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Soundtrack2 Ep. 50: Little Riot

Asobi Seksu, Yo La Tengo, No Joy, Ride, Burnt Little Sister & more

It’s our 50th episode. We’re stoked. Thanks to everyone who’s visited the site and enjoyed the mixes.

Let us know what you’d like to see more or less of on this podcast and blog. And as always, feel free to recommend great tunes.

Now back to business!

1.   Burnt Ones – Bury Me In Smoke

San Francisco group serve up The Jesus And Mary Chain crossed with Gary Glitter.

2.   The Nightblooms – Panicle

Da-da-da-da-da-duh…great noisy rock and roll from the Dutch band’s 1992 self-titled album.

3.   The Morning After Girls – Straight Through You

BJM-style psychedelia with a bit of mod swirling guitar thrown in. Be sure to check out Shadows Evolve.

4.   Spacemen 3 – Take Me To The Other Side

“I have a passion Sweet Lord…” Now we’re really going for it. Probably my favourite song in their psych drone repetoire.

5.   Merchandise – I Locked The Door

Dark post punk with buzzsaw guitars out of Tampa, Florida.

6.   Whipping Boy – Favourite Sister

Irish band plunges us into the shoegaze pool. This one’s off 1992’s Submarine.

7.   Sometimes Always – Old-Fashioned Baby

No link for this “one man” band that mixes garage with C86, but the one above gives some background and links to where you can download a copy from ePop.

8.   Asobi Seksu – Trails

Could AS be going back to their shoegaze past with new album Fluorescence? This midtempo track’s a beaut.

9.   Ride – Like A Daydream

My excitement at the pending Nowhere reissue made it inevitable that I’d include Ride in the next mix. This one’s off the Smile singles collection.

10.  No Joy – Still

Indie buzz band du jour deliver a driving shoegaze track for a late night ride.

11.  Broken Little Sister – Little Riot

Wonderful layered dream pop team from the Japanese band’s great Memories, Violets & Demons.

12.  Yo La Tengo – Little Eyes

A little riot deserves little eyes, right? This one’s for windswept plains or long drives. From the masterful Summer Sun.

13.  Rancho Relaxo – Plan Your Revolution

Close the door, shutter the windows and put on this Norweigan band’s monster midtempo psych tune.

14.  Anne – Perfect Teeth

Synth-rich number with plenty of hooks. Available for download on the band’s site.

15.  Quiet Lights – Ablaze

Brooklyn band slows it down to glacial.

16.  Adam Franklin & The Bolts Of Melody – I Want You Right Now

Their album I Can Sleep For A Thousand Years is so good I had to reach back and put another tune out. Dig this beautiful post-shoegaze ballad that could only come from the former Swervedriver frontman.

17.  Happy Showers – Shower

Synth-heavy dream pop.

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Sountrack2 Ep. 47: Rocket Fuzz

Ringo Deathstarr, Chapterhouse, Dead Leaf Echo, Spotlight Kid, Husky Rescue & more

Non-stop shoegaze anthems turn sweet and lovely. Sorta.

1. Ringo Deathstarr – Imagine Hearts

Shoegaze funk off Colour Trip. If the new album has more like this, I’m sold.

2. Husky Rescue – Fast Lane

Groovy indie pop with bursts of guitar. Grab it on their latest Ship Of Light.

3. Maikotobranco – Hello, Goodbye

Heroic rock and roll, more indebted to Rush or Yes than The Velvet Underground. Blistering drums and guitar riffery. Shoegaze prog?

4. Simon Says No! – See Me Through

Dark garage from Oslo band. Check out their self-titled debut.

5. Loomer – Rocket Fuzz

Though named after a My Bloody Valentine song, I’m hearing Dinosaur Jr. and nods to The Wedding Present.

6. Catherine Wheel – Free Of Mind

Sinister beauty off of 30 Century Man. Tracks like this make me consider doing a Catherine Wheel podcast.

7.   Spotlight Kid – All Is Real

Swervedriver-loving UK band swirl away to great effect.

8. Triángulo de Amor Bizarro – El Fantasma De La Transición

Spanish band delivers a noisier version of Broken Social Scene.

9. Mash – Rise

Will not do lazy band comparison….will not do lazy band comparison…glammy J-rock melts into downtempo groove then acoustic coda.

10. Dead Leaf Echo – Act Of Truth

Breathy dream pop that brings to mind Spandau Ballet‘s “True.” There, I said it…but it’s good.

11. Chapterhouse – Treasure

Still kicking myself that we missed this show. But maybe we’ll get it together for Ride‘s second coming.

12. Motorifik – Secret Things

Don’t dismiss this French band as mere Spector wall of sound pastiche. Love the textures over Go-Betweens melodies.

13. For A Minor Reflection – Flóð

Icelandic mellow post rock tune off the Rejkavik sampler comp. Big finish.

14. British Sea Power – Bear

New Zeus tune sounds like a classic mellow number of theirs: “How could you fall so far?” Then they take off.

15. My Bloody Valentine – Blown A Wish

Visitors from another planet touch down.

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Soundtrack2 Audiocast 42: Feels Like Forever

Lost Rivers, Adam Franklin & The Bolts of Melody, Lilys, Holy Hail, Ride & more

1. Electric Sunset – Soda

Hazy, sunspotted electronic psychadelia from San Francisco. Their Electric Sunset EP hits in September.

2. Birthdays – Van Hands

Hip hop-inspired slight Animal Collective dreamy homage.

3. Aether – Such Charm

Yes, the opening croon sounds a bit like Chris Martin. But keep listening and the insistent synths we’ll draw you in.

4. AC Berkheimer – Off You Go

Nice 80s gloomy number. One of  two nice tracks the Dutch band is offering for free on their site.

5. Cut Copy – Where I’m Going

Give this one a chance. Kind of Elephant 6 meets Billy Joel. Kicking myself that I didn’t throw in some light psych tracks off Mgmt‘s latest too.

6. Bubblegum Lemonade – Last Time I Saw Andrew

I think this is the only UK track on a S2 mix! Scottish band deliver the draggy/baggy goods.

7. Ride – Time Of Her Time

A classic off Going Blank Again. Decided it’s time to get a Ride t-shirt…anyone have some good options?

8. Adam Franklin & The Bolts Of Melody – I’ll Be Yr Mechanic

Any song with an opening line like “As the gas station burns…” is ok in my book.

AF’s last album was okay, but his new one I Could Sleep For A Thousand Years is really doing it. Hard to choose the one we liked most, so we caved and went with the one that sounded most like his beloved Swervedriver.

9. Lilys – The Any Several Sundays

When I first heard this at Rotate This it blew my mind. Eastern guitar, mid-sixties Byrds, mod chords and some serious drone add up to one monster of a tune.

10. Cloudlight Canyon – Mothlight Pt. 2

Cape Verde dream rockers enthrall for five plus minutes.

11. Megaphonic Thrift – Undertow

Norweigan rockers telling us to turn…it…up. And drive faster.

12. The Secret Machines – Road Lead Where It’s Led

…Which then reminds me of this band and their fantastic Now Here Is Nowhere.

13. Holy Hail – Feels Like Forever

I really can’t describe this one. Imagine Hawkwind jamming with Modern English at an outdoor festival.

14. The Lost Rivers – Stay

My Beatific Vision indeed. Buzzsaw guitars, 60s beat way more intense than the Raveonettes.

15. Buke and Gass – Medulla Oblongata

What a voice! Crazy bombastic rock and roll with vocals hooks to spare.

16. Moonbeams – I Am Forgotten

West coast band brings some glorious desolation to wind down the mix.

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Soundtrack2 Audiocast18: Sleep Through Summer

Wye Oak, Th’ Faith Healers, Flaming Lips, Lavender Faction, Yo La Tengo & more

Summer’s in full swing and now it’s time to bliss out. Stay tuned for 60 minutes of dreamy and fuzzed out rock and roll summer choons.

Very excited to see great new stuff and some veteran bands Flaming Lips and Yo La Tengo letting the freak flags fly!

1.   Union Of Knives – Opposite Direction

Scottish dream pop outfit gets things rolling in moody style. Very soulful singing over nice keys.

2.   Now, Now Every Children – Sleep Through Summer

LOVE this Minneapolis band but couldn’t make it to the Toronto show. Check out the Chromewaves article.

3. Wye Oak – Take It In

Change is good. But it’s even better when the band writes songs as good as Wye Oak. This one’s off their new album The Knot.

4.  Twin Sister – Ginger

Not to be confused with Lilys‘ excellent track of same name, this great midtempo number can be found on a free EP on their site. Review here.

5.   Autorotation – Clearscope

Props to Igor for reaching out to me about his band. I hear some Kate Bush on their album Everything Is Everything, which for me is a good thing. A lot of interesting stuff going on in this song.

6.   Flaming Lips – Convinced Of The Hex

Not a favourite band of mine, but the two tracks off their new record have sparked my interest. Dig the UFO Club vibe on this track.

7.   Seely – Shampoo

Enigmatic American 90s band I recently discovered. Very interesting stuff.

8.  Lavender Faction – Total Change

Wow this track blows me away with its melodic shoegaze psych assault. According to this, LF is the band that inspired Ride’s name!

9.   Tree Wave – Realaudio8

Pummeling psych assualt that only a Texas band can deliver. This track can be found on their free EP here.

10.  Th’ Faith Healers – Spin 1/2 (S2 edit)

90s shoegaze from the great UK band’s Lido album. Sorry but I had to edit from the 9:35 (!) full version. No chorus to be found anywere – just guitar, singing and samples, baby!

11.  Les Thugs – As Happy As Possible

Boy was I sleeping on this band until recently. Really good 90s punk with a noisy psych edge.

12.  Swervedriver – Hands

In the Soundtrack2 Audiocast17 & post, I compared about four 60’s-70s bands to Swervedriver. So I thought I’d follow that up with a track off their Raise album’s extended version.

13.  These Are Powers – Cockies

Like tribal noise beats, plenty of drone and chanting? Um, well listen to this track anyway from the Brooklyn band’s Taro Tarot album.

14.  93MillionMilesFromTheSun – To The Sky (Parralax Mix)

Heading off into the sunset now. Great new UK shoegaze.

15.  Yo La Tengo – Here To Fall

It ain’t over until Yo La Tengo says it’s over. This mysterious track brings to mind the brilliant 4hero, fronted by Patrick of Sloan with Donny Hathaway on keys. It’s also the first track we’ve played featuring a string section. Shark jumped?

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Shoegaze Overload

A few weeks back, Drowned In Sound did a full week of posts on a type of music we like a lot. Yep, shoegaze.

Digesting it all hasn’t been easy. Particularly since it inspired us to discover tons of new stuff. We’ve recapped a lot of what they discussed and encourage you to click on the links to find out more.

DiS starts with an overview of the genre, then dives into interviews with pioneer Neil Halstead (Slowdive, Mojave3) and current leading light Ulrich Schnauss. Like virtually everyone, they don’t like pigeonholed into representing — or playing — just one type of music.

Ulrich sums it up: “I still feel like I’ve only just started and am still in the process of developing the basics of my ‘musical language’…slowly, over the years I feel like I’m getting closer to a sound that is not so heavily dependent on taking ingredients from the music I grew up with.”

If interviews are your thing, be sure to check out the one with Mark Gardener of Ride (unofficial site) and Adam Franklin of Swervedriver, two of Soundtrack2’s all-time favourite bands.

The new psychedelia

I was struck by something Northern Star Records boss Scott Causer said –  that shoegaze acts are an extension of psychedelia. It’s no revelation, but when people think of psych bands, many that spring to mind are the ones that imitate the late 60s/early 70s sound.

I feel shoegaze of the late 80s and 90s continued to evolve psychedelic music, and today’s best bands are evolving it further. If you’d like to go even deeper into the discuss of what is and what isn’t shoegaze, go for the interview with Andy Oliver of the Third Wave Collective.

Goodies galore

See here for some drool-worthy takeaways:

Of course I don’t agree with a lot of the selections, but if you read the comments, neither does anyone else!

To me, that’s a sign of great music – it inspires people to talk about it into the wee hours.

Cheers DiS!

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