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Soundtrack2 Ep. 81: Blinder

M83, Atlas Sound, Patterns, The Telewire, Astral & more

Photo by Phil Askew,

New M83 and Atlas Sound tunes got me thinking of all the great electronic goodness out lately.

Then it gets kinda crazy. Rock and roll sticklers: you’ll probably want to skip directly to 33:02.

1.   Mister Little Jeans –  The Suburbs

Space pop cover of Arcade Fire’s signature tune.

2.   Class Actress – The Weekend

Nice one from “Brooklyn’s own Madonna.” Is this a synth-swashed riposte to Rebecca Black’s “Friday?” BTW the RB hyperink was left out intentionally.

3.   People Press Play – Kaleidoscope World

The 80s meet the 60s, somewhere near Alpha Centauri via Denmark.

4.   Clockart – Greener

Really “Felt” this hypnotic, gorgeous dream pop tune.

5.   Atlas Sound –  Te Amo

Mr. Cox goes all Animal Collective on this new tune. Some of his finest singing I’ve heard: “You’re always down…”

6.   Young Man – Nothing

Nice acoustic finger picking over swelling synths and electric guitar colour. Check out Ideas of Distance, out Sept. 27.

7.   Patterns – (New Noise)

A chronicle of the human condition in nearly five minutes. Just love the beats on this tune.

8.   M83 – Raconte-moi Un Histoire

Advance track off Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming (out in October) brings to life the vivid imagination of children, much the way Car Chase Terror scared the hell out of you. If the album is half as good as this, we’re in for a treat.

9.   Space ECO – Shine On Down (Alan Moulder mix)

Great remix from 3D. Huge, glorious track.

10.   The Telewire – Launch The Ice

Great shoegaze call to arms that is probably the quickest seven minutes I’ve ever heard.

11.  Polyester Embassy – Air

Progressive Indonesian shoegaze from the Fake/Faker album.

12.  Radar Men From The Moon– Intergalactic Dada & Space Trombones

Chris is still recovering from Friday’s Kyuss show. I didn’t go, but it inspired me to drop this face-melting stoner epic. This Dutch band is so into stoner rock, they tag their bandcamp page with it twice!

13.  Teenage Mary – Stole My Soul

Psych shoegaze from Carlisle.

14.  Astral – Blinder

Fantastic shoegaze tune from the ten-year veterans.

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Soundtrack2 Ep. 75: Twisted Mirror

Masquer, Deerhoof, Shade, New Estate, Killing Joke & more

Photo by Phil Askew,

1.   The Wedding Present – Crawl

Wistful indie pop from 1990 gets us going.

2.   Killing Joke – Eighties

Blast of primal yet glammy post punk featuring the UK’s greatest screamer. Weird Science fans may recognize this from the crazy house party scene, before the motorcycle gang rides through the house.

3.   Tones On Tail – Go

Former Bauhaus dudes dropped this freaky goth funk gem, then decided to form Love and Rockets.

4.   Medicine – She Knows Everything

Wonderful screaming noise with ethereal crooning vocals over top.

5.   Masquer – Happiness

Swedes provide some dark, romantic electro pop, available for free on their site.

6.   Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Y Control

This popped up on my player the other day. Overlooked indie noir beauty from Fever To Tell.

7.   Scarlet Chives – The Horror

Track of the week! Imagine Kate Bush crossed with My Bloody Valentine, and you’ve got Scarlet Chives. Name’s a bit silly, mind you.

8.   Skylight – As You Leave (2008)

Very cool stuff recently unearthed by the Boston band and uploaded to their bandcamp page. Nice murky shoegaze.

9.   Shade – Get There With You

Latonka track with great vocals and drone. Reminds me of another band, but I can’t say who…

10.  Daydream – Shiny Road

This Korean band love their Ride. That’s ok, we do too. Nice melody and female vocal.

11.  Air Formation – Fallen Leaves

Cool, slightly dreary sonic assault.

12.  New Estate – Dream Planner

Fantastic track that out-Pavements Pavement. But with a touch of shoegaze thrown in.

13.  Surely I Come Quickly – The Breeze

Lo-fi from Saskatchewan? This has been kicking around for a while, but had I known they were from Saskatoon I’d have dropped it sooner. Cool French horn, or whatever that instrument is.

14.  Pure X – Twisted Mirror

Reverb-drenched goover for the late late late night wind-down.

15.  Sungrazer – Wild Goose

Gimme stoner rock! And make it Dutch, please. Hoping to play some more of this kind of stuff, provided it fits. Thoughts?

16.  Royal Bangs – TV Tree (Deerhoof remix)

Noisy, bonkers remix of great tune from Flux Outside.

17.  The Harvey Girls – Faster Peach

Hard to describe this one, but trust me it’ s great. Till next time.

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Soundtrack2 Audiocast10: Before Summer

Warlocks, Silversun Pickups, Mazzy Star, Cocteau Twins, Skywave & more

This week’s mix – yes, we’re now actually able to pull this together weekly – goes from stoner rock to dream pop and beyond. You’ll notice some new tracks and surprises along the way.

Cool to think that at ten mixes in, we’re just now dropping names like Cocteau, Mazzy, and Love and Rockets. Now back to us moaning about missing Coachella

Check out Soundtrack2 Audiocast10 here.

1.   Love and Rockets – I Feel Speed

Druggy bolero from ex-Bauhaus members Daniel Ash, David J and Kevin Haskins. If you like this, check out Tones on Tail.

2.   Volta Sound – Right Up To You

Spacemen 3-influenced drone rock off the superb My All American Girl album.

3.    Warlocks – Baby Blue

“Wasting my time with you” and the L.A. stoner rock outfit.

4.    Mazzy Star – Happy

Audiocast9 alluded to the singer of this band, so we went ahead and dropped “Happy” this time round. Beautiful.

5.   Stratford 4 – Where The Ocean Meets The Eye

Love this epic anthem from this San Francisco-based band. This is the kind of track that you never want to end.

6.   Manhattan Love Suicides – Up Too High

Who says you can’t cover Jesus & Mary Chain? Lastest track off the JAMC covers project, aptly described as an “adrenaline-fuelled injection of noise and menace.”

7.   A Faulty Chromosome – Anomie’s the Enemie

If the famous C-86 compilation could have a sequel, this offbeat pop tune would be on it.

8.   Skywave – Got That Feeling

U.S. band indebted (in a good way) to the above on this killer track. Love the nervy bass energy.

9.    Pia Fraus – After Summer

Great blissed-out rock and roll from this Estonian troupe.

10.  Asteroid #4 – Car Thief Millennia

If hip hoppers dug shoegaze, hands would go in the air as the band drops the first pedal at :30. Or is that just the tremolo? Either way, heavy as hell.

11.  Cocteau Twins – Pitch the Baby

My buddy Audix summed up this band perfectly – dreamy pop funk. No one’s been able to follow them. This one’s off the seminal Heaven or Las Vegas.

12.  Screen Vinyl Image – Roaming Spirit Freedom

Too Much Future was originally going to be the name of this podcast, but then we found out about a German movie of the same name. If one song could embody the title Too Much Future, it would be this one.

13.  Uncut – Copilot

Killer track by popular Canadian band from a few years back. Love the noise overdrive halfway through. Check out Jake Fairley‘s Touch Not the Cat if you like this one.

14.  Lily Allen – The Fear

May be risking my cred with this one, but a review of Sonic Cathedral drew my attention to this cool futuristic pop track. Popstar aside, does it work in the mix?

15.  Goldfrapp – Time Out Of The World

Perfect opportunity to drop chilled track from Supernature, the last album before they went pastoral.

16.  Silversun Pickups – Growing Old Is Getting Old

New one off Swoon. Haven’t gotten my head around the whole album yet, but this one stands out. Love the atmosphere.

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