Beware the prog in the last half; but I think it works.

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