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Soundtrack2 Ep. 60: Revert Time

The Joy Formidable, Loop, Asobi Seksu, Firesuite, Youngteam & more

1.   Heavy Ghost– Lucid

70s crime show bass kicks thing off, combined with washes of shoegaze-y guitar. Turn it up LOUD. Me likey!

2.   Drop – Drone 1

90s UK band does quiet/loud just a shade or two darker than Ride. You can pick this up on 1992’s Within And Beyond.

3.   Loop – Collision

Now we’ve just entered your crazy older brother’s Camaro. And he’s got that funny look in his eye again. This comes up on the car stereo, and he hits the gas.

4.   Sex Church – Mistaken

Blistering 7+ minute sonic devastation. Complete rock and roll overload. Wish the rest of this BC band’s latest EP was like this.

5.   Youngteam – Northern Star

If there was a sh0egaze version of Led Zep‘s “When The Levee Breaks,” this would be it.

6.   Curve – Horror Head

Curve has always had their own sound: a kind of ethereal shoegaze with guitars and circa 1990 drum machine. And if you like this, you’ll LOVE SPC ECO, produced by Dean. Actually I may prefer SPC ECO…gasp!

7.   Heaven – Colors In The Whites Of Your Eyes

Broolkyn spacey pop.

8.   First Love, Last Rites – Slow Wind

Sweet noisy pop in the TPOBPAH vein, with a technicolor shoegaze chorus.

9.   Ports Of Call – Fadophobia

Can’t put my finger who they sound like on this track…Kitchens of Distinction maybe?

10.  Cranes – Reverie

Groovy America-like strumming at the beginning gives way to noisy electric guitars. Can’t believe this band is English – could have sworn the singer sounded Japanese!

11.  The Joy Formidable – The Greatest Light Is  The Greatest Shade

Looks like the UK is owning this week’s mix, and TJF is the North Wales representative. This comes from their excellent latest record, The Big Roar.

12.  Asobi Seksu – Coming Up

Another new one from this band’s Flourescence record. Struck by how weird is that AS now sounds like S2 faves Young Galaxy.

13.  Firesuite – Amity

Transcendant space rock from yet another UK band, with beautiful harmonies that build towards a dramatic ending.

14.  Folie Adieu – Casino

Kansas representing on this great drone/dream pop tune.

15.  The Delfields – Julie Jupiter

Beautiful dream pop with heavy guitars that Luna fans would dig. And the great choruses drive towards a fantastic dash to the finish line. This came out last year, but can’t find much band info on the Web.

16.  36 – Revert Time

Haunting, trippy tune based around a single chord that increases in volume as the vocalist endorses defying physics. Goodnight, wherever you are.

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Time Dilation: Harald Grosskopf’s So Weit, So Gut

Harald Grosskopf‘s So Weit, So Gut from his first solo venture LP titled “Synthesis” (1980) offers the perfect ambience after a night of hard boozing.  Mellow yet driving, this and a super strong cup of coffee will help you get through today’s slog.

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Time Dilation: Ashra’s Shuttle Cocks

Manuel Gottsching’s Ashra takes us on a spacey trip through the sparse outer limits of space-time with this experimental electronics gem titled “Shuttle Cocks.”

Minimal drums frame the eternally looping guitars while the funky bass line drives up front.  Who says krauts can’t boogie?  This cut is from the 1977 album Blackouts.

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Soundtrack2 Audiocast39: Crescent Gold

The Whigs, Sleepcomesdown, Tame Impala, School Of Seven Bells, SPC ECO & more

Gotta say I’m excited about this mix.

1. David Holmes – I Heard Wonders

Illuminating space rock from talented UK musician.

2. Sun Airway – Put The Days Away

Cross Quebec’s Arcade Fire with Scandinavian bands like The Radio Dept. and you get – this Philly duo?!?

3. Between The Cities Are Stars – All This Trouble

“Noisegaze” straight from the garage, from Noise’s Revenge.

4. The Smashing Pumpkins – Astral Planes

Never been a huge SP fan (except maybe during Rock Band) but intrigued by their spacey rock tune. Nice coda.

5. Shattered Darlings & Liquid Kisses – Radio

Now we’re talking. C86 pop mixed with classic shoegaze, available for free via their MySpace page.

6. SPC ECO – Like It Is

Filed under the “they’re getting better and better” category, a glorious dreamer off April’s Silver Clouds EP.

7. Hollow Ox – 2012

Droney deep rock out of Nashville: “Twenty!…Twelve!..”

8. School Of Seven Bells – Crescent Gold

SOSB is a cut above – way, way above – the usual nu-gaze stuff coming out these days. Soundtrack to late night/early morning reverie off the Windstorm EP. And yes, I know I played them on the last podcast.

9. Insect Guide – David Hero

Something very familiar about this UK band’s dream pop – maybe a Joy Zipper connection? From what I can tell, no relation to Stephen Hero, Patrick’s band following the demise of Kitchens of Distinction.

10. The Amazing – Head Beaches

Slowin’ it down with some pastoral dream folk. Rest of Wait For A Light To Come is like this, but mellower.

11. Lower Dens – Hospice Gates

Groovy dream pop out of Baltimore.

12. The Whigs – Dying

Murky new one off In The Dark takes us deep into the vortex.

13. Tame Impala – This Is Not Meant To Be

John Lennon smiles on this track by Perth, Australia’s finest. Love this.

14. MMOSS – Kitty Sorrow

Psychedelic drone singalong, for fans of bands like Olivia Tremor Control.

15. Ride Into The Sun – Chosen One

Into The Black Angels and BRMC? Then you’ll dig the six and a half minutes of dronerock here.

16. Sleepcomesdown – State Trooper

Brain melting, heavy cover of Bruce Springsteen‘s State Trooper.

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