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Soundtrack2 Ep. 53: Exit Calm

Exit Calm, Tamaryn, LoveLikeFire, Fur, Steve Mason & more

This week’s mix gets its name from a featured band. But I think it also applies to the season as the year comes to an end.

1.   Maps – Stay Another Day

Gorgeous but slightly creepy hazy holiday tune from a few years back starts us off.

2.   Emily Reo – Above Ground And A Golden Cloud

Drifting dream pop out of Orlando, Florida. Wasn’t going to make a Disney reference until I saw her EP was named Witch Mtn.

3.   Steve Mason – All Come Down

Former Beta Bander dropped a gem from Boys Outside, released earlier this year.

4.   Plains – Innovator

Post punk synth workout from the second Florida band to grace our mix. Pick this up on their bandcamp.

5.   Holy Fuck – Silva & Grimes

Year-end roundups reminded me about this phenomenal krautrock-esque track.

6.   Neon Night Riders – See The Sky

Nice bit of eletronic rock and roll.

7.   Serena Maneesh – Reprobate!

Another one that blew my mind about a year ago. Definitely pick up S-M 2: Abyss In B Minor if you haven’t already.

8.   Odio Paris – Ya No Existes

Melodic shoegaze from Barcelona.

9.   Fur – I Want To Let You Down

Sinister shoegaze rock and roll. Download this track and others for free from their site.

10.  IO Echo – When The Lilies Die

Really dig this detached post punk. It’s also the best use of whistling in a pop tune since Peter, Bjorn and John. Not much info available on their page, but it appears this band is from LA.

11.  Now, Now – Neighbors

Formerly known as Now, Now Every Children, this starts twee and then builds in intensity. Available on their new EP of the same name.

12.  LoveLikeFire – William

Didn’t feel this fit our format at first, but repeated listens brought me round. Wonderful production and drumming give it an emotional punch.

13.  Field Mouse – Touché

Consisting of Rachel Browne and Andrew Futral, this is one of the band’s many good shoegaze tracks from You Are Here.

14.  Tamaryn – Love Fade

We’re overdue for some Tamaryn, so here’s another great dose of dream pop from The Waves. Slowdive for the ’10s?

15.  Sean Carey – In The Dirt

Mellow icy/warm piano-based tune that feels it could also be entitled “In the Snow.” Check out this summer’s All We Grow.

16.  Exit Calm – You’ve Got It All Wrong

Monster of a closer. Comparisons to The Verve‘s A Storm In Heaven are pretty bang on.

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Soundtrack2 Audiocast27: So Much

Mazarin, Serena Maneesh, Besnard Lakes, Engineers, Best Coast & more.

Happy 2010 – here’s some great tunes to soundtrack snowy, cold days and keep you going. The intro/outro are back, but I’m still open to suggestions on how to re-vamp our audiocast format.

1. The Jamboree – Doing Fine

Hazy garage rock gets us rolling. This comes off the Doing Fine EP, a side project by Justin LaBo of Technicolor & Film School and Lisa Ingram.

2. Bleed Stone – Free Fall For All

Really like this dreamy singalong track off the excellent Far From Gone tape. You can pick up a link to download this from their MySpace page.

3. Mass Of The Fermented Dregs – Skabetty

Bright shoegaze pop straight out of Kobe, Japan.

4.   Popolice – Action

Loved this Stonesy shoegaze track by the New Zealand via Melbourne band.

5.   Renminbi – Portland

Thanks to Gimme Tinnitus for pointing out the free Surface record by this great rock and roll band.

6. Mazarin – Chasing The Girl

Comparisons to Elephant 6 piqued my interested in this band. As this dreamy indie pop track reveals, there’s much, more more going on here. Check out Watch It Happen from early last year.

7. Best Coast – Over The Ocean

Lovely 60’s-inspired mid-tempo distorted pop from Make You Mine on eMusic.

8. Vidulgi OoyoO – Siren

Beautiful building track from the Electric Muse label out of South Korea. Thanks to MML.

9. Engineers – Hey You

Off Mojo‘s The Wall Re-Built compilation, ST2 faves Engineers deliver a fresh take on the Pink Floyd classic. Strange to hear this sung by someone other than Roger Waters…far less angry and creepy-sounding here.

10. Philippians – Love Machine

Gorgeous dreamy electronica. Absolutely no relation to kickass 70s rock band Luv Machine.

11. Gary War – Grown In Shells

Abstract 3 a.m. weirdness off the New Raytheonport LP.

12. Tamaryn – Mild Confusion

Fader premiered this gauzy drone rock tune by the NY/SF group back in October. Nice.

13.  Moloko Velocet – The Black In Her Eyes

French band gives us some BJM-sounding psych off their upcoming S/T EP. Their name is taken from a hallucinogenic European drink and their influences are listed as “Trains, planes & spaceships.” Hmm.

14. Serena Maneesh – Ayisha Abyss

Finally a new song from these guys! Well, this is less of a song than a deep trip through the darkness, but I like. Kinda drum and bass-y with a pummeling, relentless bass.

15.  Luder – Sing To Me

Yes…one of the few metal/shoegaze tunes that I like.  Maybe because it’s becuase of the female vocals or the glam-sounding guitar. This comes off last year’s Sonoluminescence.

16. The Besnard Lakes – Albatross

New track from The Besnard Lakes Are the Roaring Night takes us home as the credits roll. Glorious.

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