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Soundtrack2 Ep. 105: Greater Power

Lumerians, Stagnant Pools, Sunsplit, Airwaves, The Lassie Foundation & more.

The amount of amazing new tunes has slowed a little bit, so we’re playing some of the great stuff kicking around the iPod.

1.   Stagnant Pools – Dead Sailor
Walls of guitar by a band that is getting more essential with each new release.

2.   The Creakies – Arnold’s Song
Can’t remember the last time we’ve featured a Seattle band as good as these guys.

3.   The Poumons – Rock And Roll City
I’d always associated this band with the 90s Halifax Pop Explosion. But seems they’re from Windsor?

4.   The Clean – Drawing To A Hole
Flying Nun…that is all.

5.   Sunsplit – All I Want
Discovered this Autolux-like rock and roll band relatively recently. One of the many excellent tracks on Sing For Sunday.

6.   Neutral Milk Hotel – Ghost
Sublime, passionate indie rock taken from one of my fave albums of all time, In The Aeroplane, Over The Sea.

7.   Airwaves – Keys
Slowing it down a bit with some midtempo Brooklyn indie rock.

8.   Built To Spill – Carry The Zero
Fantastic songwriting, please meet smoking playing. Absolutely incendiary.

9.   The Raconteurs – Intimate Secretary
Not a typical band to feature for a S2 mix, but this is pretty trippy business.

10.  Chapterhouse – Greater Power
Overlooked Blood Music shoegaze anthem.

11.  Celeritas – Girl In The Garden
Curious track that sounds like Bob Pollard without ADD. Available on the Nebraska Popfest mixtape.

12.  The Lassie Foundation – Three Wheels
Sadly defunct band dropped this shoegaze nugget on Jetstreams a few years back.

13.  Guitar – Sine Waves
Gloomy and beautiful soundtrack to a rainy day. Vocals remind me of Kurt Heasley at his most detached…Lilys coming soon BTW.

14.  Maps – Elouise
I can’t help but return to the awesomeness of We Can Create: “Hypocrites can’t look me in the eye.”

15.  Caribou – I’ve Live On A Dirt Road All My Life
Fantastic floating-in-space electronic psychedelia.

16.  Quickspace – Coca Lola
This is all krautrock until you get to the gonzo chorus. It’ll get in ya.

17.  The Dandy Warhols – She Sells Sanctuary
This slamming Cult cover belonged in between these two songs.

18.  Lumerians – Track 1
There was no question this voodoo psych groove is our song of the week. Strongly recommend you drop it at a party and see what happens…

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Soundtrack2 Audiocast 34: Epicenter

Pacific UV, The Ruby Suns, Snapper, Field Mice, The Frames & more.

Dipping into the archives a bit more this week. There’s lots of new stuff in the hopper for the next one!

1.   Kinski – Rhode Island Freakout

Sonic Youth-indebted rocker kicks us off. This one’s off 2003’s Airs Above Your Station.

2. Snapper – Eyes That Shine

Great noisy garage psych from the great 1992 album Shotgun Blossom. Snapper features Peter Gutteridge, previously of The Clean and The Chills.

3. Pacific UV – Know

Been meaning to drop this for a while. Great noisy rock and roll gives way to dreaminess.

4. Oblisk – Epicenter

Propulsive track out of Detroit. This off last year’s Weather Patterns.

5. Nikoo – Gimme Hell

New Netherlands noisepop, taken from their free EP.

6. Disappears – Hearing Things

Catchy off-kilter track by increasingly interesting Chicago band: “CCR via Minor Threat

7.   Aerial Love Feed – Rockethouse

Bombastic Britrock out of New York.

8. Ornaith O’Dowd – Car Tapes

Irish Brooklyn-based artist describes this as ” wistful guitar pop number that recalls the romance of making mix tapes for summer road trip.” Sounds good to me.

9. Moscow Olympics – Second Trace

Straight outta the Philippines is MO with a nice melodic pop number off Cut The World.

10. The Field Mice – Sensitive

Sarah Records legends bring the sunny never-want-this-song-to-end C86 pop. The bridge between The Smiths and Adorable?

11. Dreamend – Elipsis 2

This instrumental would be the perfect trackto play during intermission at a My Bloody Valentine concert.

12. The Frames – Sideways Down

A fave track of mine by the Irish band.

13. Hooray! – Honeymoon

Like me some folky dream pop.

14. Invisible Elephant – Time

This instrumental builds in intensity until they hit you with an explosive Bowie/Mott The Hoople chorus. Available on Bandcamp.

15. The Ruby Suns – Closet Astrologer

Lovely. Fans of Animal Collective will really like this band.

16. Team Ghost – Colors In Time

Wonderful shoegaze electronica out of Paris.

17.  Nice Nice – See Waves

A great track that’s hard to pin down. Clash describes it as noise rock, but I’m not so sure.

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Soundtrack2 Audiocast22: Round Again

The Raveonettes, Black Math, Circulatory System, Love of Diagrams, Mystery Machine & more

Catching up on some new releases and classic material.

1.   Black Math -Triumph Burns

Shaking things up a bit by starting with some dreamy space pop out of Chicago. Love the title.

2.   Fuck Buttons – Surf Solar (7″ edit)

Fantastically intense and creative tune recently reviewed here by Pitchfork.

3.   The Clean -Tensile

A drifting, dreamy number off the seminal New Zealand band’s latest album.

4.   Grapefruit – Grapefruit

Ride (& Oasis) member Andy Bell delivers a propulsive instrumental off Japan-only compilation. And please don’t get me started on this reunion business…

5.   For Those Who Know – Grow Old Together and Die

Bombastic, swirling shoegaze out of Austin.

6.   Crocodiles – I Wanna Kill

Nice bit of 80s revival, complete with bright, catchy chorus. Nice review by Exclaim.

7.   The Raveonettes – In and Out of Control (demo)

Dark/light pop number off their new album of same name. Hoping to catch them in Toronto Oct. 22 with The Black Angels.

8.   I, Nosferatu – In the City

If you like any of the dark, drony and reverbed bands mentioned above, this one’s a gem.

9.   Love of Diagrams – Stones Throw

This band is doing interesting stuff – noisy kind of indie rock.  Off last month’s Nowhere Forever – another cut can be found on this audiocast.

10.   The Mystery Machine – Broken

How did I not know about this Vancouver 90s band until recently? Power pop crossed with a bit of Sonic Youth. Their Glazed album is getting heavy rotation here.

11.   Flood – Jealousy Comes To The Rescue

Ringing, exhilerating track by 90s English band highlighted here.

12.   Lavender Faction – In My Mind

Textbook shoegaze. I challenge you not to air drum when listening to this.

13.   Monoland – Yuriko

German band takes us into dreamier territory via this gorgeous track. Highly recommended.

14.   Loco-Holidays – Silly Smile

Nice Japanese shoegaze.

15.   Circulatory System – Round Again

Yes, yes, yes! There’s nothing better than when a favourite band delivers the goods on a killer new track. Fans of Olivia Tremor Control will not be disappointed by this noisy psych pop track off their new album Signal Morning.

16.  The Light Sleepers – Chaperones

This building rocker couldn’t sound more midwestern – but it’s out of Brighton, UK! Props to BOAWS.

17.   Kurt Vile – Hunchback

Must admit I wasn’t familiar with his earlier band The War on Drugs, but I’m really liking what I’m hearing on his new Matador album Childish Prodigy, released this week.

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