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Soundtrack2 Ep. 55: Morning Wonder

Beaches, Walter Meego, Young Galaxy, Sunshower Orphan, Presents For Sally & more

Now we’re back in business with lots of new tracks.

*Podcast change alert*

Based on feedback asking us to indicate which song is by which artist, we introduced a short mention at the start of each track. Like it? Hate it? Let us know what you think…

1.   Pete International Airport – 21 Days

Murky psychedelia, up for grabs from their website above.

2.   Beaches – In A While

Australians offer soundtrack to the Chicago riots in ’68.

3.   Soft Moon – Parallels

Mysterious post punk off their great S/T record.

4.   Young Governor – Fade Away

Brings to mind the garage pop joy I felt when I first heard Stiff Little Fingers’ “Suspect Device.”

5.   Shattered Darlings & Liquid Kisses – Ola

Reverb-drenched noisy goodness out of Long Island. Love the guitar riffage at the end.

6.   Tone Rodent – Train

Monotone Go-Betweens intro gives way to triumphant, noisy 90s-influenced anthem.

7.   Polyester – Shoot Into The Sun

Desert drive under a blazing sun. Actually, that would be great right about now. BTW do they have deserts in Uruguay?

8.   Zeit – She Came To Stay

Melodic slice of noise pop/chillwave from Sweden.

9.   Girls In The Eighties – Hissin’ Dreams

Trippy downtempo psychedelia.

10.  Sunshower Orphans – Sunnyside Blues

Chillwave with lovely guitar texture.

11.  Presents For Sally – Sunsets In Your Eyes

UK represents with full-blown, technicolor shoegaze. Dig the breakdown at the end.

12.  The Earlies – Morning Wonder

An older track off These Were The Earlies that I’ve wanted to play for a while.

13.  Young Galaxy – The Buzz In My Flesh

Love this new one. Heart on sleeve dream pop with strong backbeat. Can’t wait for their full-length! Also peep their absolutely gorgeous site via the link above.

14.  Walter Meego – Starlight

Epic glam space ballad, with a chorus that scratches my 70s MOR itch. Available for download via link above.

15.  Cale Parks – One At A Time

Brahms guy brings a slice of spacey synth pop.

16.  Twin Shadow – Slow

His Daytrotter session reminded me how fantastically creative the studio version of this tune is. Funky, passionate, trippy…perfection.

17.  (m+a) – (we)

A mini, glitchy electronic pop symphony.

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