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In Concert: The Black Angels & The Raveonettes

The Black Angels and The Raveonettes hit Toronto on Thursday, October 22.  I haven’t read many other reviews of this tour but all I can say is – WOW.

Black Angels at Phoenix

Soundtrack2 favourites The Black Angels managed to actually sound bigger and noisier than on their two albums. The crowd slowly got into their drone-y ruckus after a while, but most waited for the headliner to appear. Personally I’d have preferred to see a full set by these guys – next time I guess. It’s great to see they really are the real deal.
On a door at the Phoenix

The first things that struck me when The Raveonettes took the stage was that their wall of noisy pop sounded downright tinny compared to the previous band. But my skepticism drifted away with number after number of explosive, tightly-played tunes.
Raveonettes at The Phoenix

Sune, Sharin and co. played songs from all albums, including their debut – my personal favourite. Despite the fact that a lot of their tunes can be kind of same-y, I was excited to hear a lot off of In and Out of Control that seemed to mess with the formula.

The light show was completely insane (strobes!) and complemented the performances to a T. Add in a few solo tracks by Sune and Sharin and you’ve got a solid show.

If this bill is in your town, I strongly recommend you go. Apologies for the crappy quality of the above photos.

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